This is the night before Bella's wedding in Breaking Dawn. Future chapters will include sex scenes in Bella's Honeymoon.

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Bella POV

I couldn't sleep. The wedding was tomorrow. Alice will be here on the morning, torturing me with the dress, and the makeup and my hair. I will never become pretty. It was impossible next to Edward. His perfect diamond body, his angelic face. I couldn't compete.

I closed my eyes and force myself not to think. Then, I heard a noise that sounded like a rock to my window. Could it be Jake? I walked towards the window and looked down. There he was... standing outside. Wearing only his cropped jeans, Jacob smiled at me.

"Bella", Jacob said and leaped from the ground to my window.

"Jacob, you came" I said throwing myself to him. I hugged him like I didn't want him to escape.

"Bella, I missed you. I am sorry for leaving, it was just too much" he said. He caressed my face with his warm hands and kissed my forehead.

"Oh Jacob, I am sorry too. I feel so broken for hurting you", I said while I felt my body getting warmer by his touch. And then... it hit me. Edward will be my last, but Jacob… Jacob could be my first. Suddenly no other thought seem more logical. Jacob could have my virginity, my human body, even if it was for one night.

"Bella, what are you thinking?" Jacob said looking at me with peaceful eyes. I knew his love was strong. I knew this will be the right thing. I decided on Edward, but he could have my vampire love. Jacob would have my human love.

"I want you" I said trembling. I wasn't good at seducing. Jacob looked at me confused. "I mean I want to be with you… now….on my bed."

"Bella what are you saying?" Jacob asked. He still didn't get it. My face became red.

"Jacob make love to me. Just one time. Let me be your first. I want you to be my first". As I said those words, I felt the fear that he might reject me. I was marrying someone else. I broke his heart. Why would he want me?

"I love you, Bella. I so want to be with you, but... what will he...."

"He doesn't need to know. I don't care. This is our last chance. We have to do it. I will never be human again" I sounded desperate but I wanted him so badly.

Jacob kissed my lips and wrapped his arms around my waist. I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. His tongue entered my mouth and started caressing mine. His hand moved from my waist to my butt. He squeezed my butt lightly. My hands touched his perfect sculpted chest and move lower to his abs.

Jacob raised his hands from my butt and took my sweatshirt off. He fondled my small breasts while still kissing me. The touch of his warm hands made me wet. He kneeled himself and started kissing my breasts. His tongue began drawing circles around my nipples. Then he sucked one of my boobs. He continued kissing down to my stomach till he reached my bellybutton, licking it inside out. He pulled of my pants and panties in one single move. I felt so scared, but in a good way.

Jacob lifted me by the waist and sat me on the bed. I unzipped his pants and pulled them off. Surprised that he wasn't wearing underwear, I opened my mouth. His cock was long, hard and had the color of his russet skin. Jacob must have thought that I wanted to suck him, so he put his cock on my mouth. I didn't resist and I tried to take him as farther as I could. Then I slowly went back to the tip. I licked his head in small circles. Then swallowed it whole again.

"Oh Bella, mm" Jacob moaned. I moved up and down, gripping his cock firmly with my mouth. Then I started to move faster…

Jacob POV

All right Jacob! Quil thought.

Quil! Leave me alone! I thought. Why can't I had an alone time for one minute! This werewolf thing got me mad sometimes. I was starting to shake. Thank the gods, Bella thought it was because of pleasure and continued to sucked on me. Her mouth was like heaven. I had to control my anger.

Quil that's enough. Go away, thought Sam. Sorry Jacob.

Sam wait, I thought.

Jacob, now is not the time.

Wait, what should I do now? I haven't had sex before.

Ok, just this one time. Listen carefully. Grab her and flipped her so she is in all fours facing opposite of you. Then think of Edward and shift to werewolf. Lick her ass and then continue down to the clit. Stay there until se has an orgasm… until she shakes lightly. Shift again to human.. She will be more than ready for you to enter her. Start with one finger and work your way to your cock. Now I must go.

Thanks Sam.

Bella POV

Jacob grabbed my hair and pull me off his cock gently. I had a little of his juice in my lips and licked it. Then Jacob lifted me up again and flipped me. I was facing the head of my bed. I wanted to lye on the bed but Jacob pulled me up and I was in all my fours. What did he wanted to do to me? Then I heard a noise and suddenly I tensed. Had he shifted?

I couldn't move. If he was a werewolf now, he could bit me. I panicked. Then I felt something sniffing my ass. It tickled me. Then a tongue started licking it. It was not a human tongue, it was longer and moved so quickly. My body relaxed again. It felt so good. Then it continued going down my pussy.

"Aaaah, ooohhh uff" I moaned. "Jacob...." I felt a rush through my whole body. My pussy was getting wetter and warmer. This tongue was now in my clit. I couldn't hardly breathe. Was this what it felt to be with a wolf? Was this some kind of bestiality? No… No… This was my Jacob.

I began to feel like the pleasure was getting stronger and stronger…. Then…

"Oooooh!" I yelled. I was suddenly gasping for air. My body trembled for two seconds.
I felt the blood rising to my cheeks. This was incredible. I had an orgasm. I had an orgasm from a wolf! From my Jacob! I smiled as I realized it was the most intense moment I have ever had. Jacob withdrew his tongue and I heard him shift back to his human body.

He flipped me again and leaned on top of me. The weight of his body didn't bother me. It felt so good pressed to mine. He gave me a long and passionate kiss. I tasted my pussy in his mouth. I sort of liked it. His hands once again caressed my breast and moved slowly towards my hips and into my inner thighs. He spread my legs and began touching my outer lips with his fingers, moving towards the center of my pussy. He circled my clit and slid one finger down to my hole.

"Hmmm" I moaned as he pulled and re-enter his finger in a rapid motion.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Yes…. Yes….Jacob, please let me have you. Enter me please…." I pleaded. I knew I was ready. I needed to feel his cock inside me.

Jacob removed his hands and put his cock over my pussy. Then, holding me tight with his muscular arms he entered my body gently and slowly.


"Ohh" Jacob moaned in great pleasure. He looked at me at the eyes. I started looking at the ceiling. I felt the pain and it was getting worse. But he held me and kissed me. I had to be strong for him. I wanted him to enjoy.

Jacob started going faster and faster. I felt less pain. I was beginning to feel good. Then Jacob went more faster and…

"Oooooh" Jacob yelled. I thought Charlie was going to wake up. Jacob's heart was racing. He looked at me and waited to recover his breath. I planted a small kiss on his lips.

"I love you Bella. I will never forget this night", he said. A tear dropped down my cheek. I felt a little sore, but I was happy. This night couldn't be more perfect. I was his and Jacob was mine. Just for one night, we were one.

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