{ Succubus }

Fleeting, gasping breaths were tangled in the cream colored array of silk like sheets that were draped all about. Was it day…? Was it night…? It didn't matter. It was just… vivid. All of it, every bit of the constantly changing dream that beckoned to him every night he closed his lids for slumber.

But that hadn't been the reason he went to bed earlier and earlier each night, sleep no longer interested him… it was the dream that made him jumped into bed almost as soon as he got back from work each day.

Was that wrong…? Maybe just a little.

Not that he ever pondered that as he visited the never-ever land each and every night, was it just a dream? When he was there it always felt like so much more.

He could touch her softness as his lips crossed her collarbone to meet with the nape of her neck.

He could hear her soft pants, her minute moans as her body arched to meet his.

He could see her below him, her beautiful brown eyes always staring back at him with each throb of pleasure he got from joining with her.

He could feel her, inside her, all of her… gods, and it made him feel things that no woman he had ever met before did.

But… he hadn't really ever met her, now had he?

Still, it couldn't be just a dream. No, not when he was in the moment, not when their bodies meshed together, not as their tempos matched flawlessly, not when her hands could grasp a chunk of his hair so definitely to pull his face down to collide with hers.

It was so much more than a dream. She was a goddess, he was certain of that. She was as beautiful as any could be. If anything, her looks were what it made him think that just maybe it was all in his head, what real person could be so divine?

Always, he always meant to ask for a name, for any tidbit of information yet he never could recall that intention when he saw her. In the mesh of sheets that he always ended up in with her but couldn't remember how or where they were… no words were ever spared between the strangers.

It was bliss yet it always disappeared, he always woke up to an empty bed and an excited self… a groan always left his lips as he buried his face in his sometimes drawl covered pillows. It was degrading to have a wet dream each night… such a vivid one, too…

Then it faded as the day went by, details eluded him when he tried to recall them. By lunch he was always sure it was just a dream, just a really weird dream that kept coming to him each night—why was that? It wasn't like he was terrible with the ladies, he could get a girl to go home with him if he wanted he just… hadn't, since the dreams started to come with such persistence.

"Are you sure?" His violet eyed friend sighed as he leaned over his desk to pester him, "but it's Friday."

"I'm not going," he kept up in his annoyed tone.

"What's with you lately? You used to always go to the clubs with me—"

"Just not tonight, alright? I'll go with you some other time."

The man just rolled his eyes before scoffing about how many times he had heard that before. "Don't tell me that the infamous Inuyasha has himself a steady girl and hasn't mentioned it to his miraculous friend, now has he?"

"Keh," he snickered as he plopped his feet down upon his desk, "as if."

"Didn't think so," Miroku murmured as he got up, "well, it's your loss. More beauties for me, I suppose."

Part of him called out to follow his friend, to go out, to pick up a girl, to make the ridiculous dreams stop but… he wanted that faded face to come back so he never did. He always went home from his late night of work to an empty bed that could take him to that wondrously weird world that drove him mad.

It was too real; it had to actually be occurring, didn't it?

He felt as if her arms were really wrapped around his neck, that she was really on top of him thrusting about as his hands wondered about her back to keep her closer to his heated body.

What was her name?

Her lips clashed with his as their eyes closed to the fantasy about them, nothing but the sound of their encounter and the feelings it brought along consumed them then.

Where was she from?

He grasped her waist and pressed her to him more, to verify how every bit of her felt like any woman he had ever met before.

How could this be happening?

Her arms tightened about him as she edged closer and closer to the end, he pulled her into a strong embrace so their lips could clash, so that their tongues could tangle.

This was real, right?

Each time they fished, each time that nothing but their constant call for air to regain themselves came around, he meant to ask any of those things but before he could his eyes opened to the dismal reality… she wasn't there.

Would she ever be?

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