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Ch. 1: The Search Begins

Two days have passed since the J-Teens had their first adventure. Drago and Hsi Wu are now living in Section 13. Jade comes out of her room in skating gear. She was about to hang at the skate park with her friend Jimmy.

"I'm going to the skate park with Jimmy, Jackie," Jade said.

"Have fun, Jade,"

Then Jade paused for a moment. She sees Drago and Hsi Wu standing around waiting for Colleen to come with news of the next key to be found. She's still a little uncomfortable about the two demons in her life being out of prison.

"This is gonna take some time seeing you two not behind bars," Jade said.

"I know how you feel," Jackie said.

"Don't worry, Jade," Drago said, "We're not gonna hurt you or your uncle, unless our new leader gives the word."

Jade suddenly turned into happy suspicion.

"Hmmm. It seems someone may have something for Tai Chi warriors," Jade remarked.

"Oh right!" Drago answered, "Like girls who can move water really float my boat."

Colleen suddenly came down the elevator. She ran up to Drago and Hsi Wu.

"Guys, Uncle and Grandpa have located the first key," she told them, "They want us to meet them at the Celtic shop."

Moments later, they went to the Celtic shop. Uncle and Angus were cooking up a brew that will allow them to locate the first key. Uncle was putting in the ingredients as Angus passes them onto him.

"Irish charcoal," he said, "Scale of adder, Hair of badger."

"So this spell will help us locate the Fire Key?" Colleen asked.

"And show us who the owner of the key is," Angus said.

It suddenly created a Magic Window. It showed a picture of a cross with a dragon on it. It is the Celtic Key.

"A dragon?" Drago said, "Sounds like someone I can relate to."

Then, it showed to where the key can be found it is an alley in San Francisco Down Town. Jade and her friend Jimmy from "J2: Revisited" were coming in to see and Jade gasped when she saw the location.

"Okay then," Hsi Wu said, "Now to see who the Key Holder is."

The Magic Window showed a familiar face that surprised both Drago and Colleen. The Key Holder of Fire is none other than Strikemaster Ice.

"Strikemaster Ice?!" they said in unison.

"You know him?" Drago asked.

"He was friend from when we were kids!" Colleen said to Jade's surprise.

"Whoa! Small world," Jade said.

"But how do you know him?" Colleen asked.

"I once hired him for hired help the last time I was in San Francisco."

"And he is at that very alley," Uncle said.

"Uncle, they can't go to that alley!" Jade said.

It left everyone confused with Jade saying they can't go.

"I've heard about that alley from the other kids at school," Jade said, "It's called Gang Alley. That place is rumored to where gang members brawl it out in illegal fighting events."

"Serious?" Uncle asked.

Jade nodded.

"What is the purpose for these illegal fights?" Hsi Wu asked.

"Simple, Hsi Wu," Jade said, "Two brawlers beat each other on concrete until only one is left breathing; the spectators gamble to see who wins; and for the promoter who sells tickets to the over-adrenalized customers, it means cha-ching cha-ching."

"You mean humans beat each other for money?!" Hsi Wu asked, "My kind of career choice."

"Anyway, we need to get over there and help him before the Goblin Trio gets to him," Colleen said.

"Right," Hsi Wu and Drago said.

Hsi Wu and Colleen ran out of the store first. Drago was staring at the image of Ice in the Magic Window.

"Must be fate that's bringing us together, Ice," he said, "Only this time, you won't be hired help."