X5: Hey everyone, I'm TheLegendaryWanderingKing or just call me X5 and hopefully this first installment of "Reaper's Blood". I always read Naru/Hina fics (also in other fics as well) and a few thins bothered me.

#1. Naruto instantly falls in love with Hinata after a few minutes into the story or in the third chapter in some stories.

#2. He's always superpowered and all knowing

#3. His crush over Sakura is gone in a flash

#4. Kiba is always protrayed like an asshole

#5. Hiashi is always portrayed as an asshole and an evil genius

#6. Sasuke is always protrayed as a power hungry Emo who people insult in every fic (Except in Saku/Sasu, Sasu/Naru and every other Sasuke pairing fic)

Now I like Harem stories and some FF Authors could make it work but I find it hard to write but I can write either one on one (/Hina or Naru/Ino) Or triangle (Ex. Naru/Hina/Ino) Other than that, I can't write it.

So I'm going to break that in this story the only thing I will not break is Sasuke but I'm going to twist him from power hungry Emo to a sadistic Viper sorta like Randy Orton but a lot more psychotic Well that's it out of me.


X5: I don't own Naruto but I do own this bloodline of his....crap. Well, Can't edit myself. enjoy the fic




"Kyuubi talking"

'Kyuubi thinking'

Chaper one: The beginning

The Village hidden in the leaves was the most beautiful village out of all the hidden villages, little children ran around in the park as Veteran ninjas walked out of the pub, laughing in their drunken stupor. Everything was peaceful until an orange blur flew into a fruit stand, followed by three black blurs. The four blurs bounced from building to building until the orange blur stopped on a building wall, watching the three black blurs continue to fly by him.

The boy had spiky blond hair, the whisker marks on his each of his cheeks, a black undershirt , orange pants, a orange jacket that was tied around his waist and a pair of dark green goggles on his forehead, He was Naruto Uzumaki and he is the container for the nine tailed fox, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. "Don't these guys ever give up?" Naruto asked himself before he saw the three ANBU's charging at him again. Naruto then looked around and ran up the building wall before leading the ANBU on another chase. 'Here we go again', Naruto thought with a grin as he sped along the rooftops and streets of Kohona with the ANBU close behind.

Iruka Umino was having a great day. The first thing he saw this morning was The face Anko Mitarashi laying on his pillow and on his bed, Then following a morning romp before leaving for the academy only to find everyone in their seats, awaiting peacefully for him to teach his last lesson before they take their test to become gennin but before he could start the lesson, his best friend Mizuki rushed into the room and asked "Iruka! Have you seen the Hokage monument yet?!" Iruka shook his head before a deep sense of dread crawled into his stomach.

"Don't tell me..." Iruka drifted off before Mizuki removed the curtains to his classroom windows to show the Hokage Monument painted over with crude remarks written on each of the Kage's faces(on the exception of the Yondaime Hokage's face). Iruka stared shocked at the monument before swiftly turning his head to find Naruto's desk empty and Immediately suspected that he was the culprit in question. "Oh my god....Naruto!" an infuriated Iruka Umino shouted as he ran out of the room to go find the young Uzumaki.

Meanwhile With Naruto....

Naruto had just hid behind a dumpster in an alley before a sense of panic entered his mind 'Oh boy, My "Iruka-sensei is pissed" senses is tingling. I need to finish this fast!' Naruto thought as he jumped from behind the dumpster and ran full speed out of the alley, drawing the attention of the ANBU who was just looking for him. Naruto quickly shifted into high gear and jumped straight through a vender's food cart, only to look back and see the ANBU right behind him.

Naruto swore and stopped before removing a manhole cover and jumping into the sewer and continued to ten minutes, Naruto jumped out from the manhole and nearly freaked out when he saw the ANBU still after him. 'They are good but I will prove that I am better' Naruto thought before he continued the chase to an construction area. "Perfect!" Naruto yelled as he turned a corner sharply, skidding on the ground before charging at the steel skeleton of the building. The ANBU team stopped and looked up only to see Naruto standing on a rising "I" beam

One of the ANBU's shook his head before he and another ANBU ran to the steel skeleton and the two feel into quick drying cement which Naruto had set only five hours ago. "Damn you to hell, You fucking demon!", One of the ANBU's shouted as he and the other ANBU struggled to get our of the cement. The other three ANBUs tried to pry their two comrades out of the cement only to hear Naruto laughing.

"What a rookie mistake! At this rate, you guys will never catch me!", Naruto yelled before He jumped off the "I" beam and onto a house roof. he quickly gave the one finger salute to the ANBUs before darting off. "Get that demon and give him its usual Punishment", The trapped ANBU said as the three nodded and darted off to catch up to the Uzumaki.

Naruto stopped and looked around before seeing an empty food cart and quickly ducked behind it, waiting for the ANBU to come. When the ANBU arrived, Naruto quickly pushed the cart and while two of them jumped over the cart, the third one quickly bumped into it and fell face first into the ground, cracking his mask in the process. The two ANBU quickly helped the third one off the ground and the three nearly lost their heads when they saw Naruto running past them.

"I don't care if I get the electric chair for this, I'm killing that demon" The crack masked ANBU said before the chase continued. After thirty more minutes of Naruto tricking them at every corner, Naruto was quickly running out of tricks. 'Not good! I'm seriously gonna get it if they catch me' Naruto thought to himself before seeing the wooden gate. Naruto's mind quickly hatched a plan but before he could carry it out, he bumped into the one person he didn't want to bump into right now.

"Oh! Hey Iruka-sensei", Naruto said nervously, his blue eyes showing fear for his well being. Things quickly got worse when the ANBU showed up to see that a chuunin captured the Uzumaki. "We thank you for the assistance chuunin but we will take him in to the Hokage now, please hand us the boy", The cracked masked ANBU said while controlling much of his anger in his voice. Iruka only looked back at the ANBU before replying "That is quite alright Ookami-san. I can see to it that he makes it into Hokage-sama's office safely." The Ookami Anbu then looked looked at the chuunin before motioning to his colleagues and used shunshin to leave the area.

"Whew!" Naruto said a few minutes after the ANBU left the area. "You're not out of danger yet Naruto" Iruka said sternly as he then proceeded to bop the young Uzumaki on his head. "OUCH! Iruka-sensei! What was that for?!" Naruto screamed out as he nursed the huge lump on his head, glaring at his sensei. "What was that for? What was the for?! You defaced the Hokage tower, and not to mention having the ANBU chase you all over town! My god Naruto, think what they could've done if they got to you before I did", Iruka said with a frown etched on his face.

"Now, we will both clean the Hokage monument after class today", Iruka said before hearing a loud groan from the blond. "And after words, we can grab some Ramen" Iruka sighed out before hearing a loud yell of approval. "Well what are we waiting for Iruka-sensei?! Let's go!" Naruto shouted as he grabbed Iruka's arm and tugged the now sadden chuunin to the academy.

A few hours later...

"I can try it on?" Naruto asked before drinking down the broth from his noodle bowl. The minute Naruto had finished cleaning the monument, he had rushed the scarred Chunnin straight to Ichikaru's Ramen shop.

"Try what on?" Iruka asked before Naruto took off his green googles from his head and positioned them on his neck. "Your headband. Can I try it on?" Naruto asked again befor groaning as Iruka shook his head. "I'm sorry Naruto but this headband signifies that I'm an official Shinobi of Kohona. If you pass the gennin exams tomorrow, you'll be able to have one of your own", Iruka said after he drank down his broth as well.

Naruto grinned and stood up on his chair and placed his foot on the counter before saying "There is no "If" Iruka-sensei! I will pass the gennin exams and I will become Hokage! Believe it!" Naruto said while Iruka just gave a knowning smile and nodded his head before thinking 'If only he puts this much passion in his school work instead of his dream then maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't be the dead-last in his class.' Iruka smiled at the young Shinobi wanna-be but that smile ended when he nearly choked at the bill for the ramen. "T-T-Twenty Bowls? I don't remember ordering twenty bowls", Iruka said before he turned his attention to Naruto....Only to find Naruto's stool spinning and Naruto missing.


X5: In this chapter, I wanted to Show everyone Iruka's temper and his attitude towards Naruto and hopefully I got it right. This chapter was merely made to start of my series of "Reaper's Blood" The next chapter will be better and hopefully the outcome will shock you. until then, I'm X5 and i'm signing off.

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