Chapter Eight: Generosity

Laughing, I was actually laughing with the very same man who a few hours ago could have killed me. Do I have a mild case of Stockholm syndrome or is Damon's compulsion still affecting my judgment? I press my back into the couch, my head swimming with thought. My diary shifts and falls to the side resting on my hand. What did Damon read besides what I had last written? Had he read about my parents, about when Stefan and I slept together?

"Are you hungry Elena?"

I snap out of my thoughts, "what?"

"I asked if you are hungry?" Damon says again.

Before I could utter a sound my stomach answered for me.

"Well I guess that answers that question." He said matter of fact-ly and disappears from the couch. I slowly make my way to the kitchen to see Damon rummaging through the fridge. He closes the fridge door looking unsatisfied with a slight grimace on his face starts sorting through the dark cherry cabinets. Pulling out a package of Kraft dinner macaroni and cheese he sets it on the counter behind him.

I let out a soft chuckle and Damon turn towards me.

"What?" he asks

"Oh it's nothing, I'm just wondering why you would even have food in the kitchen, let alone Kraft dinner."

"honestly I can't stand the stuff" Damon mutters


"Kraft dinner"

I decide not to ask about it and set towards the fridge.

"I wouldn't look in there, Elena."

Disregarding his warning I pull open the door; The fridge is half filled with blood packs.

Probably from the local blood bank I say to myself.

"Ooh appetizing" I joke and close the door.

I open the box of Kraft dinner but before I could start to make it Damon takes the box from my hands. Looking confused I take a lean against the counter while Damon starts to cook.

"You know I could have made that myself"

"Yes, but that wouldn't be very gentlemanly of me would it?"

"Right and kidnapping is?" I say with an unneeded edge to my voice.

He smirks and turns away from the food "If this your definition of kidnapping, I should do it more often."

Damon brings over a bowl of macaroni and cheese and places it beside me. I turn to grab it but he catches my wrist in his hand. I tilt my head up towards him slightly curious and slightly terrified.

His other hand rests besides my hip, I'm fixed between him and the counter top.

"If I were you Elena, I wouldn't take my generosity for granted."

He releases me and steps to the side, letting his words sink in.