I do not own Naruto. (But I would like to someday use it for a dog's name. What? It would be really cool)

Naruto was wrapped up in an old blanket that smelled of sweet lemons and herbs. He was only six months old and yet his life was already messed up. Naruto's mother had died during child birth and his father sacrificed himself to save his beloved village from the horror of the nine-tailed beast that now resides in his frail body. All this happened on his birthday too.

Not that the poor kid knew any of this yet. Right now all he was concerned about was that stupid furry thing on this guys head. He and who he had christened 'Furry Man' had just met two days ago. Naruto was happy about being away from the older people who always would make him shut up by giving him a smack over the head or pinching his arm. For some reason he had made them angry.

He was happy that Furry Man didn't do this to him. When he first saw Furry Man he was in his metal cage. (Yep that's right folks, cage). All he had in there was an old blanket that smelled stinky and an older pillow. It had a hard cement floor and a door that would only open if you had the key.

When Furry Man first walked into the room he blinked his eyes a lot at Naruto. He then turned to one of the older people. He glared at the man before speaking in a soft, yet deadly tone "Give me the key or you die." The older person gave the shiny key to Furry Man before running off.

After that Furry Man crouched down and unlocked the creaky metal door. He smiled at Naruto who (can you really blame him?) was afraid of this man who wore some really weird looking stuff on his face. Furry Man smiled at him though and picked up Naruto. Naruto had just gotten pinched for crying an hour ago and had a small bruise spot where the old person pinched him. Furry Man saw this and hugged Naruto for a long time. "I'm sorry Naruto. I should have come sooner for you." He whispered this to Naruto with regret in his voice.

When Furry Man sighed and started walking to the door, Naruto wondered where he was taking him. He looked up at the man and smiled. He felt he could trust this man so he yawned softly before falling into sleep.

Naruto woke up not an hour later to a woman yelling. He looked and saw it was the pinching lady. He hated her and could tell Furry Man did too by the way he held tighter to Naruto as if to protect him from her fingers. "Why in the world would you take that beast out of its cell?" The woman scolded Furry man. "He should be kil-"That last word was never quite finished because Furry Man, holding Naruto in the crook of his left arm, pinned the woman up to a cold and hard wall with his right hand.

"No child should be killed just because of what threat they could posses in the future. Naruto will now be living under my care and if the elders have a fit about it tell them to- "Furry Man quickly glanced at Naruto before looking back up "get lost." Furry Man then let go of the older woman and walked away from her. He soon reached the entrance and opened the door to the bright sunlight. Naruto snuggled closer to Furry Man and yawned. He felt the Furry Mans laugh and looked up at him with a pout. This made Furry man smile.

"I'm sorry if that little scene bored you Naruto. Next time I'll make it more interesting." Naruto didn't really understand that but he smiled at Furry Man anyway. It was nice to know that not everyone hated him. He closed his eyes and fell to sleep knowing that Furry Man would protect him.

As the days turned into a week Naruto learned Furry man's real name was Jiraiya. He learned this one sunny afternoon when He and Furry Man were doing the normal routine. Naruto was trying to steal some ramen from Furry Mans' bowl while Furry man was trying not to laugh at Naruto's hopeless, yet persistent, attempts.

When Naruto stopped trying he pouted up to Furry Man and opened his mouth. Furry Man smiled and said teasingly "Awww, are you giving up now?" Naruto then closed his mouth before quickly saying "Fuey Man." before sticking his tongue out at him. Furry Man blinked a few times before smiling. "You think my names Furry Man?" He asked Naruto with a look of hurt on his face. Naruto felt bad but he nodded his head truthfully.

Before he had time to blink, Naruto was lifted up into the air. He screamed in delight before looking down at Furry Man who was laughing at him. "Well it's not. My name's Jiraiya." Naruto pouted at him before shaking his head. "Fuey Man." Jiraiya glared playfully at the kid before walking to the couch and setting Naruto down. He then crouched right in front of him.

"No. Jiraiya ." He told Naruto calmly. "Fuey Man." Naruto said with a hint of annoyance. Jiraiya lifted his eyebrow and smiled. "Why would anyone name their kid Furry Man?" Naruto smiled and pointed to Jiraiya's long shaggy pony tail. "Fuey Man fuey". Jiraiya frowned at Naruto before standing up. He picked up Naruto before sitting on the couch with the little kid on his lap.

"This is a pony tail. So my hair doesn't fly everywhere." Naruto looked up at Jiraiya before looking back at the long tail. "Jiraiya?" Naruto said hesitantly to himself. Jiraiya smiled and turned Narutos' head towards him. "See was that so hard to say?" He asked his blond haired kid. Naruto shook his head and hugged Jiraiya.

"I guess you're tired now. Do you want to take a nap? Jiraiya asked him softly. Naruto didn't answer though. He was already far away in dream land. Jiraiya sighed before picking Naruto up carefully and walking over to his and Narutos room. He gently placed Naruto in his crib.

"Sleep tight little guy." He told Naruto in a whisper.