Author's notes: After my account was deleted accidentally, I rewrote some parts of Dark Wing. There is another version, Dark Wing Type 2, that I'm writing that follows the anime more accurately. But for now, I'll focus on finishing the original Dark Wing since I want to wait and see what happens in the Japanese Tamer series. I'll upload the other chapters once I've finished double-checking them. Thanks for your patience.

Author's notes: After some consideration, I've decided to use the Japanese levels, since I'm already using the Japanese names, cards and attacks anyway. Therefore:

Digimon Levels:

Child : Rookie
Adult : Champion
Perfect : Ultimate
Ultimate: Mega

Digimon Tamers: Dark Wing


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Matsuda Takato, a pleasant-looking boy with brown hair and a pair of googles on his head, walked into his classroom at school,only to be greeted by a auburn-haired girl with a sock puppet on her hand. "Good morning,Takato-kun!" Juri said happily, walking up to him.

Takato nodded and smiled at her. "Good morning, Katou-san!"

"Let's hope today's a good day,ne?"

"Yeah, I hope sensei forgot about the test today!"

"Go back to sleep,Takato-kun," Juri's puppet 'said'.

Takato sighed. Moments later, their teacher Asanuma Yami arrived and told them they were having a test.

High above the school, a lone figure stood, ragged wings wrapped around him. His head sported a pair of horns,with what appeared to be a dark jewel imbedded into his forehead. "Did it work...?" His eyes opened, glowing red. "This is..." The demonic figure spread his wings and flew down towards the darkest parts of the city. "The Real World?" A shudder of pain racked his body. "Urgh!" Minutes later, he landed in a deserted alleyway, where he leaned against a wall and tried to catch his breath. "Hmph," he mused. "I used up more strength than I thought..."

"Hey," rasped a seedy voice. The figure turned his head in the voice's direction. Two thugs were blocking the alleyway. The bigger one held a large knife in his hands. "You're in our territory, stranger," the smaller one told the dark figure. "There's a price for trespassing. Hand over your money, or else my friend here gets violent."

The dark figure chuckled. "I carry no...'money', human." He smiled, his teeth looking like fangs as he pulled himself to his full height. The two men backed away, intimidated somewhat by his tall but lean frame, glowing red eyes and razor sharp claws. "But if it is violence you seek..." the figure continued. "I will be happy to oblige! Death Claw!" The two thugs didn't even have time to scream.

"Haaaaa!" moaned Takato as he walked towards Guilmon's hideout in the park. Juri and Lee were with him. Juri in particular looking forward to seeing her new friend Leomon, who she'd accidentally brought to life not so long ago.

"Jen," Takato asked his friend. "How do you think you did in the test?"

"Well, Takato," the other boy told him. "Unlike SOME people," he said, glaring at Takato,"I studied for the test so I think I did alright!"

"What about you,Katou-san?" the poor boy asked, his self-esteem going down the drain.

"Oh, I don't know," the girl replied. "Don't worry, Takato-kun," she giggled,touching his nose lightly with her finger. "You'll do fine!" With that, she skipped away, looking forward to seeing her Digimon friends. She turned just in time to miss the blush which spread across Takato's face. Lee, with an unusually devious smile on his face, leaned to whisper into his friend's ear.

"Juri-san is very cute,isn't she, Takato?" he said, grinning at the shorter boy's discomfort.

"Uhhh...I don't know what you're talking about, Jen!"

"Riiiight," the taller boy said, the tone of disbelief evident in his voice.

Takato continued to protest."No! Me and her...I mean...there's nothing!"

"Takato-kun! Lee-kun!" called back Juri. "What's wrong? We're going to be late!"

"Coming!" the two boys chorused.

Impmon leapt up and down the street, looking for someone to make miserable. He noticed someone sneaking around in an alleyway. "Ah, probably one of those homeless freaks!" the little Digimon cackled. "They're always fun to heckle!" He hopped over, ready to surprise the poor unsuspecting dope. "Surprise!" he yelled, landing in front of the figure. "Night of Fire!" he yelled, launching a tiny fireball at the dark figure. The dark figure raised a bloodied hand and easily deflected it before turning his cruel sights on the Rookie Digimon.

"You insect!" he roared. "Death Claw!" His hand raked through the air, just missing Impmon as he fled for his life.

"Ack!" he panted as he heard the demonic Digimon chasing him. "What's Devimon doing here?!" Suddenly, there was a gust of wind and Devimon landed stammered, stalling for time. "I'm Impmon! Devimon,right? Nice to meet you!" Devimon's only reponse was to reach for him. Impmon's screams echoed through the night.

The next day, Takato met Juri on his way to the park to check on Guilmon and Leomon. So far the two Digimon were getting on well enough, but Guilmon was complaining how the bigger Digimon was hogging all the blankets and it was beginning to get cold at that time of year. "Takato-kun!" Juri called out, surprising him.


"Where're you going?" she asked him. Takato gestured to the blankets and bread he was carrying.

"I'm just going to drop this stuff off at Guilmon's place," he explained.

"Oh, that's nice of you, Takato-kun," Juri complemented. "That's why I like you!" Takato blushed.

"It's nothing, really!" he said, embarrassed. "Well, I'd better get going!" "Wait," Juri said grabbing his arm. "I'll come with you!" "You really don't have too!"

"Come on, it'll be fun!"she said, dragging him along.

"Katou-san!" Takato wailed. "You're going to make me drop the bread!"

"You!" shrieked a small black Digimon as he came across Guilmon and Leomon. "You have to help me!"

"Impmon!" cried Guilmon, recognising the troublemaking rookie.

"Why should we help you?" demanded Leomon. "And against what?"

"HIM!" Impmon yelled as he hid behind the bigger Digimon. Leomon and Guilmon turned to see a dark winged Digimon walk out of the shadows, a cruel smile on his face.

"More Digimon?" Devimon smirked. "Good, I'll be able to restore my strength faster than I expected by absorbing your data!"

"You're...Devimon,aren't you?" Leomon gasped, taking a step back.
"Leomon?" Devimon said, surprised. "I thought Metal Etemon disposed of you!" He folded his arms in a gesture of annoyance. "I always knew that monkey wasn't good for anything..."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Leomon told him. "But if you threaten us, we won't hesitate to defend ourselves!"

"I'll note that!" Devimon yelled, spreading his wings and charging them.

"Guilmon! Stay behind me!" Leomon ordered as he ran forward to face Devimon. "Fist of the Beast King!" he yelled, his fist charging with power.

"Not so fast!" Devimon laughed as he leapt above Leomon. "Razor Wing!" he shouted. His wings shot out numerous streams of energy which struck Leomon in the chest, throwing him back.

"Leomon!" Guilmon cried, watching his friend fall to his knees. "Fireball!" A ball of fire flew towards Devimon, catching him unawares and knocking him out of the sky. However, the Fallen Angel Digimon quickly regained his balance and turned his cold stare on the small dinosaur-like Digimon. Before he could move, though, a voice cut through the air.

"Guilmon!" called Takato, running as fast as he could towards the sound of fighting. Right on his heels Juri ran as well, the blankets and bread discarded on the ground as the two children hurried to help their friends. Takato and Juri gasped when they arrived at the clearing nearby Guilmon's bunker. Leomon was struggling to get to his feet while Guilmon was being attacked by a winged black-clad Digimon.

"Takato!" Guilmon cried, relieved to see his friend.

"Takato-kun," Juri whispered. "What is that?"

Takato held up his D-Ark. "Devimon. Adult. Virus. Fallen Angel Digimon. Ultimate Techniques: Death Claw, Razor Wing." He looked up at Devimon, swallowing nervously when he noticed the Dark Digimon glaring at him with blazing red eyes.

"Children?" Devimon said, his voice taking on a frightening tone. "Again...Children interfere!" He shook with rage. "Children defeated me before...but this time..." He glared at Takato and Juri. Takato looked worried. Guilmon was strong, but he didn't know if he could beat Devimon without help. He glanced at Leomon.

"Leomon's injured," he said to himself. He whispered to Juri. "Katou-san, can you go get Jen or Ruki?"

"What about you?" the girl whispered back.

"Guilmon and I will hold Devimon off while you go get help. Hurry," he said urgently. "Leomon isn't in any condition to fight, and Guilmon might not be enough."

Juri looked at her partner Digimon, then back at Takato. "Okay," she said reluctantly. "Be careful!" As she turned to leave, Devimon suddenly spread his wings and took to the air, landing in front of her.

"You aren't going anywhere!" the Fallen Angel Digimon snarled as he raised a leather-clad hand to grab her.

"Stay away from them!" roared Leomon, leaping up and kicking Devimon in the back, making the dark Digimon stumble.

"On your feet already?" growled Devimon. He lashed out with a clenched fist, the force of the blow staggering the Beast Man Digimon.

"Ghhh..." Leomon fell against a tree, and tried to catch his breath.
Seeing Leomon as no longer being a direct threat,Devimon slashed at Guilmon with his claws. The smaller Digimon barely dodged his blows.

"Guilmon!" yelled Takato, pulling out his D-Arc and cards. "Card Slash!" Wings appeared on Guilmon's back.

"What?" Devimon cried as the Rookie took to the air. "How?!"

"Rock Breaker!" Guilmon yelled. His attack caught Devimon by surprise, sending him crashing to the ground.

"Great, Guilmon!" Takato cheered while Juri ran to Leomon.

"Leomon! Are you alright?" Juri asked worriedly.

"I'll be fine," Leomon panted. "He just surprised me."

"I'm glad," Juri admitted. "I was afraid you were really hurt!"

"Hah," Leomon panted. "It will take more than that to beat me!" His expression became serious. "Step aside!" he told his partner. "It is time for me to show Devimon how I can really fight!"

Devimon was admittedly surprised. Wings had suddenly appeared on the small Digimon's back after the small brown-haired human did something with a card and what looked like a new kind of Digivice. Before he could do anything about it, however, Leomon counterattacked with a vengeance. "Fist of the Beast King!" Unprepared, the attack hit him directly and sent him flying through the air.

"Kisama..." Devimon snarled, getting to his feet. "I underestimated you..." He clutched his chest and collapsed to his knees. "Still...not enough...power!" He spread his wings and took to the sky, away from the clearing.

"You did it, Guilmon!" Takato cheered.

"Great work, Leomon!" Juri added. The two Digimon sat down, breathing hard.

"He...was strong," Leomon admitted, holding his chest where Devimon struck him. Juri knelt by her Digimon partner, while Takato checked on Guilmon.

"Guilmon, you okay?" the boy asked his friend.

"I was scared, Takato!" the Digimon moaned. "That guy was stronger than Ice Devimon!"

"And from what I can sense of his aura," Leomon added. "He is evil as well!"

Takato agreed. "I know," he said. "I think we'd better tell Jen and the others."

Terriermon charged his opponent, a Goblimon which had appeared nearby his human partner Lee's home. "Petit Twister!" the small floppy-eared Digimon cried, twirling in mid-air and slamming into his club-wielding adversary.

The Goblimon fell back before yelling "Goblin Bomb!" and sending a fireball hurtling towards Terriermon.

Another floppy-eared Digimon leapt into the way and cried out "Blazing Ice!", deflecting the fireball with one made of ice.

"Go, Terriermon!" Lee Jenrya yelled, supporting his Digimon partner as he dodged Goblimon's next attacks. His younger sister Shiuchon stood behind him, cheering her partner Lopmon.

"Lopmon! You've got him!" Shiuchon yelled as Lopmon struck Goblimon's leg, sending the green Digimon sprawling face-first onto the ground. Before anyone could do anything else, a dark figure suddenly dropped from the sky, landing in front of the two Tamers.

"Shiuchon!" Lee yelled, leaping in front of her. Their Digimon were instantly at their side, ready to fight. The Goblimon shrieked then fell silent, a clawed arm imbedded in its chest. The unfortunate Digimon dissolved into red data which began floating in the air as its killer, a tall Digimon dressed in black looked up.

"Hell Contract!" Devimon yelled, spreading his wings. The data in the air began swirling and was slowly absorbed into the Dark Messenger's ragged wings.

"Devimon..." Lee gasped, shocked.

"More Children," Devimon hissed. "Fortunately for you, I have more important things to attend to." He gave a mocking bow. "Until we meet again...Chosen." With that, he flew silently into the night. Lee sighed in relief. He was sure Terriermon could handle Devimon, but wasn't sure if it was safe with his sister around.

"Shuichon," he said. "I think we'd better tell Takato and the others."

"I think you're right, Onii-chan!"

Devimon flew above the city, seething at the thought of humans standing against him again. After his defeat at Angemon's hands, he'd been trapped in the Dark Ocean until the Digimon Kaizer attempted to use his powers to strengthen the synthetic Chimeramon. Devimon was able to make his influence felt by subtly influencing Ichijouji Ken through one of Milleniumon's Dark Seeds, which had been implanted inside him after the boy and his friends V-mon, Wormmon and another boy defeated him. Enraged at the Digimon Kaizer's failure and subsequent turning from the path of darkness, as well as the defeat of Belial Vamdemon, Devimon used all his knowledge and dark powers to free himself from the Dark Ocean. Though he realised he might not reappear near his old base of operations, he never expected to arrive in the Real World, nor did he expect to run into Digimons and humans who'd try to stop him so soon. Wounded and weakened, he decided he needed time to plan...

Kisama: you(rudely or in a threatening manner)

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