Forgetting, remembering, violence, peace.

Brothers, sisters, powers, powerless, who, when, and Why me?

Why me when I can't remember...

What if I'm the real enemy?

What is there for me in this small world,

Of so many things.

Differences separate us all,

So that we fall.

Awake or asleep, I cannot tell.

Dreams that just slow our fall,

And nightmares that scare us all.

An Ienzo Story: Miracle

Rain thumped hard on the outside roof above Ansem's head.

Lightning cracked, the wind outside was whispering a silent plea it seemed, and the florescent lights on the mosaic ceiling were flickering on and off.

He was in the main Corridor reading a heavy bound book that was in his lap. Ansem's legs were propped up on the class table in front of him. As light orange eyes floated over the many words and pages there was a deafening screech at the front door near him.

He flinched ,hearing wailing that was so ear splitting you could slightly hear it over the brewing thunderstorm.

Ansem jumped up from the comfortable chair he had sat in and walked swiftly towards the door. Grabbing the door knob, he hesitated... Thinking that the noise would just go away. But, it never did. Being a scientist, curiosity took a hold of him and he reached for the sleek gold doorknob to open it and find a ...a what?

At first Ansem the Wise was puzzled. Only starring down to the infant wrapped in a blanket who lay helplessly on the patio steps before him. Thunder shook the Earth again and the child cried once more.

Without another thought Ansem scooped the infant up in his arms, shut the door... finally getting a better look at the child. He had big, round silver eyes and on his head little damp strands of blackish-blue hair was thickening in.

The skinny child started to calm a little after a few minutes in the warmth of Ansem's arms. There, he noticed pinned onto the side of the infants baby blue blanket was a soggy note card which said in black ink ' His name is Ienzo, take care of him please.' In fancy script and nothing else.

The Infant known as 'Ienzo' curled in his arms, beginning to fall fast asleep. Ansem was not able to process all of this in his mind. Gears were turning in his head with no answers to how this child could have got here.

Someone....someone had to bring Ienzo here.

But who?

Who would leave their helpless child behind only to be cared for by another person.... especially the King himself.

So many questions ran through his head all at once until they were repeating themselves. He peered towards the book lying flat on the elegant reclining chair beckoning Ansem to it.

Upstairs he could hear no movement by the other five apprentices, either asleep or deep into their research. He wanted so badly to forget about this moment...forget about Ienzo, the storm, Everything.

The pit of his heart hurt with decisions and his mind ached with questions. Ansem felt sorry for the child and could have easily took him to the orphanage the next day.

No... A smile suddenly crept onto his expressionless face. Ansem knew that he could have been blessed, it could have simply been a coincidence too. That was not the case though.

Something....a feeling.... was what stopped him from getting rid of the child. Even Ansem the Wise could not know what this feeling was.

Worry, Surprise, Hatred, Pity, No....

It was Love.

A Theory of it.

He shook his head, waving the thoughts of other things away.

Then, he picked up the book, while Ienzo was still sleeping in his arms, and shut it as quietly as he could. Ansem tucked it under his right arm and walked stiffly down a narrow corridor.

Hopefully this will be the start of a new beginning.

A Miracle that was to be.