Attention readers! A lot has been going on in my life and in short, I don't have any motivation to write anymore. I would love nothing more than to finish my stories, but with college going on, I don't have much time.

Here are my future plans for my stories:

After Lizzie: May or may not be finished

Being Single Sucks: May or may not be finished

Cullen Holidays: Hiatus

Dusk: Hiatus

Fan Fiction Playlist: Done

Fiction Fixer: Will be rewritten

Fun With Emmett: Hiatus

Green Knights of Day: Hiatus

Hunger Games Playlist: Done (Might write more songs after seeing the movie)

Inuyasha Playlist: Done

Johnny Emm's Music Videos: Hiatus

Love is Messed Up: Might be moving to FictionPress. Look me up on there too

Love Prisoner: Will be finished

O N Labbit Playlist: Done

The Collector: Will be rewritten as a short story

The Floor: Hiatus

The Napier Coven: Will be rewritten and possibly renamed

The Red Line Playlist: Done

The Sixty-Ninth Hunger Games: Will be finished

Twilight 101: Done

Under the Dome Playlist: Done

War On the Homefront: May or may not be finished

Welcome To My Life: Will be moved over to FictionPress

If I missed anything or if there's anything else you want to tell me, PM me. Remember, I need the support of my fans for this :)