This is what it is like to be a member of the Rebel Alliance, right now:

The Empire is winning the war. They always have been, and perhaps they always will be. But they have not won yet.

And so the Rebels fight on. There is no hope, only the fight. The fight is life, and there is nothing outside it. No change, no difference. Nothing.

But then, one day, things do change. A freighter bears onto Yavin Four something the Alliance has not seen in decades.


He is not tall, nor imposing, like the one before him. Instead he is comfort, and acceptance, and a heart of pure diamond sizzling with energy.

He carries with him an ancient weapon, and a power far older even than that. His power wins them the battle, and his love wins him their hearts.

Souls hardened by war finally begin to remember.

They remember the other one, the other man with blonde hair and blue lightsaber. In the back of their minds come the forgotten whispers of a long-ago age, when his name was a whispered prayer in their darkest hours, a prayer that was always answered.

And then they remember that there were always two, then, always two. They remember Kenobi and Skywalker. And so there are two now, and as Kenobi and Skywalker was the sacred mantra of the Old Republic, Skywalker and Solobecomes that of the Rebel Alliance.

When he smiles out at them from the crowd, and the Princess explains what he has done for them, how he faced the danger for them and saved all their lives with simply his mind, hope blossoms fully, because they remember.

They remember the name they gave to their savior, and rejoice, because even if only through the passing of his blood, he has returned.

The Hero With No Fear.