"The Trial of Severus Snape"

The courtroom was more crowded during the trial of Hermione's husband than it had been at any of the other trials. He was placed under 'house arrest' at Hogwarts, since his loyalties were clear, and just needed to be made official in the eyes of the Ministry of Magic.

Because there were so many other trials, his had been delayed until August. He and Hermione were let out of Hogwarts to go away overnight for their first wedding anniversary, since they hadn't had a honeymoon the first time around. They had a wonderful time, even though Cassilda's due date was so near.

Mrs. Snape was a huge bundle of nerves while she watched Severus sitting in the middle of the courtroom, strapped to the chair that had seated so many other Death Eaters in recent weeks. It had been three months since the battle. Azkaban was bordering on full; but Severus was the last Death Eater to be tried, and some of the prisoners were simply awaiting execution.

Over a decade and a half of murder, torture, kidnapping, rape, as well as being partly responsible for the deaths of James and Lily Potter, were read out. Tears trailed down Hermione's cheeks while she and Severus just looked at each other. There was love coursing between them, shining from their eyes. Hermione stroked her belly fondly.

Harry gave evidence based on the memories that Severus had given him. Teachers and students gave evidence in Severus' favour as well, based on the fact that he had fought on their side during the battle, saving many lives. Members of the Order told of the information he risked his life to get for them since he changed sides and became their spy.

Finally, it was Hermione's turn to give evidence; she was the last. Shortly after the battle had finished, Harry's powers had come back, returning Hermione's powers to her; and then, naturally, Severus' powers came back to him, which meant that he was able to help heal the injured people who fought against Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

"Hermione Jean Snape, you are testifying for your husband?" Kingsley said. He was leading the proceedings.

"Yes, Auror Shacklebolt," Hermione said, smiling at Severus. He gave her a small smile back, and her heart leapt as it always did. Suddenly, she frowned slightly as she felt something she really could have done without feeling.

"Well, proceed," Kingsley said. Only Severus had noticed anything wrong, and he felt a twinge in his stomach. Hermione winced before giving testimony.

"I gave information to Minerva McGonagall about Death Eater activities, information that Severus Snape gave me specifically to tell the Order of the Phoenix. He also assisted me in…" She paused, her feet squelching in her now-wet shoes, as she felt another mild contraction. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! Of all the times. "He assisted me in re-forming a secret organisation, originally called Dumbledore's Army, which comprised of students learning to fight for the side of the Light. He helped me train them in Legillimancy and Occlumency so that they could fight better, and also helped teach them various other methods of offence and defence."

"Hermione," Severus said, the name barely a breath. She had to hurry. The stress had sent her into labour. The baby wasn't due until the next day, damn it!

"In conversation with the portrait of Albus Dumbledore, I learnt about the plot between the two of them for Severus Snape to save Draco Malfoy from committing murder. The plan was for Severus Snape to end Albus Dumbledore's l-life…" Were contractions supposed to come this quickly? And for a first pregnancy? "He was already dying from an injury to the hand.

"Severus Snape was also able to return my wand to me, which had been taken when I was kidnapped on Tottenham Court Road. Without my wand, I would not have been able to fight in the battle at Hogwarts, even though I eventually relinquished my powers to aid Harry Potter in defeating Lord Voldemort."

She realised what some of the pangs were. Severus was worried about her, and she could physically feel the worry. She wondered if a similar thing happened to him whenever she was upset, and felt terrible about it. He had never mentioned anything.

Stilted though it was, Hermione finished giving her testimony, and performed a silent Scourgify on the floor of the stand, as well as a Drying Charm on her own clothes before stepping out to return to the crowd. Severus watched her all the way back to her seat, and raised an eyebrow at her when she finally looked back down at him. She smiled to show that she was all right, and he sighed in relief.

Finally, Kingsley did the sensible—the only—thing that he could, and cleared Severus of all charges, on the proviso that he return to Hogwarts to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, while his wife taught Muggle Studies. Severus smiled at this, and was released from the chair's bonds. Hermione leapt to her feet—well, as much as a pregnant woman can leap—and hurried down to him. They threw their arms around each other, relieved that they could get on with their lives, before another, far more painful, contraction struck. Her knees buckled, and Severus held onto her more tightly.

"I'm getting you to Hogwarts," he said quietly; and, to everyone else's surprise, he Apparated her away without explanation.


"I'm bloody well pushing, Severus! You try giving birth!"

"It's all right, my love. I'm right here. Hold my h-ha-hand." He was in pain as well, because of the marriage contract, but he had been trying to ignore those pangs for a good number of hours now. First, the contractions had worsened; and then the labour commenced. He was wondering why the hell Molly Weasley had consented to, had wanted, so many children.

Well, if ever any man ever had the temerity to suggest that labour didn't actually hurt, that it was all psychological… he could say that, from personal experience, it hurt like hell.

"It's nice to see a man feeling the pain as well," Madame Pomfrey remarked. They had opted for her to be the midwife, and she was happy to oblige. After the injuries they had had to heal after the war ended, it was lovely to have such a positive experience in the Hogwarts Infirmary. She had caught on seconds after they had left the courtroom, and flooed to the hospital wing.

"I wouldn't recommend putting that proviso in a marriage contract," he said through clenched teeth. "The population would fall dramatically…"

"Nearly there, Mrs. Snape!" Madame Pomfrey said, interrupting him as Hermione neared the end. "One more push."

"One more push, Hermione darling," Severus whispered, stroking her sweat-soaked forehead with his free hand.

"Fine!" Hermione snapped, and she obliged.

Cassilda Hermione Snape was born at five minutes past three in the morning, August the fourth, 1998. Her home was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She met her grandparents three years later, once they had been found, and had forgiven Hermione for adjusting their memories and banishing them overseas.

Her hair was wavy, and a very dark brown. Her eyes were black, just like her father's, but she had her mother's delicate nose. She was very intelligent, and loved books, as well as brewing potions, much to her honorary-Uncle Horace's delight. She had several honorary aunts and uncles at Hogwarts, and loved them dearly. She couldn't wait for the day she could call them all professors, though…

September 1

st, 2009

"Cassilda Snape," Severus said. He was deputy-headmaster, and Minerva McGonagall was still headmistress. He suppressed a smile at his well-behaved daughter taking her seat on the stool. The Sorting Hat didn't take long to decide.

"RAVENCLAW!" it proclaimed, and Severus smiled. So. He and Hermione had been right. Cassilda skipped over to the Ravenclaw table, and sat nearest to the staff so that she could still be near her family, even if she would now be sleeping in Ravenclaw tower instead of her parents' rooms.

While Minerva did her Start of Term speech, Hermione and Severus held hands under the table, tracing patterns on each other's skin. They had been hoping for Ravenclaw; Hermione didn't want Severus to feel hurt if Cassilda was in Gryffindor; and Severus felt the same way about her. Also, he didn't want his daughter associating with the 'wrong sort of people', which she would undoubtedly encounter if she were in Slytherin.

Yes. Ravenclaw was the best for their brilliant daughter.

Anyway. They had two other children so far—Hilarion Severus and Aline Minerva—and a fourth child on the way. No one knew about the little boy yet. They were thinking of naming him Marco. Marco Albus Snape.

"We were right," Severus whispered to Hermione, who nodded. "Ravenclaw."

"Wouldn't it be funny if we had one child in each house?" she said, and he smirked.

"I think this warrants a reward when we get back to our rooms, don't you?" he asked her, his breath tickling her ear, and Hermione shivered. Oh yes. A reward sounded very nice indeed.


Hilarion is a character from Princess Ida, by Gilbert and Sullivan. Remember how Cassilda is from The Gondoliers? Aline is a character in The Sorceror, which was by G&S as well. And guess what? Marco is a character from The Gondoliers by—you guessed it!—G&S.

However, Marco is also a character from La Boheme, which has been referred to twice in this fiction. He and Rodolfo—remember Rodolfo?—are flatmates in La Boheme.

I hope you've enjoyed this literary and cultural journey, and taken something positive away from it. I don't think I've had any really negative reviews, so I'm quite content.

And I apologise if the pregnancy wasn't realistic enough. I've never been pregnant, so… yes. I'm hardly writing this from experience, you know!

Until my next story… farewell!