A/N: Welcome to the first instalment of "You Would Be My Entry Fee", a World Ends With You Christmas fanfic - and, by some freak occurrence, my second Christmas fanfic this year. See, it's in three parts as I typed it all out and it came to... well, more than I expected. I felt that it was all fun, and as this isn't an actual script with budget limitations, I decided I'd post it all in instalments. =)

The second instalment will be on Tuesday, with the third and final part posted Christmas Eve. Of course, this does mean that some of you may find it in its completed state. However you find this, I hope you enjoy it and have a happy festive season.

The only part of this that belongs to me is the notion for the story. The characters and brands belong to Square-Enix and Jupiter. Shibuya is an actual district in Tokyo, and I hear that you can find your way around with a knowledge of TWEWY.


Neku stomped his feet, trying to keep some circulation going. As Beat had once pointed out, Shibuya was far enough south to not ice over at winter. But damn it, it was still cold!

His favoured top and shorts lay at home, waiting impatiently for the return of the warmer weather. In their place, he was wearing some Jupiter of the Monkey jeans and a Wild Boar parka (birthday presents from Shiki and Beat, respectively). He had somehow "lost" his Mus Rattus earmuffs (parents…).

He looked behind him at the ever-vigilant Hachiko. The plaza was quiet enough for him to consider talking aloud to the statue.

"So… another ten minutes you think, Hachi?" he asked, knowing for well he'd then decide to wait another ten minutes again if need be.

"Jeez, three-weeker, are you cracking up? Talking to a rock?"

Neku whirled at that voice. It was unmistakeable. "YOU?!"

Uzuki Yashiro was dressed a LOT more conservatively than when Neku had last seen her a few months ago. A knee length coat that looked to be Tigre Punks and some trousers covered up her usually bare legs and mid-drift.

"Well, yeah, duh," she said, absently flicking a strand of pink hair from her eyes. "Reapers do Christmas, too, y'know."

"But not the charity," another voice added. Neku peered past Uzuki to a walking pile of bags. A head popped around the pile. "Yo Phones." Koki Kariya was dressed more-or-less the same as always, excepting a scarf and earmuffs.

"Uhh, so you're in the RG…? Christmas shopping…? …Together…?" Neku said.

"HEY, what the hell?!" Uzuki snapped. "What's that tone for? 'Together'?! The hell does that mean, emo boy?!"

"She shot me down, man. Broken hearts an' all…" Kariya smirked.

"Traitorous bastard!" Uzuki said, without much venom. She began to walk off. "See if you get a present from me now!"

Kariya rolled his eyes, nodded to Neku and followed her. "Well, I'm pretty sure I'm carrying it right now, Uzuki…"

Neku stared after them and shook his head. Well, the guys from the UG were out doing their present shopping, huh? He'd best make sure he didn't run into many more.


Neku whirled around, facing the station. "Yo yourself, Skulls," he grinned at Beat. The grin changed into a more sedate smile at the person trailing behind Beat. "Hey Shiki," he said.

"Hey Neku," Shiki smiled back. Shiki was wearing the latest winter fashion she had Eri had concocted, the two girls whipping up something that had some store clerks doing double takes. Ankle length fleece skirt with a design Neku had sketched for them (ripped whole-heartedly from some of CAT's graffiti on the way to the Room of Reckoning), a jacket with the toggles designed to represent different brands' logos… topped off by a matching set of gloves, hat and scarf with a Mr Mew motif.

Beat on the other hand was wearing the same CAT designed hat he always wore, along with some Wild Boar winter wear. "Jeez, can't remember the last winter Shibuya was this cold, yo," he said. "Think it's got something to do with me telling Pinky and Lollipop that Shibuya didn't get ice?"

"Hmm, I was remembering that earlier myself," Neku said. He then noticed something and frowned. "Hey, where's Rhyme?"

"Heh, took you long enough," Beat smirked. "She's started going down with this cold that's doin' the rounds. 'Rents refused to give her bail to tag along. They still a little uptight from… earlier this year, yeah?"

"Mmm, my mom's pretty much the same," Shiki agreed. "I mean, she doesn't say anything, but I can see it each time I go out the door."

"…Mine were much the same…" Neku admitted. "Until I just let slip I was going to meet up with my friends. They've seemed happier about it since then."

"Can't say I blame 'em," Beat said. "You're hardly the most egregious of guys. Knowing you're mixin' must be a load-off, y'know?"

"Egregious…?" Neku asked.

"Ha, I think he means 'gregarious'," Shiki said. "C'mon guys, this is the last Sunday before Christmas! We've got to get our shopping finished!"

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