Chapter 2: Bella: The Experienced One

This is the first time Edward and Bella are having sex on their honeymoon. But, there is something Edward doesn't suspect. Bella already had sex and with Jacob. How will Bella experience second time sex with Edward? Will Edward notice that she is not a virgin?

As I approached the water I could begin to see Edward's full body naked. I knew Edward's body was godlike but I hadn't even thought about a godlike penis before. It was so shiny, shinier than Edward's skin. It's tip was rose colored and sparkly. It was like some kind of hard candy I wouldn't resist. Still it wasn't as big as Jacob's. What was I thinking? I shouldn't have thinked about Jacob in that way anymore and certainly not with Edward waiting for me to fuck.

"Bella, what's the matter? Come my love " said Edward looking at me with his piercing eyes. How could I not want to come? I couldn't answer. I felt weird comparing him to Jacob. But I knew this would happen. I have forgotten that Edward promised we would try before I became a vampire. I asked him this. I should be grateful.

"Bella, do you want me to come get you? " Edward was starting to feel unsecured. I could see it in his eyes.

"I'll come Edward. I am just enjoying the view," I said and what a view! His sparkly candy penis was full erect and most definitely cold, unlike Jacob's long warm cock. No. I did it again. Why was I still comparing penises? I stared at Edward. Maybe that will get me to reason. Edward looked so great naked. His legs were like runners' and his bare chest was like greek marble statues. Even the water's reflection of Edward didn't give him justice.

I approached Edward and put my hands over his chest. He was so cold. Edward's hands took mine and lead them to his cock as he leaned to kiss me. Playing with Edward's penis was like playing with a hard cold stick. It was difficult to move up and down. I tried to splash some water so that it'll help me lubricated it but it wasn't working. All it did was make my hands slippery. Edward made my favorite crooked smile.

"Bella, let me show you" he said. Edward gripped his penis so hard I thought it was going to fall apart.

"I don't have that kind of strength you know," I said as I watched Edward's hand movements. So this was vampire's masturbation. It didn't seem he needed to have sex.

"Its not that difficult Bella. Just squeeze a little down the head and work from there" I took Edward's penis with both hands and squeezed with all my strength. Finally I was getting it. Edward bit his lip and moaned. I was so concentrated on getting the job right I didn't noticed that my hands were hurting from the cold.

"Bella that's enough," Edward said when he noticed that my hands were purple. He took my hands and kissed them lightly. "Its fine my Bella, I liked it. But I hate seeing you hurt."

"Edward, forget it. I was finally getting it."

"Now is my turn, Bella. I will pleasure you like there is no tomorrow" he said taking my hand and pulling me towards deeper waters. When the water only reached my breasts Edward kneeled himself. He was completely inside the water when I felt his chill tongue in my pussy's outer lips. He moved it slowly down and up again. My nipples were hard but my body couldn't get hot because the water and Edward's tongue were too chilly. It felt hard, unlike Jacob's who felted soft and juicy.

"Not again!" I shouted. Good thing Edward was underwater. "Ooooh!" Edward's tongue was inside me. I felt like an electrical bolt that ran through my whole body making me tremble. Edward was fucking me with his tongue and every time it entered, the same bolt took over my body. It's was incredible. His hands were squeezing my butt in the meantime. It was starting to hurt too but I didn't care. I was already addicted to the bolts.

Edward moved his tongue to my clit and it hurt very badly. I pushed his head lightly and he rose from the water frightened.

"Are you all right? Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"I am fine Edward. Let's just get out of the water," I said. I couldn't let him know that his tongue was too hard for my delicate clit. What I pity! That was my favorite part with J…

"Edward let me suck you" I said to quickly vanish my Jacob thoughts. We were already out of the water. Edward looked surprised but then laid down still on the floor and waited for me. I crouched from where I was and placed my body between his legs. I slid my hands to his stomach and caressed his abs. At the same time I swallowed the hard candy penis. It tasted so good, like cherry flavor.

I started licking it from the beginning to the head. It was like licking a Popsicle that tasted so much better. I licked all over and the Popsicle didn't melt, didn't go away. Edward moaned and grabbed my hair, slowly pulling it. I could spend an eternity licking. Then my tongue froze in the middle. I tried to remove it but I couldn't.

"Bella wait. I'll help," he said and took my tongue with his fingers and slowly pulled it way. It hurt a little. Edward look sad and disappointed.

"I'm sorry Bella. I knew you would get hurt."

"Its nothing Edward really, lest try something else," I said trying to calm him down.

"Oh Bella, you are so stubborn like always" he said and kissed me. That was what I needed. I kissed Edward passionately and threw myself on top of him. We started making out and twirling around. His cold body kept my nipples hard but my body started to warm up. My pussy was getting wetter.

As we kissed, Edwards hands held me by the waist. Mine were caressing his soft hair.

"Edward I'm ready," I said and positioned my self on top of him. I moved up and put my pussy exactly on top of Edward's hard candy. I slid easily down and felt the chills again.

"Ooooh" Edward was pleased as I moved forward and down and up and back his hard stick. I enjoyed it so much I kept moving and speeding my pace.

Edward grabbed my breast with his hands so hard I thought he wanted to rip them off. Then he moved his hand and separated my butt cheeks. It hurt, like he was trying to dismantle me. I caressed his chest with my hands and leaned down to kiss him. I kiss his neck and sucked it a little. Then I moved up and continue to fuck him. Edward grabbed me by the waist and helped me move. He didn't measure his strength because I felt it very hard.

"Oh Jake!"

"What!" Edward stopped me holding me tight on the waist. It hurt so much and I couldn't understand why?

"What Edward? What's wrong?" I asked trying to hold my breath because his cold body was freezing my pussy, my butt and my thighs.

"You said Jake. Why did you say Jake?" Edward asked angry and staring at my eyes.

"Edward what are you talking about?" I asked feeling ashamed. Did I really say Jake? I had to convince Edward it was nothing. This could ruin our honeymoon.

"Edward I am sorry, I didn't notice. Please let me continue to please you. I was enjoying it so mmuuucchhh," I said that last word already trembling from he cold.

Edward lifted me off and put me at his side.

"I am sorry Bella. We will have to continue this some other time," he said. His words sounded so angry and cold.

"Edward, please. I am sorry" I said desperate. "I really am. I love you and only you."

Edward looked at me as if trying to figure out something. He stared for a long time. Then he kissed my forehead.

"Let's go to our room. You need some rest," he said and lifted me from the floor.

"Ok," I wasn't going to fight him. I had to endure this because it was my fault. I had sex with Jacob and betrayed Edward. I walk silently by his hand to our room. I was ready to redeem myself.

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Preview to next chapter: Edward wants Jacob to give Bella some puppies in order to save her from her demon pregnancy. Bella is willing to negotiate her pregnancy but what will she ask of Jacob and Edward?