Rain: Now, I'm sure you guys are wondering what the hell I'm doing discontinuinig this fic, well if you guys hadn't read my profile, you would know that I wanted to remake this fairly successful fanfic. The Reason? Well As good as I think this fic is, I feel like it's trapped in the past and it kinda shows. To me at least.

It's a strange feeling but that's how I look at this fic and with all the changes that happened in the series, I feel like it's time to incorporate them into this fic but making it my own. There are a few things that will remain the same from the first incarnation of Reaper's Blood but it'll be more…fleshed out than it was before.

Plus, unlike all the other fanfics I've written in the past, this never felt like my fic. It was more like I was still writing for two people and while I never minded that, one died and the other left the whole writing thing so I feel like I need to make it my own and now is the time to do it.

So please, check out the first chapter of Reaper's Blood: Reincarnated. See you guys there!