Warning: Final part and a plot twist that is going to make you all hate me. Enjoy.



Harry smiled.

It was a smile of sharp teeth and old rage that curled at the dark smear of his mouth and twisted at the paper thin edges of his face.

The man before him frowned, eyebrows knotting slightly with something that Harry might have considered worry if he thought the being capable of feeling anything. For a moment Harry was sure he could hear the faint flutter of wings.

He was getting sick of that noise.

"Why do you make that expression, Harry?" perplexity radiating from every smooth, blank plane of the man's face and his blue eyes were full of stars and sunlight, utterly unable to read the history of emotions that flickered across Harry's features.

Harry couldn't stop the bubble of laughter that erupted from his lungs and swung his shotgun across the narrow ledge of his shoulders, relishing the feel of cold metal against the back of his neck. "You know demons understand emotion better than your-lot" he scoffed and wasn't sure if his words were laced with pity or anger.

The man frowned once again, "I do not think that, is relevant to our conversation"

"This isn't a conversation, Castiel. It's blackmail"

The Angel blinked blankly and Harry almost laughed again as he realised that the two concepts were interchange in the celestial being's eyes. He didn't laugh; the sound got caught like razors against the back of his throat as the angel's voice filled the room.

"This is a choice, you can still stay no"

"I've already said no"

Castiel's eyes were shinning with conviction and faith and Harry could all but see the angel's power through the shell of his host's body as he spoke. "We believe you will change your mind."

Harry didn't both to correct him, recognising the futility in it, but let his shotgun fall limply from its position at the back of his neck, grimacing as it scrapped the floor in a whine of metal. His hands were hot and full of static as his magic bubbled and sparked at his fingertips and he struggled to control the wildness of his power and the memories that came with it.

His mind was full of blank spaces and suppressed nightmares but Harry still had flashes of memories about his time spent with Voldermort; images of his friends' murdered bodies and the echoes of insane laughter. His magic had never been the same since; it hummed warily through his body, constantly expecting pain and ready to defend him. He could feel it pressing against the inside of his skin till his nerves were tender and hypersensitive.

He had been in a state of agitation for years and Castiel's unexpected visits were not helping.

"Harry" Castiel interrupted, his face was carefully blank and there was only barest understanding in his eyes, "You must help us, the war approaches and I need your power"

"Castiel, I'm tired," Harry said shortly and it should have been enough because it was the truth. He was exhausted; tired of pain and blood and fighting and he already knew it wouldn't matter, it never did. Harry had been a pawn for years and he knew it wasn't about to stop anytime soon.

"Your nightmares tire you. I can stop them."

Harry blinked at the angel, his lips curling only slightly in amusement; he couldn't have said if Castiel really cared, he wasn't sure if the angel really understood enough to care, but it seemed a nice enough offer. Harry had almost forgotten what it was like to have someone care about his sleeping patterns.

"That's not what I meant" Harry sighed at the look of patience that smoothed the angel's face and gestured angrily. "Leave Castiel, I don't want to help. I'm finished, I'm sick of being other people's puppets. There is nothing out there for me to fight for anymore"

Castiel seemed to hesitate suddenly. It wasn't something Harry had ever seen the Angel do. Angels were nothing if not full of endless conviction and seeing him flicker with uncertainty made his stomach clench and his magic thrum against the back of his eyeballs nervously.

"John Winchester is dead"

Harry felt his magic wilt and his heart stop and for a moment all he could do was stare stupidly into Castiel's almost sympathetic eyes. "You killed him for this?" he questioned and his breath was nonexistent as he waited for an answer, hating the heavenly beings more than he had thought possible.

Castiel shook his head slightly, "No, he sold his soul to save his son's life. He is in hell"

Harry winced and his arms came almost instinctively to wrap around his torso, trying to hold the magic and coursing emotion inside his body. He wasn't sure what he was scared of most but he was uncertain of both and they were both threatening to rip him to shreds.

"Bring him back" he whispered and his voice broke at the look of emotion that swept across Castiel's face; it was full of darkness and Harry flinched away from the Angel's heaven lit eyes.


"I know" he snapped and shuddered at the tone of his voice, folding into himself miserably, understanding how blatantly he was being manipulated and knowing he would do it again in a heartbeat if only to stop the pain that tore at his insides.

His pain was full of desperation and anger and he wasn't sure if it was directed at himself, the angels or John. His relationship with the older man had been a complicated one and even at the best of times there had always been discord between them, they had always been unable to understand or accept the other. If they had loved it had been a bitter, tainted and twisted love. Their relationship had been full of need rather than want, at least on his behalf anyway.

John seemed to have found it so easy to throw Harry away and he hated the man for that, hated him for his callousness and prejudice and for the fact that he couldn't do the same; his heart felt like it was breaking a little and that was worse than any damage the man had inflicted directly.

"I'll do what you ask." He continued. "Just please bring him back"

Castiel nodded in easy acceptance but there was a question in his eyes and he stared at Harry's face for a moment trying to find an answer. "Harry, I can bring John Winchester back from hell but I cannot make him accept you, I cannot change him."

Harry smiled at the angel and it was smile of broken hearts and pity. "You don't understand humans at all, do you?"

Castiel slowly reached out and touched Harry's forehead, his fingertips cool against his scar and tingling with magic. "I do not. But I don't think humans understand themselves very well either"

Harry didn't have the heart to smile back at him and shivered against the cooling air, trying to ignore the panicked flutter of his magic as it sparked through his hair, lightning dancing in his dark curls. "How do we do this?"

Castiel's eyes were sunlight and magic, burning through the pale shimmer of his vessel's irises. "Invite me in"

Harry hesitated for a moment, "Will I know what is happening? Will I still be me?" he searched Castiel's passive, calm features helpless and felt the prickle of tears and the answer he saw reflected back. "Why me, Castiel, you already have a vessel?"

The angel's answering smile was full of calm magnificence and Harry flinched at its brightness. "You are special. The Lord has chosen you for me"

Harry shuddered and swallowed nervously; staring into ethereal eyes wearily and half hoping that he wouldn't feel and be anymore. "Okay. Castiel I invite you in. I will be your vessel"

Harry barely had time to notice Castiel's blue eyed vessel crumble weakly to the floor before his body was swallowed with light. It engulfed him in welcoming, singing heat until his soul shuddered and fell into sweet oblivion, cradled by the purity of Castiel's spirit.

Harry green eyes were sunlight and stars and it was Castiel that walked away.

The sound of feathers unnoticed.

Authors notes: This takes place before the end of the supernatural's second season. The vessel Castiel is in is not Jimmy.

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