The grass was too yellow, too dry, I thought, for this time of year. Usually, in Forks, just as the spring began, the grass began to green up. This year, though, the grass retained the pale yellow hue of winter grass, the way it is when you dig up a couple feet of snow and find the sparse, frosted grass hiding beneath it.

I sighed, poked my head back below the windowsill, and flopped back down on my bed. I was supposed to be doing homework, but I kept getting distracted by the natural life outside. Or maybe it was just the life outside that contained blood. I hadn't exactly been keeping track of my hunting expeditions (mostly because they weren't so much expeditions as strolling through my backyard), but I was getting pretty thirsty. Unfortunately, it was Tuesday, so I wouldn't be able to get anything good for a while, and Mom and Dad would have my throat- literally- if I went to school knowing I was thirsty. I groaned and rolled over. If only I had some more time

Oh! I'd forgotten- vampire speed, no need to sleep. I'd only become a permanent vampire two weeks ago, and it was a little strange trying to adjust. I smiled to myself. I could run all the way to Canada tonight, and get something delicious- a lion, or… a snow leopard. Those were mostly farther north, but I could get there soon enough. Dad said he once ran all the way from Washington to Minnesota in one evening.

I rolled back over on my belly and shuffled my strewn papers into a neater pile. If I was going hunting, I would have to finish my homework first. It wasn't hard, just boring. I could have asked Jake to do it, but I wasn't going to risk that again. The last time he'd agreed to do my homework, Quil had stolen it and answered all of the questions with ridiculous answers. (The one I remember most was "How are fossils classified?" and Quil had answered "All fozzils r equal, man! Classy-fictions just separate. Peace, man! Togetherness!") No, I would have to finish this myself.

About fifteen minutes later, I hadn't died of excessive tedium. "Mom!" I called, heading towards the kitchen. "I'm going to Canada! I'll be back before morning!"

"Go with Jacob!" she replied from the back of the house- I assumed she was in her cavernous closet. I frowned. Jacob might be fun to hunt with, due to the competition, but he would be so overprotective. I wouldn't even be able to get near anything actually good-tasting.

"Can't I go with Jasper?" I whined. Unlike Jacob, Jasper didn't care whether a mountain lion ripped me to shreds.

"Okay!" Mom replied after a slight hesitation- because she did care about mountain lions ripping me up.

"Thanks, Mom!" I called over my shoulder, hopping out the door. I hit the ground running and pushed myself forward, leaping past the trees and skidding to a stop in front of my grandparents' house. "Jasper!" I called, looking up at the windows. After a moment, he came through the back door.

"Hey, Nessie," he said quietly.

"Hunting?" I asked, gesturing north vaguely.

"Sure," he smiled. I took a deep breath and looked northward. I was just realizing exactly how thirsty I really was. Jasper smiled and started running into the woods. I followed right behind, sniffing for the scent of moose. Or bear. Or snow leopard.