"Ooh, sorry!" Gwen exclaimed as she tried the bathroom handle and realised it was locked. "Is that you, Ness?" She called through the door.

"No, it's me, Mum," came the reply from Stacey.

"Oh, are you alright, love? Do you want a cup of tea?" she asked.

"No, it's alright I'm coming down now," Stacey replied,

"Ok," she answered, then walked away from the bathroom.

Stacey sat on the edge of the bath, her heart beating fast. She glanced at her watch on the window sill then, back down at the test she held in her hand. "10," she whispered, "9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" She opened her hands and stared at it... it read the same as all the others.

Stacey grabbed her phone and dialled Gavin's number as fast as she could - he picked up on the third ring.

"Where have you been? I've been calling?!" She gushed, before he'd even had time to say hello, as she bounded down the stairs.

"I know, sorry, I was just in the shower," Gavin replied, as he came down the stairs of his Mum and Dad's house in Billericay. "Anyway, I'm just leaving now, it's only half eight." He added, feeling in his jeans and jacket pocket before shouting out: "Mum?! Have you seen my keys?!" He began to route around on the stand then yelled out for his Mum again. "It's ok, I've got them!"

"Well, don't be long," Stacey said.

She dying to tell him her news. Should I tell him over the phone? But she decided against it.

"I just really wanted to see you, that's all." She sighed.

On the other end of the line, he replied: "Don't worry. I'm on my way." Then she heard the front door shut and the line went dead.

It had been 10 minutes since Stacey had last rung Gavin and he had been coming off the motorway. She was now sat on the window sill in the living room, staring out for his blue Citroen.

She saw him approaching at the top of the road.

As soon as he pulled up, Stacey came running out the house and he'd barely got out the car when she seized him by the hand and exclaimed:

"I've gotta talk to you!!" Looking bewildered, he let her drag him into the house and up the stairs.

"What's the matter?" He asked, as they nearly sent Gwen flying as she was coming out the bathroom.

Gwen stared at them as Stacey dragged him into the bedroom. They must be desperate! She thought with a smile, I think I might go and see Jase wants an omelette. Then went down stairs and left them to it.

Stacey slammed the bedroom door behind them.

"Stacey, what's going on?" He asked, desperately, with millions of his own ideas running through his head.

"Sit down a minute," She said, gesturing momentarily to the bed before going over to the drawers. "Right," she began, as she spoke she pulled out a shoebox from the top drawer.

She's got me a new pair of shoes was all Gavin could come up with.

"the thing is... you know we went to see the..." she stammered, at a loss of what to say. "Look... you know how much we've really wanted..."

Not really listening, he stared at the shoe box. She's got me a new pair of shoes, was all Gavin could come up with.

"Oh... Gav... I can't begin..."

"Stace? What's the matter?" He asked, a grin spreading across his face as she saw how wound up she was getting. "Just tell me,"

Stacey kept on sighing, until she thought of what to say. "Something's happened," she stated.

The smile fell from his face as soon as it had come and he felt himself go cold as she carried on speaking: "and I don't want to tell you about it, but..."

"What?!" He demanded.

"No! It's nothing bad... but..."

"What?!" He repeated, more firmly.

She handed him the box.

He took the lid off and nearly had a heart attack...

He looked up at her completely speechless, then pulled one of the pregnancy tests out and looked at it.

Two blue lines were on the screen: PREGNANT. It said in clear letters. His heart pounded, he looked up at her and his anxious face broke up into a smile.

He dropped it to the floor. He picked up another... and another... and another...


"Oh, my God!" Was all he could manage.

Stacey seized the box and emptied the contents onto the bed.

"There's thirty-four of them," she announced. "I know it's expensive, but I wanted to be sure. You're not cross are you?"

Finally he got his voice back; "Cross? Why would I be cross?!" He jumped up, realisation dawning on him. "You know what this means don't you?!"


At the same time they said completely opposite things...

"I'm pregnant!"

"My balls work!"

"We're gonna have a baby!"

"My balls work!"

He picked Stacey up and swung her round, then fell onto the bed. Holding her close as they kissed.

"This is amazing!" He exclaimed. "I've gotta tell, Mum!"

"No, not yet... let's get the wedding out the way, first."

They were interrupted by the call of Gwen: "Stace! Nessa's back!" She shouted.

"Ok!" Stacey replied, momentarily turning to the door, then back to face her husband. "I love you so much," she whispered, gazing at him.

"I love you too, baby." He replied,

"That's just the way it is." They both added at the same time.