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Ch19 Happiness Comes From Within!

Bella's POV

I was standing there in front of the mirror again, something I did quite often since the change, and even better was the ring reflecting back at me. I felt whole, I had never been so happy, before I couldn't have even imagined this much happiness existed.

Don't get me wrong my life isn't perfect, and James gets upset and cranky over nothing lately, but I have to think of it as a chain smoker quitting smoking… James has quit human blood, I'm sure I would be cranky too. But as I look into the mirror I see myself clearer and I feel so much better about my being, inside and out. I love myself, I loved myself before the change… and it all has to do with James, he let me be me and made me feel beautiful for it.

We had been engaged for six months now, and Alice has decided it is time for us to tie the knot. I am feeling excited and nervous and flustered, but most of all, I feel the happiness flowing through me, and around me. Today is the day I become James's wife for the rest of our existence.

"Woman, step away from that mirror right now, and get that amazing dress on." Chimes Alice through the bathroom door. I have perfected the art of getting dressed without ripping them to shreds, and I smile brightly when the dress slips on like a glove. It feels amazing against my cold hard skin, a beautiful satin white simple dress… perfect. I slip my low heels on and open the bathroom door. Alice begins clapping and squealing frantically. "Ohh its perfect, I knew it, I knew it would be amazing."

"Of course you knew Alice, you can see the future." I say while rolling my pink dusted eyes. Alice's eyes flash, but she says nothing, as I snicker at her. "Okay pixie, bring me to my husband to be." I tell her while grabbing her arm.

I wanted a very small wedding, with only the family there, and the JP doing the ceremony. Alice walked me to the back yard, and I finally caught sight of James, he looked nervous, but his smile was bright, and breathtaking. I had seen him smile lots, but this one smile beat them all. I smiled back brightly, as Alice handed me off to him. James honey colored eyes stared down at me, and it reminded me of how much he will do for me, my smile stretches wider, and if I were still human I would fear that my cheeks would ache.

The ceremony is quick, and I'm wrapped in James's embrace quickly. Kissing him passionately, that's when I smell it, the sickly sweet stench of Edward, since becoming a vampire, his smell did not affect me positively anymore, it was too sweet. I pull back and growl. "You guys are late, you missed the ceremony." I mock glared as Tanya came into view. Edward looks sheepish as he walks forward, with his tail between his legs, and Tanya's usually perfect hair, looked ruffled and had twigs in it.

"Bella, did not mean to come here late, but Tanya, umm- distracted me." He was stuttering like a fool, which made me laugh loudly. I looked over to Alice who was staring back at me giggling.

"Sure Edward, whatever you wanna call it." Tanya huffed loudly, looking embarrased.

I grabbed James hand and started walking away from everyone. "We are going to make this Marriage legit… if you know what I mean." I laughed and winked at the group. Emmet's loud boisterous laugh was catching, as we sped away to our little cottage. We had been doing renovations on it, and it has turned into quite a dreamy home.

"You never cease to amaze me." James whispers in my ear. I look at him and raise a single eyebrow. "Your reaction to Edward, I would have thought you would be a little jealous, since you were together for quite some time." He told me, his eyes seemed a little sad. I grabbed his face and pulled him close to me.

"I'm yours and only yours, I have absolutely no feelings for Edward, my heart, my soul, hell my very being is all yours, every piece of it." James smiled brightly once again and pushed his lips against my own. I giggled against him and pulled him onto the bed roughly, hearing the bed break and crash to the floor beneath us. I giggled louder. "Oops, I guess I still don't know my own strength." I told my smirking husband, before ripping his shirt from his body with one quick tug.

I would say, and we lived happily ever after, but we have a long life ahead of us, and I have no idea what is in store for us… so for right now I'm going to say to be continued…. You never know you may hear from us again.


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