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Monsters of a Different Kind
Chapter One
by: Rei_Firestar

The Arrival

"I hope this works."

Genki stood in the middle of the shrine. It was time to go home. Moo had been defeated and he was
no longer needed.

"Yeah, it'd be bad if you were ripped into a million pieces."

"Don't even think that, Hare!"

"Mochi, yeah!"

"Just joking!"

Genki laughed.

"Well, I guess this is good-bye, guys. I'll miss ya..."


"Take care, kid."

"Adios amigo."

"Good-bye, Genki."

"See ya round, Genki."

Holly walked up to him.

"Make sure you take care of yourself and try to be a little more careful."

"I will. You do the same."

He embraced her briefly, and she returned it just as light as he had.

"Good-bye, everyone."

Holly started to 'unlock' Genki. An array of various colors started to surround him. He began to
float up through the air.

"Bye Genki!"

"See ya!"

"Good luck!"

"Be careful!"


"Take care!"

"Don't kill Hare! (You can guess who Genki was talking to.)"

"I will!"

A sudden flash of light, and Genki was traveling back home. He tumbled out off his television set
and did a somersault till he hit the wall.

"Ow...ha! I'm home!"


"What the-?!"

Suddenly something flew through the television set the same way he did. He caught it before it
could smack the wall.

"Holly?! What are you doing here?!"


He picked her up off of the floor.


Something else tumbled out of the TV. He caught it as well. It was a human boy! He was about 15
to 16 years of age, wore a white t-shirt with a blue denim vest over it. He had blue jean pants
and a gray/white colored cap. Under the cap he had silver hair. His blue eyes burned.

"What the...?!"

He looked at his hands. He appeared to be in shock. He looked up at Genki and Holly. When he did,
they got a clear look at his face and the scar under his right eye.

"I-I'm human?"

"Tiger?! Is that you?!"

"Hey now, I'm confused!"


Another something tumbled out of the TV. This one was a human girl. She wore a light pink t-shirt
and the same color shorts. In fact, the only thing on her that wasn't pink (that they could see)
was a white pair of socks! She had bright blue eyes and a pink shade of hair. (Think Chibi-Usa/Rini
from Sailor Moon, only a lighter shade.) It was in a ponytail that came out the back of her (guess
what color) pink cap. She looked about Genki's age. Maybe a year older.

"...Chi? Genki, chi?"

"Mochi...ha! So you ARE a girl!"


"You're human!"


"This is unbelievable!"


Out tumbled our next contestant! He looked about 13 with blond hair in a Jonny Quest like hairstyle
and had green eyes. He had no shirt, but a tight set of yellow shorts that cut just above the knee.

"What is going on here?!"



"You're a human!"

"What...AAH! I don't wanna be like Genki!"

"I'm hurt..."

"Wow, chi! He's cute!"

"Mochi! That's Suezo you're talkin about!"

"You're right, chi."

"Mochi, in this world, if you say 'chi' on the end of something, people are gonna think your nuts!"

"But Ge-"


Thunk. The next person flew into the room. He looked 14 years old. He had brown shaggy hair (kinda
like Suezo's.) and brown eyes. He wore a white shirt with brown vest. He also wore a set of brown
pants. Other than color, he and Tiger had an almost identical wardrobe.

"If my calculations are correct, I am now a Homosapien!"

"If that means human, then you're right!"

"Welcome to the party, Hare!"

Hare looked at who he thought was Suezo.

"Hey Suezo, forgetting somethin?"

He looked down.


Genki laughed and tossed him a gray shirt that was lying on the bed.


"Hey, we're missing someone..."

"One, two, three, four...five...six- You're right!"


"It's Golem!"


Everyone moved out of the television's path. Then out shot Golem! He looked about 19 years old.
He was very well built and wore a gray tank top. He also had a tight pair of gray pants. His hair
was straight and a dark gray color and he had brown eyes. He also wore a gray pair of finger gloves.


"You guys are all here! But..how did this happen?"

"Who knows? All we know is now we're on you're world Genki."

Genki stood in thought for a moment.


"Aah! Oh, it was just my mom. Look, I'll be right back, don't...touch...anything...understand?"

They nodded.



Genki ran out of his room and downstairs to the kitchen.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"What's all the noise up there?"

"Oh, some of my friends from out of town stopped by. We're, uh...discussing where they'll stay!"

"Well, how many are there?"


"Six?! I can only keep one, MAYBE two here, you know that!"

"I know! I think I'll show them to a hotel later."

"Alright. Oh, and Akiko called. She said you can call her back when you got the time."

"Okay, I'll go call her, then show my friends to a hotel."

"Just don't be out till past midnight, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Genki grabbed a cordless phone and ran upstairs.

"Alright you guys."

"What happened?"

"Mom wanted to know what the fuss was up here. Oh, some of ya'll can stay the night, but the rest
I'm taking to town. I know a place where you won't be bothered. Now, I gotta call someone, so I
want you guys to be quiet, okay? Just sit on the floor and don't touch anything, okay?"


Genki turned his phone on and dialed a number. (AN: Remember, the people in his room can only hear
his side of the phone, not Akiko's. Oh, an in case you can't figure it out, Akiko is a girl. Duh.)


"Hey, Ki."

"Oh Genki! Hi!"

"What's up, girl?"

"Can you meet me in front of Hochi's Deli in an hour?"

"Yeah, sure baby."

"I told you not to call me that!"

"Aw, why not, baby?"

"I am NOT a baby, especially not yours!"

"Oh now come on, that's not true!"

"Yes it is! Just...meet me there, okay?"

"Meet at the meat, got'cha."


"Bye, babe."



Genki hung up the phone.

"Sounds like Genki's got himself a girlfriend." Tiger started.

"It sure does!" Hare jumped in.

"Why didn't you tell us you had a honey at home?"

"Who ever said I did, Suezo?"

"Well, that chat was convincing enough."

Genki laughed.

"Oh, I'll explain that later. Right now, I have to take you guys to town. The girls can sleep here
tonight, but you guys are going to sleep...well, I'll show you. Come on."

They went to the door.

"Bye Mom! I'm showing the 4 guys where they're gonna stay!"

"Genki! Come here!"

He gave a quick groan of frustration, but obeyed.

"Yeah, Mom?"

"I can only keep one girl, unless one of them wants the couch."

"It's okay Ms. Genki's mom, chi. I'll spend the night with them!"

"I'll do it Mochi."

Genki turned to face them.

"Mochi, I think you should go definitely. You have more fighting skills, no offence Holly."

"None taken."

"And that's...well...let's just say, you might need it. Now go, I'll be right there."

He turned back to his mom.

"Alright. Holly is staying the night here."

"Holly, is it? Well, pleased to meet you Holly."

"Meet? Oh man! I still gotta meet Akiko at Hochi's! I've got a little under an hour!"

"You'll be making the deadline."

"Uh-huh! Bye Mom!"

Genki ran out the door, roller blades and the guys in tow.

He saw an elevator closing and ran to it. He thrust his hand in just as it closed.

"*Phew* Almost didn't make it. Come on guys!"

They were afraid.

"It's just an elevator. Step in!"

They did. When they exited, they looked around.

"Did it warp dimensions or something?"

"No, it's just a faster way than taking the stairs. Now come on!"

Genki strapped on his skates.

"Hope you guys can keep up!"

He went right out the door. They ran as fast as they could to keep up. He skated down the streets,
pulling off various skate tricks, such as grinding the guard rails and jumping benches. He saw a
girl propped up on a rail near a road. He slowed down just so, and advanced towards her. He came
right up to her and pecked her on the cheek.


He just laughed. He skated backwards so he could get her reaction. He almost crashed.

"One of these days your gonna break your neck and I'm just gonna laugh!"

He laughed at her again and turned back around. The 'monsters' and Holly saw the whole thing. Some
of them laughed at him, others just gave a 'he would' grunt or sigh.

"Hey, I'll be back in under half an hour!" he shouted over his shoulder, but just kept going. Not
much long after, Genki slowed down. The rest of the 'monsters' were able to catch up and stopped
when he did. They were in front of an old abandoned building. Genki sighed.

"Come on."

He slid on in there with the rest of them behind him.

"Stay together, you guys. Don't stray anywhere." Genki whispered quietly. They nodded in

He went a little farther until he found a large overturned piece of scrap metal.

"Psst! PSST! Ryushi Himero!"

A teenage boy stood up from behind it, cocked gun in hand.

"Halt you!- oh, it's just you, G."

The boy, Ryushi, uncocked his gun and tapped 3 times on the metal.

"What's up, pal?"

"I need you to take these 5 in for a while. Can ya?"

"Hmm...*whistle* Kaixer(pronounced Kaiser)! Make room for 5 more guests, now!"

"Thanks. Okay guys, just follow this guy here and the guy he'll introduce as Kaixer, and now one
else, got it?"


"Okay, good. Come on Holly."

Genki went to leave and Holly followed him out. They went back up to where Akiko and he were to meet.

"Genki, pardon my curiosity, but his is Akiko?"

"Hmm? Oh, she's a childhood friend. We've dealt with...a lot of the same stuff..."




"Oh no, it's okay! I'm not mad or anything! I just like to tease her! I'm not really going out with her!
I call her 'Baby' because she's like a little sister!"

"That's not really what I meant..."

"There you are!"

"Hi, Ki! Ki, this is my friend, Holly. Holly, meet Akiko."

As it turns out, Akiko was the one Genki had pecked on the cheek on the way to that building. She
had waist length raven hair and violet eyes. (Okay people, think Rei/Raye from Sailor Moon, only
about 5 years younger.)

"How do you do, Akiko?"

"Do? Hey, I'm still too young for that!"

She and Genki laughed.

"Hey, how about a race, Genki?"

"Alright, I'll give you a 10 second head start AND I'll carry Holly on my back for a handicap.


"Where do we race to?"

"Grey Alley, back towards the warehouse."

"You got it!"

Akiko took off down the road back the way Genki and Holly had just come.

"Genki, I don't like that neighborhood."

"Quite frankly, I don't blame you. Hold on tight!"

He bolted down the same path Akiko had taken. He soon turned a sharp right and entered an alley of
grey walls, obviously Grey Alley. He skated up in there and looked around for her.

"You won, Ki! Ki? Where are you?"



Genki, Holly still on his back, speeded towards the direction the scream came from. He stopped
suddenly when he saw something lying on the ground. Holly jumped off his back and ran to it, he,
on the other hand, skated to it.


She looked as if she had been beaten. She had several bruises and blood trickling from various

"Who did this, Akiko?!"

There was psychotic laughter from behind them. Genki didn't even turn to see who is was.


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