"Princess! Princess, please, come quick!"

"Diana, where are you? You'll never believe it!"

Diana could hear the call of her sisters through the trees, their voices carrying clearly on the wind. She had been meditating in the grove, communing in her way with the noble goddesses that had blessed her birth. Today was the anniversary of the day those same goddesses and the strength of her mother's spirit had brought her into being. Her birthday. She was young still, at least by the standards set by Themyscira. Had she been human, Diana knew she would have already lived through several lifetimes. But she was far from a mere human, and the gifts bestowed upon her by Olympia had even separated her from her sister Amazons.

Diana knew she was different from the others, that she had been created for cosmic purpose, but the gods had not yet revealed her destiny. For now, she was content to remain on Themyscira with her sisters, as she had for the past several hundred years. She felt no urgency to leave home, to explore the world. Her time would come. The Amazons had lived peacefully for thousands of years; hosting contests of physical skill, staging plays and games for entertainment, harvesting, hunting, debating philosophy and politics to keep their wits as sharp as their swords. They were a race dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual purity and balance with the natural world.

As the queen reminded her, life on Themyscira was an ultimate paradise compared to the brutality that the Amazons had once suffered in the world of men. Though she had not lived through the horror herself, Diana believed the stories that she had heard which recounted the bloody past. Still, part of her was curious about the world beyond Themysciran shores. Yes, she was curious, for the Amazons knew the world had to have changed since they had left it behind, but Diana was nothing if not patient. She would wait for a sign from Olympia.

She had been meditating, attempting to commune with the gods, but it seemed that something had happened to upset the eternal peace of the island.

Diana opened her eyes and stood from the blanket she had laid out on the grass. She squinted against the bright sun, and a moment later she was running, swift as an island gazelle. Running, running toward the urgent calls of her sisters. The warm blades of grass itched against the bare soles of her feet. She'd left her sandals beside the monument to her patron goddess, the wise and fierce Athena. Her sisters were still calling for her, their voices carrying over the tall stone wall that kept the grove in slight isolation. Diana jumped, rising into the air- ten feet, twenty, thirty, until she could see her sisters running toward the golden gates of her private arbor.

Diana lowered her flight, drifting down until she was before them. Of all her powers, the gift given to her by Lord Hermes were her favorite. "Sisters, what is it?"

Mala, one of her closest friends, came forward from the gaggle of women who had come for her. Her pale blonde hair had come undone in her run to find Diana, it now danced about her face in a fluffy halo. "Princess, something has washed ashore- it is a man!"

Diana raised her brows and snorted. "A man? Who game do you play, Mala?"

Another Amazon stepped forward, Clio, one of several palace scribes. "We play no game, princess. It's a man. Come see, you must come see!"

"We were playing on the shore, and the man came in with the tide." Mala explained. "We didn't want to touch him. This may very well be a trap."

"No man has found his way to Themyscira before." Mnemosyne spoke up. "Mark this day, sisters, for our world is changed. This man- if he even lives- could either be a curse or a new blessing to the Amazons. You must come and inspect him, princess. You were blessed by the gods- perhaps your divine heritage may reveal his true intention toward us."

Diana nodded. She remained outwardly calm to her sisters, though inside her mind was swirling with possibility.

A man on Themyscira. On my birthday, a man has breached the protection of Olympian gods. O Athena, grant me the wisdom to understand this sign of Fate!

She cleared her throat and straightened her stance, asserting royal control over her excited sisters. "You were right to come to me with this. I will find the man and assess his state. Bring this news to your queen. And inform Menalippe. If our oracle does not already know of this man on the shore, perhaps she can appeal to Olympus for the answer."

The other Amazons nodded, fully accepting of Diana's decision, and watched with trepidation as she rose into the air, heading to the shore to find this man washed in from the sea.