"I come to face you, demon!" She yelled into the open. The snow and wind whipped around her face, the few loose curls dancing around her. The sinewy ginger haired woman crested up over the ledge of the mountain onto a clearing, the maw of a cave spread out before her. The invitation here, one she created, fated as it were. She shrugged her shoulders, shifting the weight of the dwarven ax on her back. Her shield, her father's shield - adorned in the crest of the templar, she strapped tight to her forearm. Taking a knee as she adjusted her armor, everything in place, she awaited her response.

A rough deep laugh erupted from the cave mouth. "Come then, little warrior, I await my defeat. Tell me though, who is it who comes?"

The thin grin across her visage concealed by the thick wool scarf. Tugging loose her ax, she stood. With the deftness of the rogue, the stance of a warrior, and the confidence of a templar, she strode forth into the cave. Her body lit with magic with a murmur from her lips. "I am Faith."

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