But It's Better If you do.

Chapter One:

Dear Diary; August Friday 18th.

I'm not sure how long Stephan will be gone, or even why he had to leave in the first place. I'm worried about him.

A storm was approaching; dark clouds covered the skies as if they were trying to smother the sun before it sinks down below the horizon. A strong wind was blowing, rattling the leaves outside against my open window. The curtains that were hanging neatly beside my open window were now thrashing about in an almost violent manner, I don't know why I am sitting here watching them; it's mesmerizing the way they are dancing in circles. I tore my eyes from the curtains and looked back to my velvet covered diary.

He just left, no goodbye, no nothing.

I feel like he is hiding something from me. But what, what would he hide?

I can't figure out anything else to write, I just can't stop thinking about Stephan and how concerned he looked today. It seemed like he think he was going to come back. He has to come back.

I look at the clock beside me on the night stand; it's only 7:00 pm. It seems like it's the dead of night outside. Placing the blue book on the nightstand I slide my legs off the bed. I stand up and walk over to the bay window; I reach outside and grab the edge of the open window to close it. A sharp ache shoots up my hand and I pull back in alarm. Bringing my hand up close to my face to inspect where the pain came from and see a small cut along my index finger. The cut starts to bleed so I quickly pop my finger into my mouth. I make my way to the bathroom and put a band-aid over the cut, I start wondering what was sharp enough on the window to cut me. Back in my room I grab a pillow case from one of my many pillows and use it to pull the window closer without cutting myself again. I run my encased finger over the edge of the windows edge, half way down the window and see a crimson red smudge where my finger must have been. Unable to find any evidence of broken glass or any other sharp objects I sigh and close the window stopping the cold wind from chilling my bones. After replacing the pillow case to its original place I take a look at the clock, 7:15 pm.; taking a seat at the built in bench below the window I notice the street lights have flickered on and are casting long shadows across the side walk as if they were pointing at something in the woods. I watch the old oak trees sway back and forth and how their golden brown leaves are slowly falling to the ground. Looking up at the clouds I see different grays swirling together; lighter warm grays contrasted with dark almost black clouds. Rain starts to fall from the sky and pool on the uneven concrete outside.

Walking over to the dresser in the corner of my room I decide to change into pajamas, I pull out a pair of black and white striped short shorts and black tank top. I slide off my skinny jeans and replace them with the shorts, changing my black and white plaid shirt for the black tank top. I quickly look at my reflection in the mirror; my porcelain skin seems ghostly white in contrast to the new black clothes and my dark brown hair.

Feeling that I need to write more in my diary than just about Stephan, I grab it and take a seat beside the bay window. I quickly read over what I've already written down I pick up my pen and continue to write.

There is going to be a storm tonight, I can feel it in the air. It has already started raining let's just hope there's no thunder and lightning. I don't know why but even as a little kid it always scared me. I was looking outside and the clouds look black, but they look an unnatural black. They remind me of Damon's eyes; those arrogant, sinister, jet black eyes.

They are opposites, Stephan and Damon but I can't help to think that they are more alike than they seem. Stephan is gentle and caring while Damon is selfish and dangerous. Damon used Caroline and Vicki, people seem to die when he's around and he drinks blood, not from animals like Stephan but people.

I put down my pen not wanting to write anymore. I look outside once again, the clouds, the leaves falling from the oak trees and the street lamp shadows that seem to point into the woods. Nothing has changed accept for the fact that there are now puddles at the sides of the roads where the rain water is flowing into sewer drains. I look back to the oak trees that are still swaying because of the wind blowing through their branches. I notice out of the corner of my eye a dark shadow that moves across a pile of leaves in the light from the street lamps. Turning my head quickly to see if something was there but just find a few stray leaves caught in a gust of wind. Muttering under my breath about seeing something and being paranoid I place my diary back in its secret hiding place on my book shelf. I look back at the clock on the night stand, 8:45 pm.

Walking into the kitchen I see Jeremy sitting at the counter talking to someone on the phone. I walk over to the fridge and look inside; nothing pops out at me so I quickly close the stainless steel door. Hearing a soft chuckle behind me as I turn around Jeremy flashes me a quick smile and says goodbye to whoever he was talking to on the phone.

"Who was that Jer?" I ask after he put the phone down on the dark marble counter.

"Matt." He says nonchalantly as he gets up from the wooden chair he was sitting on. As he is walking towards the door I open my mouth to stop him; he turns around and says with a sly grin on his face. "Don't worry Elena nothing bad was said about you." With that he left the kitchen, he seemed to have a slight bounce in his step; I wonder what he was up to.

After finding nothing of interest on the TV I make my way back up to my room. The air seems to get colder the closer I get to my room; I open the door to find that my window has flung open and my curtains are once again dancing in circles. With a heavy sigh I manage to close the window, without slicing any fingers off. Seeing that a good hour and a half has passed I decide that now was a good time to catch up on the sleep I missed out on during school, It was Friday after all!

I push my light cream colored sheets down so I can climb into my bed. After I adjust the pillows and wiggle around to find a comfortable position I end up lying on my back staring up at the white ceiling. Shadows being cast from the tree's outside sway from corner to corner of my room. I close my eyes and listen to the rain pitter pattering against my window and the rustle of the leaves in the trees. Even with the soothing humming of everything going on outside, I'm restless.

Elena. A voice whispers huskily in my ear;

I jump up from my position on the bed to sitting up. Placing a hand on my chest in an attempt to slow my now racing heart down, my eyes wonder around the room searching for whoever had called my name. Seeing no monsters hiding in the shadows I carefully reach over and flick on the small lamp on my nightstand. Sliding my legs from under the sheets I slowly stand up. A chill snakes its way up my legs and a shiver runs up my spine. I curse under by breath for not wearing something that covers more skin as I step out into the center of my room.

Open the window Elena. The whispering voice commands; it seems familiar, that voice.

Turning towards the bay window I see a silhouette leaning against a lamp post in front of my house. The light flickers and goes out for a few seconds but flairs back up. The light creates dark shadows where his eyes should be but I can tell they are looking up at me; he tilts his head upward and black orbs meet mine. Damon flashes his signature two second smile and disappears from under the lamp post.