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Part 1, Chapter 3

I woke up in the prison cell, with a splitting headache. I could only squint my eyes, in order to avoid as much of the pain as I could. Literally, it felt like my head was being torn apart. I groaned, catching the guard's attention. He turned around, and I opened my eyes further to see who it was. I recognized the face at once. "Ze...ro?" I asked, my head filled with pain.

"What?" he snapped. His voice was just a little too loud. I winced in pain as the sound registered.

"I... What the...?" The scene in front of me changed, and I was standing in front of Higuru, out in the woods with Ichijou's sword in my hands. I was standing over the sword's owner's body. "What just..." The scene changed again, and I was once again in the isolation cell. I would find out later that I was literally in two places at once, and, since they were both the same person (me), they shared the same consciousness. I (that is, my consciousness) kept flickering back and forth from one body to the other. My mind was trying to be in both bodies at once, but it couldn't, so it just stretched itself as far as it could, paining me in the process. I willed my consciousness to stay with Zero, and I tried to relay what was happening. "Zero, my-" (switch, switch) "mind is" (switch, switch) "being torn" (again) "apart. Bring" (once more) "my other" (yet again) "body back. It's" (wow, three words this time) "with Higuru in" (three words again. Let's keep this up) "the forest. Go now!" I winced, as I finished. I decided to stay still, until my other body got here. Zero got up and sped off.

Thirty minutes later...

As my other body got closer to the isolation cell, my pain dimmed, because my mind didn't have to stretch as far between the two bodies. As the two bodies got nearer and nearer, the memories of the two melded into the same common mind. I waited until both of my bodies were in the isolation cell. As soon as we were both in the cell, slumped against the wall, we both breathed a sigh of relief. I looked at my other body, and he looked at me, and I couldn't help but think, "Damn, I look good." No, I'm just kidding! What I really thought was, "How do I get rid of this guy?" Logical? Sure. Easy? Hell. No. But, hey. With two of me, we... er... I could figure out just about anything! At least, I should. I decided to try it out.

"The square root of pi is 1.7-"















"4," I finished together.

"Wow," Higuru said. "That's unnatural. That's just bizarre."

I rolled my eyes completely in synch. "Gee, really?"

"So, now what? You automatically know how to cure Kaname?" Higuru asked.

I said, "Quite possibly. I just need time to figure it out. Can we have a moment alone?"

Zero stood firm for a moment, until Higuru poked him in the side of his head. "Are you awake in there?"

"I'm fine, now STOP POKING ME!" Higuru stopped. "...Fine."

They left.

2 hours later...

"I've got it!" I cried in complete harmony. "I know what to do now!"

"You do?" Higuru, Yuuki, Zero, and Headmaster Cross asked all at once.

"And you say my unison is weird. We're the same person! Hypocrites!" I said, pointing at Higuru and Zero, who both rolled their eyes at the same time. "You guys were practically made for each other!" At which point they both looked at each other, then looked away *cough blushing cough*.

"Anyway... What's your plan?" Yuuki asked.

"Plan? Who says I have a plan?" I asked, sounding confused.


"Well, technically, he never did say he had an actual plan. He just said he knew what to do. Elaborate, Korimen," Zero commanded.

"...Huh? Oh, yeah. Right! Um... I have a plan...kind of. It's not an elaborate plan, per se, more of just a short idea."

"So are you going to tell us or let Kaname die, moron?" Higuru was losing patience, I could tell.

"Okay, if I can just get another sample of the poison, I should be able to clone myself, and trace it back to its maker! Easy!"

Higuru and Yuuki were not easy to please. "That solves one problem," Higuru started.

"But what about the two of you?" Yuuki finished. "I don't exactly trust two of you after what happened."

"Uh, yeah... See, there is a solution, but I really don't want to do it, at least not with other people here."

Zero was not moved. "What do you have to do?"

I had no choice but to tell them. "I have to take one of my two bodies' hearts out."

"Ew," Higuru, Yuuki, and the Headmaster said at the same time.

"By doing this, the other body will die, and I'll have one body and consciousness again." While I was talking, I hadn't noticed Zero's subtle movement to his Bloody Rose gun.

"No problem," he said, and he fired. It was a direct shot to my clone's heart. All the original me could do was kneel over the dying me, and try to pull as much of my consciousness and memories out of the dying body as I could.

Everyone else was stunned. I think Higuru might have let a couple of tears go, but I'm not sure. The original me kept kneeling and crying over my dying body, until I was absolutely sure I was dead. I stood up, facing away from everyone else, and wiped my tears on the cuff of my uniform. "I'm dead," I said shortly. I picked up my dead body and took it outside, where I then proceeded to suck the rest of my dead blood. No sense in letting it go to waste. "We need to get going," I told everybody else when I went back inside. "Yuuki, Headmaster, I need you two to stay with Kaname and me in case something happens. Higuru, Zero, you two will go with my clone that I create and make sure that I don't hurt or kill anybody else. Follow me." I began walking briskly to Kaname's room.

Once there, I stopped Zero outside the room. "I'm going to need your help. I can't create a physical clone from scratch. Can I borrow your body for a little bit?"

He looked at me with disgust. "My... Body? Are you out of your mind?"

"OY!" I spat back, pointing a finger in his face. "Do you want to save Kaname-sama or not? No, wait, of course you don't... However..." I pulled back my finger, shifting to a thoughtful position. "You realize that if Kaname dies, Yuuki will be heartbroken. You don't want that to happen, do you? No, you don't."

Zero looked stunned that I had beaten him with this logic. "Geh..." He knew that if he didn't comply, Yuuki would be furious. He looked away as he said, "...Fine. Just don't mess it up somehow."

"Thank you. Now I just have to figure out how I did it in the first place."

"... You mean you don't know?"

I looked at him. "That's what I'm saying."

He sighed exasperatedly. "Well, that's just super."

"Isn't it?" I replied, leaning against the wall next to him. "Any ideas?"

He said nothing.

"Hello? Anyone home?" I waved my hand in front of his face, but my hand was transparent. Just like what had happened in Kaname's room. 'Umm... Join, or something... I don't know,' I thought, in an attempt to bring my mind and body back into one. My mind-body assumed the same position as my physical body, and just like that, I was free to move tangibly again. 'That was easy. ... And I didn't even have a Staples button!'

Zero sighed. "We should probably go in there, even if you haven't figured anything out, Korimen."

"Well, actually," I began. "I have." He looked down at me. "It would seem... that I can create an intangible copy of myself just by relaxing in the presence of a powerful vampire. It happened just now, and earlier with Kaname. That's how it works, I think."

He raised an eyebrow at me. "You really think I'm a 'powerful vampire'?"

"No. I know it for a fact. Now is not the time for self-doubt, Zero. We all have a part to play in this now, and we must each fill it accordingly. I want you to go in there and fill the others in on what's happening, I need a moment to collect my thoughts and prepare. I suggest you prepare also." He left.

A few minutes passed, and Zero came back out, followed by everybody else involved. He took a deep breath, exhaled, and I copied him. I closed my eyes, and I felt my physical and mind bodies separate. Having accomplished this, I passed into Zero's body. Here goes nothing...


Zero's mind is so very twisted. He's suffered so much, but there have been good times in his past, too. But, he focuses on the bad things in life too often, and he's developed a hard outside to shield off the world. Oh, Zero...

It took me a couple minutes to realize that I was supposed to be in here to make a clone of Korimen, not examine Zero's history. 'Um, Clone, I guess? What the hell am supposed to be doing?' At that moment, Zero's mind started getting more crowded, and I realized that my two minds were becoming too much for one consciousness.

Escape. Escape.


My clone and I flew out of Zero's body, and I went back to my own. I opened my eyes, and saw my clone, but he was very vague, like an outline. However, at the same time, he was gradually coming into existence, piece by piece. Molecule by molecule... Unbelievable. He... er, I was gathering spare molecules out of the air and making a new body for myself, creating tissues, organs, hair, everything. Everyone else was simply staring, but I was analyzing everything. How was this even possible?


If you must come into the world, start as a newborn, if you can. I was made in the cold reality of adolescence, when everything is either bursting with life or succumbing to death. My mind was a complete blank, and no thought was truly present. Oh, look, someone who looks exactly like me. How odd...


The clone me was just standing there, staring at me. Nothing happened for a few seconds, then I spoke. "Where is the poison sample?" Higuru presented it. I took it over to my clone, and held it out for him to smell. This was a clone of me, that much was certain, but the mind inside was not. It was much more feral, more wild. He inhaled deeply over the vial, straightened up, and took off.

"After him!" Higuru snapped.

Zero looked slightly dazed. "Uh... What?"

Higuru flicked his forehead, then repeated, more forcefully, "After him!" pointing to the clone me that was now getting away. Zero blinked twice, then realized what was happening. He and Higuru dashed after my clone.

I watched them disappear down the hallway, then walked back into Kaname's room, followed by Yuuki and the headmaster. Now, things got interesting.

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