Sword readied, I skulk through the hallways, ready for a fight at any moment. I can see no one, but I hear the occasional noise. There is something alive in here.

Turning a corner, the hall opens up to a larger room, this one lit by torches. The sudden light is blinding coupled with my night-eye enchantment. I quickly yank off my helmet and rub my eyes. As they adjust, I see what I have stumbled upon. Daedric boots! I rush over to them and stuff them into my rucksack. The place is filled with gold. Opening a chest I find ebony throwing stars and a pair of glass boots. That man in the inn was right; Galom Daeus is certainly the place to go. And that stupid swit thought it was infested. Stuffing the final item, an old tome with the name "Antecedants of Dwemer Law" on it, into my bag, I turn. There is someone there. Instinctively I raise my dagger, ready to strike. He doesn't move. His eye's are wide with fear, and he is almost naked. "What are you doing?" he hisses at me, "You've got to get out of here! Now! They're coming!"

I ignore his warning. "Shut up, swit. I'm taking this stuff and you got a problem with that, you can talk to my dagger about it."

He doesn't flinch, "Take it, I don't care. But please, take me with you! don't know what they do!"

"Oh shut up."

"You fool! They'll turn you into one of them! Oh god, they're coming back!" the naked man lunges for my dagger, I yank it away just in time before stabbing him through the heart. He falls to the ground, but strangely doesn't scream. Instead he talks to me calmly. "Thank you! Now please, finish the job, or they will. They'll eat me alive! Please, please kill me!"

I hear movement. Wheeling around, I spot two eyes glinting in the light of the torches. I can put two and two together: the naked man, the fear of this place; this is a vampire I can see. I turn in the other direction and rush out. As I turn the corner a pair of strong hands grab my shoulders. I scream as a pair of fangs dig into my neck.