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"Tch." Gokudera Hayato looked at his reflection in the mirror as he fixed his tie. I don't even want to go to this stupid dance… but since Juudaime is coming, I have to be there, I am the boss's right hand man, after all. Actually, he has never been to a school dance before, because he hasn't gone to school before he went to Japan. He was home-tutored. But the amount of TV shows and movies with school dances in them told him explicitly that there was no way in hell that he would enjoy this event. ..

Regardless, he made his way to Namimori Middle, for the Juudaime, of course. Everything is for the Vongola Decimo. Everything. He does owe his life to him, after all.

"Oi! Gokudera!" He didn't need to turn around to know whose voice that was. "Baseball-idiot." He said, it was his usual way of greeting. It was a slightly awkward walk to school, without either of them saying anything. Walking to school at night fiercely reminded them of the Ring Conflict with the Varia… it's been a pretty long time since then, they've been to the future and back… and they've come to realize just how much stronger the opponents after the Varia were.

Even Hayato had to admit, it was nice to be back… back to the days where they didn't have risk their lives fighting every day, where they didn't have to constantly train… back to being ordinary teenagers for a while. Because they all knew this wasn't going to be the end of the strife with the mafia, Tsuna hasn't even taken his position as the Vongola Decimo yet. But at least tonight… they had freedom, freedom and peace.

They finally made their way into Nami-Middle's gymnasium. Lights were flashing, decorations were hung, and you never would've thought that two illusionists have fought a furious battle here only a few months ago… that and that Ryohei broke an entire wall with just his fists. The festivities have yet to begin, and people were arriving steadily.

"Juudaime!" Gokudera called, running to his boss's side.

"Gokudera-kun! Yamamoto!" Tsuna greeted, but there was something strange about the expression on his face.

"Is anything wrong, Tsuna?" Yamamoto asked. "Tell us, Juudaime." Hayato said, glaring daggers at anyone nearby, as if they were the cause of his boss's problem.

"A-ah… it's nothing. Don't worry." Tsuna said dismissively. "Really." But there was a certain awkwardness and worry on his face when he looked at the Sasagawa siblings, who have just arrived.

Hayato and Takeshi weren't stupid. They got the message loud and clear. "I'm sure everything will be fine, Tsuna. Trust your instincts." Yamamoto said, smiling.

What instincts?! Tsuna thought desperately.

"Shut up, baseball-idiot! Of course the Juudaime can handle it! This is nothing compared to everything we've gone through!" Gokudera remarked.

I think I'd rather battle Xanxus again than go through this… maybe even Byakuran… no… maybe not him. Tsuna thought, going over his plan in his head for the thousandth time today. But, Gokudera-kun is right. I should be able to do this easily.

The music began to play. A fast and upbeat song, made for everyone to just go dance like crazy. But of course, you can never go crazy… not when the Discipline Committee is ready to 'bite-you-to-death' if you get too carried away, so, no mosh-pits… just random people getting on the dance floor and trying to enjoy themselves. Sasagawa Ryohei did things to the extreme, even dancing, but at least it looked like he was enjoying himself. EXTREMELY. Yamamoto was taken by a group of his admirers as soon as they set eyes on him, and he was too nice to refuse. Gokudera was being followed by his fans, but they gave up after losing him when he ran, and they couldn't find him… and Tsuna… well, he just sat down on one of the seats, trying to hide his nervousness and waiting… waiting for the music to slow down, waiting with mixed anxiety and excitement…

Gokudera stealthily made his way to the buffet table to get some food, careful not to catch the eye of any girls. The sigh of relief he was supposed to give when he got a plate safely got caught in his throat when he saw who were serving the food… The stupid woman? And A-aniki?! What the heck are they doing here?! Thankfully, she was facing the other way and he didn't see her face, but that hair color was unmistakable. He put back his plate, and looked for a place to hide. On second thought, I don't think I'm that hungry.

He nearly laughed when he saw how 'extreme' Ryohei was dancing… but he was more surprised when he saw who he was dancing with. Kurokawa? Well, that's unexpected. She looked like she didn't really know what she was doing, but she was enjoying herself nonetheless. And he couldn't help but smile when he saw his boss finally dancing with Sasagawa Kyoko. Sasuga, Juudaime.

"It's Hayato-kun!" A girl squealed. "There he is!" and soon a mob of girls were on his tail again.


Meanwhile, at the buffet table… Yamamoto was getting himself some food. It was tiring, having to change partners so quickly, but at least they were nice enough to let him go after dancing with them at least once. "Haru didn't know you were so popular, Yamamoto-san!"

"Haru?" he said, looking at the girl who put the sushi on his plate. "I didn't know you worked at a catering service."

"Hahi? I don't, actually. I just made these costumes so Bianchi-san and I could go here." She stated, taking off the apron and joining Yamamoto. "We don't have dances at my school."

"Oh yeah. Midori-Middle is an all girls school, right?" Yamamoto said as they sat down.

"Hai. Haru never thought it would look like so much fun." She said, taking a bite off some Unagi Sushi.

"Hehe." They soon finished eating, and Yamamoto offered Haru a dance, which she accepted. Of all the Vongola guardians, Yamamoto was the one that Haru actually got along with the most. Well, Yamamoto was the guardian almost everyone got along with the most anyway.

"I don't really know how to dance, though." Yamamoto said.

"No one really does." Haru replied. "See? Look… everyone's just… moving."

And they did too. Some of the girls wondered who Yamamoto was dancing with.

"Hey look, is that Tsuna?" Yamamoto said, looking at a couple nearby.

"Hahi?... it is…" Haru said, her smile faltering.

"Is anything wrong?" he asks.

"Nothing! Haru is fine!" she said, smiling again… but the look in her eyes said otherwise. "Thank you for the dance, Yamamoto-san." And she quickly made her way out of the gymnasium, almost bumping into other people in her haste. She wiped her eyes dry as soon as she was outside. Luckily there was no-one there to see her.

Behind the gymnasium, Gokudera Hayato was catching his breath. Damn fangirls. When will they get that 'no' means 'no'?! He unconsciously put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a box of cigarettes. He took one between his lips and proceeded to light it… It's been a long time since I last smoked… I didn't have any time, not in the future... He clicked his lighter off and put it back in his pocket, he returned the cigarette in its box and also put that in his pocket. I guess I don't have to anymore.

He heard the music playing inside… it was strangely familiar, and brought an ephemeral memory onto his mind. Soft hands over his, guiding him over ivory keys, the warmth in her touch, the silver of her hair that is so similar to his… that melody, the music that haunted him.

Damn it. No matter how many times he would try to remember her, he could never bring to mind her smile, the smile he always longed for, the smile that made him practice playing the piano every day, the smile that she gave him whenever he did well. This was that bittersweet memory that haunts him when he sleeps, or when he hears familiar notes. He sighs… some things are better left forgotten.

He saw something he didn't expect just when he had decided to get back inside. "Uri?!" The storm box-weapon glared at him and made its way on to his face, scratching furiously. "Stop it! Stop it you stupid cat!" He pulled the cat off his face and was seriously considering throwing it to the wall…

"You shouldn't do that to animals Gokudera-san!" Haru said, taking Uri from his hands, who then proceeded to purr with delight as she stroked his fur.

Traitorous bastard. "What the hell are you doing here anyway, stupid-woman?" he asked.

"H-haru just wanted to see what school dances are like in Nami-Middle." She answered, but Gokudera thought that the reason was something more than just that. "That's not it…"

"Hahi?!" But you're right. "Of course it is! Why would Haru lie?"

"You came here because of Juudaime." I can't exactly blame you… because I did too, for a different reason. "Can't you see that you're just making things harder for him? He likes Sasagawa."

"Haru isn't stupid! Of course I know that! I-I always have!" she said, unable to stop her tears from flowing. "Kyoko is my friend… I can't be mad at her…" she wiped her tears with her sleeve.

Damn. What now? I have no idea what to do when shit like this happens…

Uri jumps back onto Gokudera's head and resumes scratching it like there was no tomorrow. Gokudera cursed repeatedly in every language he knew. The box-weapon let go soon enough and ran to the gym.

"You two never get along…" Haru said with a little giggle.

Tell me about it. But I just can't get rid of it… He admitted. No matter how many times his face became a scratching post, he could never bring himself to hurt the little guy… especially when it looked at him with its big red eyes… "Come back here Uri!" he chased, with Haru behind him.

"Finally!" He said, taking Uri from the floor, but he escapes and runs off again. "Would you stop doing that?!"

"H-hahi?!" Haru suddenly realized where they were… in the middle of the dance floor, with everybody looking at them.

Haru? Tsuna noticed her presence for the first time that evening. "Dance! Dance! Dance!" the crowd chorused.

"No friggin way." Gokudera stated, trying to make a break for it, but was blocked by some of his classmates. "Come on Gokudera, it's just a dance!" Yamamoto said.

You don't know how much I want to blow that idiotic smile off your face, baseball-idiot.

Haru flushed with embarrassment. Maybe coming here was a mistake.

Tsuna sensed this. "Gokudera-kun… maybe you should dance with Haru… just this once."

Gokudera sighed. "Fine, if that's what Juudaime wants."

"Hahi?" Haru was taken by surprise when her hands were taken and they began to dance. "What are you doing Gokudera-san?"

"Stupid woman." He muttered under his breath. The other people began dancing with them too.

"Could you please stop calling me stupid?" Haru said. "Only stupid people call other people stupid. And… you don't have to do this you know."

"If it's what the tenth wants…" he said. "…it's going to be done."

"I didn't know you knew how to dance." She said, in step with him. Well of course they had dance lessons in Midori Middle School. It's an exclusive school for girls after all.

How can you not learn, when they began teaching you how ever since you were a kid? All those stupid parties… stupid piano recitals… stu—A-aniki?!

"You should take better care of your pets, Hayato." Bianchi said, holding Uri in her arms.

Stupid, stupid, stupid cat! His stomach wanted to go out through his throat, and he was trying his best to suppress the urge to vomit.

"Hahi! Are you all right?" Haru said, as she tried to keep him from collapsing.

Does it look like I'm alright?!

"Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna rushed to his side. Why is Bianchi here? Wait a minute… she's wearing the catering service's uniform… it can't be poison cooking, can it?

"Gokudera?" Yamamoto said, checking to see if he was okay.

"Oi! Octopus-head! What extremely happened?!" even Ryohei joined in.

"I'll take care of Hayato." Bianchi said, letting Uri down and carrying Gokudera on her back.

"N-no… I'll stay here…" he said, trying to hold it in.

"What are you saying?" Bianchi said. "You need to rest."

No… please… don't… He lost consciousness moments later.

The next thing he knew, he was back in his studio apartment, waking up to the sound of his alarm clock.

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