Title: Elf Hat

Author: Ellasphere

Summary: The team wrap up a case and Hodgins steals Sweets' elf hat from last year.

Pairings: Cadgins

Rating: K

Spoilers: Slight for season 3

Disclaimer: I do not own Bones or anything related to it.

Author's note: Written for the 12 Days of Cadgins Christmas Challenge on LiveJournal.

Perched on his head

Coloured green and red

Slipping over blue eyes

It was quite a large size

Stolen from Sweets

The man, not the treat

In a moment of cheer

After drinking much beer

A remnant of last year

With large, floppy ears

Never fails to bring a smile

Even to those most hostile

She couldn't help but laugh

At her favourite member of staff

Sat in her spinney chair

Without a care

Feet propped up

Drinking from her cup

A silly grin on his face

As if he had just solved a case

In all truth

He was quite a sleuth

If not for him

It d've been a holiday most grim

He'd found the final clue

Hidden in the poo

A quick arrest had been made

A life was saved

Saving lives was their work

Dating each other was a perk

One they very much enjoyed

Without each other there was a void

The entomologist and pathologist

The couple everyone missed

It was a love filled with laughter

The perfect happily ever after

And that old, silly elf hat

Reinforced that fact

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