Jocelyn Fairchild-Greymark sighed as she looked at her grandson. He was pressed up against a window, staring at the outside, and she knew he was waiting for his parents to come back. They had been gone for two days, and Stephen had been waiting impatiently for their return ever since they had dropped him off at her and Luke's house. Of course, her husband was off fighting her son because he had kidnapped one of his Pack members. She hoped that they could kill Jonathon for real and finally, this time. She felt a tinge of guilt when she though that; he was her son, wasn't he?

No, she thought, he is not. No child of hers would do what Jonathon had done. But Valentine's child would. Once more Jocelyn was glad she had taken Clary away from the Shadow World when she had. Of course, they hadn't stopped Valentine from ruining their mostly happy life. But, perhaps it was the demon blood in Jonathon. Jace had been raised by Valentine for ten years, yet he was...somewhat unaffected by the Morganstern's upbringing, and though she was Valentine's daughter, Clary showed none of the signs of evil and hatred toward Downworlders that her father had.

Jocelyn sighed again. She didn't want to dwell on her late ex-husband. He was dead, had been for 23 years, even longer as far as she was concerned. Jocelyn walked into the room and lifted her grandson into the air, smiling a bit at his indignant squeals to put him down. She did and started tickling him, glad to hear his laughter. He had barely spoken during his stay, and only gave her two-or-three word answers to her questions. He was really worried about his parents and friends, and Jocelyn had to commend him for that. But she wished he didn't seem to depressed. He was an eight-year-old boy, for the Angel's sake!

"Stephen," she began, "how would you like to have Max over today?" He looked at her, curious. "Really?" he asked.

His grandmother nodded. "We can visit Aunt Izzy, and if Max isn't there we can go to Uncle Alec and Uncle Magnus' house and then bring Max back here." Stephen jumped up and down a couple times in excitement and then hugged Jocelyn tightly.

"Oh, yes, please, Grandma! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!" Jocelyn smiled. She turned her head to the window because she heard a car engine. Stephen heard it, too, and ran out the door. Jocelyn quickly followed, alarmed at his hasty actions.

"Stephen!" She went outside and was relieved at what she saw. Her grandson was happily residing in his mother's arms, his father's arms around them both. Luke was behind them, and he walked toward her, arms wide. She fell into them gratefully, happy that her family was all safe.

"Hi Mom," Clary greeted. She had set Stephen down, but had a hand on his shoulder. Jace nodded. "Hey Jocelyn." Jace could never quite bring himself to call Jocelyn 'Mom', and she was fine with that. The three-some walked toward her, and she hugged her daughter and son-in-law.

"Is is over?" she asked Clary as she hugged her. The younger woman nodded. Jocelyn sighed happily. She looked down when she felt a tug on her pant leg. Stephen was pulling on it to get her attention.

"Can we still see Aunt Izzy and Max?"

Cullens' house...

The Cullen family went into their house feeling overwhelmed, but relieved that the fight was over. No casualties at all, and the injuries that would hurt the Shadowhunters didn't even scratch them. Their friends' enemy was dead, and Nessie was back. Or was she? Bella looked around for her daughter, but couldn't find her.

"Where's Nessie?" she asked, a bit of fear creeping into her voice. Alice laughed, and that calmed the vampire down a bit.

"Relax, Bella. She's with her new boyfriend." the pixie snickered at the end of her words, which still sounded musical. Bella looked at her best friend and sister-in-law, confusion in her eyes. Her husband saved her from asking the question on her mind (he couldn't have known, though, she had her shield up) by saying,

"Alice means the half-werewolf. Isaac." Bella raised her eyebrows. "Really?" Then she shrugged.

"As long as she's safe." Everyone nodded, and then started talking about the battle. "It was a *beep* of a fight," Emmett said, seemingly pleased that he had gotten to beat around some demons. His wife rolled her eyes, and then commented on how bad the demon blood was.

"It was so bad, I wanted to wash my mouth out with soap. Which would still taste disgusting, but it would be better than that blood." Edward agreed, saying it was the most vilest thing he had ever tasted. Suddenly Bella turned toward her husband and grinned. He looked at her, confused. He wished she would lift her shield, but he couldn't hear a thing from her.

"Yes, love?" he said.

"I was right." Edward still didn't get it. "Right about what?"

"Well,, you know how you're so convinced that vampires don't have souls and we can't get to Heaven?"

"Well, yes, but I don't see what that has to do with anything."

"At one point I was talking with Clary, and she was telling me that her Angel person thing once told her that all Downworlders-which includes vampires-do have souls. So you were wrong and I'm right," Bella cried triumphantly. Edward blinked, then shook his head before gathering his wife in his arms.

"Whatever you say, love, whatever you say."

Isaac and Nessie in Central Park...

Nessie looked at Isaac and smiled, glad that it was just them here, holding hands and walking. She had been surprised by that kiss in Alicante, but she had wholeheartedly accepted it. Now they were strolling through Central Park at his suggestion, to get away from everyone for a while. She stopped then, and sat down on the ground, pulling him after her.

"What was that for, Ness?" Isaac asked, confused and a bit amused. He still had her hand, and he felt he wanted to keep holding it forever; it fit so perfectly in his. Nessie shrugged.

"Just felt like it, I guess." He nodded. They looked at the sky for a while, until Nessie asked,

"So, are we, like, together now?" she looked at him, waiting for an answer. Isaac thought about it, and said,

"I would like to, but I feel like we sort of rushed it. I...I kind of want to get a little older first. I never thought that I would have my first girlfriend at thirteen!"

"Is fourteen good?" Nessie asked, jokingly. Isaac smiled, but shook his head.

"I don't know. I'd sort of like to get to sixteen first. And plus, I don't know if I'll keep aging, or what." Then he said quickly, "I mean, if you don't want to wait, that's fine. I just don't want to rush."

Nessie thought about that. She wasn't sure if she wanted to wait. She herself was thirteen, but she had the body and mind-and urges-of an eighteen-year-old. She had been ready for a relationship at four-and-a half. But, she really, really liked Isaac. He was cute, funny, smart, loved his family and friends, and he understood her. Weighing that with no relationship at all (who would she find?) and her parents request that she start trying to date when she was actually fifteen, she came to a decision. And she knew that the next words out of her mouth were true,

"For you, Isaac Lewis, I would wait forever."

A.N-The last chapter was supposed to be...the last chapter. But then I decided that I should wrap it up a bit, show what the aftermath reactions were. But this really is the last chapter. Thanks for sticking so long. I'm thinking on a sequel, and I even have an idea for a prequel. The prequel would be totally Mortal Instruments, though. TTFN ;)