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Summary: Edward and Bella are both the popular, suffer-in-silence type, and they meet by a computer dating service.

Lol I know the summary is totally random. So only read this if you are seriously REALLY that bored!!

Useful information: They are both 18 (yes, in college), and are both in Forks, Washington. Emmet is Bella's little brother, and Alice+Rosalie are Bella's besties. Jasper is Edward's brother.


I switched on my black Dell desktop computer and waited for it to start up. My brain was wandering in different places, some in Alice's surprise party, some on my History Day project, and some on trashing Ms. Goen's fucking house. She gave us a fucking Math pop quiz which, I am pretty sure, going to fucking fail it.

I sipped some water from my cup and typed in .com. I know, the same sounds terrible. I was really bored once when I was 13 on a rainy Sunday, so I typed it in, and poof, there it was. And the weirdest thing was, for some reason, I wrote it down, like I knew I was gonna be a pathetic loner back then.

And I was right. Yet still, everybody in school adored me.

I entered a chat room and ran my eyes down the screen, looking for a guy's name.

Before I got to the bottom of the 50000-names-or-more list, a chat box popped up on the bottom right of my screen.

His username was "Mike215", and he said…well….."hi". Well what else are you suppose to say on a retarded dating service filled with a bunch of losers?

I typed back: Hey.

Immediately I got a reply: Sup?

I rolled my eyes: Nothing much. You?

Same here. Hey you wanna go out with me sometime?

Yup. Definetely a pathetic loser. I mean, who asks to go out with you if you don't know anything about them.

I typed: No, sorry.

I exited the chat box, and ran my eyes down the list once again. I lingered on a certain username called "Jacob657". And he was on his profile picture, I assumed, and he was hot. And it is really weird for me to phrase a guy as "hot". Just ask Alice or Rose.

I clicked on him and tried to start a conversation.

I lamely entered: Hi



I just realized I was acting as pathetic as that Mike guy a few minutes ago.

Nothing much. I have been trying to get a date on this fucking web for 6 fucking years!

I got curious, so I typed in: How old are you?


I almost sprayed out the water that I was holding in my mouth. Wow the old man has a colorful dictionary. I placed my cup down and typed: So who is that on your profile picture?

Me 40 years ago. Yup, those were the better days.

I shivered at the thought of me dating an old man, so I typed a quick "goodbye" and exited the chat box.

I sighed in defeat. I couldn't find a great guy anywhere, and everybody in school was either geeky, retarded, not-considered-human-, cheerleaders, stupid football jocks, the shy people, and the Goths. I was one of the suffer-in-silence type, and I always was one. Maybe that's why I was so popular. Everybody else were losers.

As I was about to shut down my computer, another chat box popped onto my screen. I rolled my eyes. Damn it, another geek to deal with.

His username was "Edwardrox". Weird… username was "Bellarulez". I know, it sounds pathetic, but whatever. So, what are you going to make fun of me next, my pink dolphin profile picture? Oh…yes you were.

Shockingly, his profile picture was a blue dolphin.




Why did conversations always had to start like this? It just leads to awkwardness.

Nothing much. You?

Same here. Just listening to my pathetic little brother purring in the phone to his girlfriend.

I giggled. Wow. He was the first human being ever to make me giggle. No, seriously.

What's his name?

First of all, I'd like to know what's your name.

I blushed. Rosalie and Alice were missing big time. I never blushed.

Isabella. Just call me Bella, though.

Nice name. Mine's is Edward, and just call me Edward.

I laughed. Out loud, this time.

"Nice to hear you laughing!" I heard my fucking brother Emmet yell from downstairs.

I rolled me eyes and continued the random conversation with Edward. We talked about our favorites, dislikes…etc.

He was really comfortable to talk with. More like a close friend than a loser.

When it was time for dinner, I told him I had to go, and tripped over a few steps down the stairs.

I didn't even care.

The whole time while my whole family was talking about Emmet's great scholarship to someplace overseas, I kept thinking of Edward's face. What does he look like? As I went to bed that night, I imagined him with messy crimson red hair with dark blue eyes, the ones that seem to stare into your soul.

I fell into a dreamless sleep that night, my head thinking about how pathetic websites can actually get you dates.