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The three friends had met up again, and were recovering from the shopping at Ramen Don. Business was booming after the Prince had F'd the place in his blog. However, Ken Doi recognised Neku and waved them over to a spare table, and gave them a free bowl of ramen each.

When they offered to pay, he laughed. "Hey, I can afford it. Besides, I got a feeling you kids are part of the chalk that's currently filling my slate. So, merry Christmas!"

"You wouldn't buh-lieve the day I've had," Shiki sighed.

"You'd be surprised," Neku said.

"Yeah, ditto," Beat said. "After seeing Pi Face, I was kinda surprised to see Ram Crotch in the sweet shop. He was only buying summin' for his ma, yo."

"Yeah?" Shiki smiled. "We must have swapped GMs. I bumped into the Iron Maiden - we both wanted the same dress. She didn't recognise me at first, but when I reminded her after she'd given me the dress by mentioning you guys, she screamed something about chimp logic and stormed off."

"BWAH-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Beat laughed, drawing a few glances from other tables. "So, Phones, who else'd you see?"

"Kariya and Uzuki while waiting for you guys at Hachiko," Neku said. "Then, Kitaniji in AMX."

There were a few gasps from some of the tables by the window, "oh my!" and "wouldja look at that!"

"Hey, what's happening?" Beat asked. Shiki had already stood up to look over the heads of the other patrons, and was laughing joyously.

"Guys… it's snowing!" she gasped. "Snow! In Shibuya!"


Up on the rooftop of Pork City, a man poured coffee from a thermos flask into two cups, before closing the flask. He glanced at his companion. "Hey, your coffee's gonna get cold. And, don't you think this is all a little… gratuitous?"

The teenaged boy with him stretched out his hands to catch the falling flakes. "It's their world, like you reminded me. But, this is My city. Just once, just this year, it will snow in Shibuya for Christmas." He turned and smiled. "Don't you think that's a nice Christmas present for them, Mr H.?"

Sanae Hanekoma smiled, and looked down at the three teenagers leaving the ramen shop and joining the wondrous crowd below. "Yeah, it's a great present, Joshua. Hell, after the crapola We put them through… well, it's the least they deserve."

Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu sat down next to Hanekoma, and sipped at his coffee. "Exactly. Although, I now kinda wish I hadn't given all the Reapers today off for their Christmas shopping. There could have been some awkward moments."

"Well, exactly," Hanekoma agreed. "But, hey, they're all alive, right? And… hey… what the…? Why has Shiki got one of my designs on that dress? That isn't a Gatito brand dress!"


"HE~~~EY, Be~~eat!"

"WHAT THE FUH -- Rhyme?! Yo, Sis, whatchu doing out?!" Beat asked.

Rhyme laughed out the car window, before suppressing a sneeze. "I managed to convince Dad to let me come with him to pick you up!" She looked past Beat. "Hey Neku, hey Shiki."

"Hey Rhyme," Neku smiled.

"Hope you're better soon!" Shiki added.

"Not too soon," Rhyme laughed. "I'm hoping to get an extra week off school after the holidays."

"Now, Raimu, that's not the attitude," her father lightly scolded her. "Come on, Daisukenojo, let's get you home."

"BWAAAAHHHH! Dad, thought I asked you and mom not to call me that out on the street!" Beat pleaded, as he got in the car.

"Oh, don't be silly," his father laughed. "Neku and… Shiki, was it? Well, I hope the two of you will be given and accept an invitation for dinner soon."

"That… would be nice, Mr. Bito," Neku said.

"Yeah," Shiki agreed. "Oh, and safe driving, sir!"

The friends said their goodbyes, and the Bito family car drove away.

Shiki sighed, her breath steaming in the air. "Well, my dad will be along shortly to collect me, too."

"Where's he collecting you from?" Neku asked.

"Huh? Oh, the station. Why--?"

"I'm bussing back home, so I'm going that way anyhow," he said. "C'mon, I'll walk you there."

"Neku… um… gosh," Shiki said, and brushed a strand of hair out from her face.

"Shiki? What's wrong?" Neku asked, taking a step towards her.

"Well… you know what they say about Christmas. How it's the time for…" Shiki hesitated. She tried again. "I mean, since we finished the Game, these last few months with Eri, Beat, Rhyme… you… it's been…"


"Neku… What I'm trying to say is, if we were to play the Game again…"