So I REALLY hate to do this, but I decided to DISCONTINUE this fic. I just lost pretty much my entire interest in it. Sorry guys :( BUT, I still have some stuff I had written in advance when I thought of scenes that I will be posting to my Tumblr this week, so you can see what some of my ideas had been for it. You can find the link to my Sladin Story WIPs Page here (replace commas with periods): sladinforever,tumblr,com/Sladin%20Story%20WIPs Speaking of which, that page is dedicated to WIPs and snippets/chapters of fan fics I wanted to write, but lost interest in. So if you'd like to read those, just open them in new tabs. Everything is in order and labeled for your convenience :)

Again, very sorry about this guys D: I just don't want to write the fic anymore :( I'll try to get the WIPs posted on my Tumblr tomorrow and Monday