UchiSays: Welcome to the FINAL chapter of Catching snow.

Twentieth (Final) Snow

Mathias hadn't been able to spend Christmas with them. Both of his parents were back in town and thus he was obligated to celebrate the holiday with them. Harry had wondered why he, Padfoot, and Remus couldn't just play host to the boy's family for Christmas, but he'd been informed that both of Mathi's parents were bigoted homophobes and disapproved of Mathi associating with the Black family. His parents were so often away on trips that they knew nothing of the almost familial relationship their son had with the family, nor did they know Mathi's own preference for boys. Harry didn't know what to think of this tidbit of information, but eventually he concluded that if Mathias wanted to tell his parents he could do it on his own time.

Harry, Sirius, and Remus spent the holiday together having major amounts of fun. It started Christmas eve with a snow ball fight in the back yard, followed by a trip to the local elementary school's production of "A Christmas Carol". They had dinner at a restaurant downtown, before heading home to curl up watching various different Christmas movies. The whole day was great and Harry thought it to be the best Christmas eve ever. The next morning he was woken bright and early by an overly energetic Padfoot jumping on his bed. After being dragged downstairs and having a cup of hot chocolate thrust into his hands, Harry set around the Christmas tree with his guardians to open presents. Mathias dropped his presents for the family off and there was multiple packages shipped to him from his friends back in the UK. Harry received a large amount of gifts and he loved every one of them, but the best gift by far had been for both him and Sirius from Mathias. Remus was not very happy about the hyperactive puppy running around his house. Overall, the event turned out to be the dream Christmas Harry had always wanted.

It was three days after Christmas. The December air was cold enough to confine everyone inside, except for Remus and Sirius who both had traversed the frigid lands in order to get to work. Harry had stayed in the house the entire day and now set up in his room on the computer checking his e-mails. A cup of hot chocolate set on the desk within reach for him to grab if he desired a sip, but not close enough to accidentally tip over. Behind him Mathias lounged on Harry's bed playing with Prongs, the black lab puppy he'd given Harry and Sirius for Christmas. His parents had both left the day after Christmas and so he was able to visit Harry now. Prongs was growling as he tried to yank a piece of cloth from Mathi's hand in their game of tug-a-war.

Season's Greetings Harry,

I hope this e-mail finds you well and warm, it's freezing here. Just thought I send off a quick message carrying to you all the joys of the season and catching you up on what's been happening since you left. Now let's see, where should I start? How about some lighthearted gossip, shall we? Well you'll never believe it but Neville Longbottom finally got up the courage to ask Hannah Abbot to the Snow Ball, they made such a cute couple. Lavender Brown has gotten her well manicured claws into another unfortunate victim, some boy from Beaubatons. Your pals Dean and Seamus are still going strong in their relationship, though things did get rocky at one point when rumors were circulating that Seamus was seen kissing another boy. Ginny Weasley is now dating Colin Creevey, which surprised me because we all thought Creevey was gay. (More on the Weasley family in a moment). And that brings us to me, who is still tragically single, oh the irony.

I bet you're wondering why I haven't hooked up with Ron yet? Well that brings an end to our lighthearted gossiping and on to more serious matters. It's official, Ron Weasley has been sentenced with rape and assault, as well as attempted manslaughter. The details of the case are pretty sketchy, especially since it was never said you he supposedly raped/assaulted. Poor Mrs. Weasley is heartbroken. Mr. Weasley is trying to get the case appealed, stating that there was no proper witness (nor victim for that matter) present and thus the accusations are unfounded. But apparently his arguments have no listeners since Ron is still locked away. According to the rumor mill Ron is actually innocent and is just suffering the consequences of having a one night stand with some rich person's precious daughter, but that same rumor mill says that you were Ron's victim and that's why you moved away so suddenly. I personally don't know what to think.

In other news, that bottle blonde chit Lavender Brown can not keep a secret if you paid her. Remember my mentioning a certain blond boy hanging around in search of you, well Lavender not only let it slip to him that you're in the states, but she gave him your address as well. She claims she did nothing wrong because the boy is supposedly your boyfriend, but I'm not sure. If he's some creepy stalker person let me know and I'll report him to the police. I swear someone need to explain to that girl the meaning of the American saying: loose lips sink ships. If something happens to you because of this I will hold Lavender responsible and will personally send her to an early grave.

Now enough of that talk. Tell me Harry, how was your Christmas? Fine I hope. Did you receive my present? What did you do you the holiday? Did you get anything really cool? E-mail me back, you know I love to hear from you.

Your Friend and Santa's Helper

Hermione Granger

Harry did not know what to think of all Hermione had said in that message. The lighthearted gossiping had not come as a surprise to him since he'd predicted most of it, except the part about Colin Creevey because he had also thought the boy was gay, but it was the news about Ron and Draco that left him utterly speechless. Ron had been convicted for his crimes. He hadn't gotten away with what he'd done to Harry. He was locked away and couldn't hurt anyone ever again. Part of Harry felt bad for the redhead's family, the Weasleys had always looked out for him, but he was more relieved that his rapist was off the streets and all thanks to... And now Draco knew where lived. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Would Draco write to him? Come visit him? Anything? More importantly: would he even want to? There was a lot for him to think about.

"Who's Hermione Granger?" Mathi's voice broke through his thoughts. "A girlfriend?"

Harry shook his head and quickly exited out of his e-mails. "No, a friend that's a girl. I've known her since primary school. She's like a sister to me."

"Oh." Mathias said, returning to his seat on Harry's bed. "Is there a girlfriend waiting for you back there that I should know about?"

Harry shook his head again. "No girlfriend, no."

Mathi raised one eyebrow. "What about a boyfriend?"

Harry blushed. "Though I do admit there would be a better chance of a boy waiting for me than a girl, no I don't have a boyfriend either, not anymore at least."

"You don't sound pleased about that. Did you and your ex part on bad terms?"

Harry chewed his lower lip and thought over how much he should reveal to Mathias, finally he sighed. "How about saying we parted on no terms at all. I never told him I was leaving."

"You left without saying a word to him?" There was a tinge of something unreadable in Mathias' voice. "So as far as you know, he could still be under the illusion that the two of you are still together."

Harry pushed up from his desk chair and walked over to his bed and collapsed against the pillows. Mathias turned to watch him curiously. "I doubt he even cares."

"Why wouldn't he?"

"It's complicated."

"Hello, my name is Mathias and I invented complicated, pleased to meet you."

Harry gave a light chuckle of amusement, before sighing again. "He had a fiance. He took me home to meet his parents and I met her as well."

"So he was two-timing you."

"Not exactly. It's complicated."

"I'm sure I just mentioned that I invented complicated."

Harry grabbed a pillow and put it over his face. "I don't want to talk about it." He mumbled.

Mathias let out a pained sigh. "Harry, just answer me this," he began, pulling the pillow from over Harry's head and pinning the boy with the pull force of his quicksilver eyes, Draco's eyes, "before I delve in too deeply and make a full of myself, just tell me now do I have any chance if I so choose to pursue a relationship with you?"

Harry's voice caught in his throat as he stared into Mathi's near pleading silver eyes. "I," Harry paused and licked his lips, "I don't know."

"Harry," Mathias pleaded, "I like you. I like you a lot. And there is nothing I would like more than to have you as my boyfriend, but if there's absolutely no chance for me I don't want to waste my breath in asking."

Harry was silent for a moment. The silence hung over the room like a mosquito next, capturing holding in his current thoughts and blocking new ones out. Finally he spoke, almost against his will, "You have his eyes."


It was New Years eve and it was Sirius and Remus' turn to host the annual New Years Party. The house was full of people, chatting and laughing and just having a good old time. Remus stood in the kitchen helping people serve themselves through the buffet of food everyone had contributed to making. Sirius stood in the living room chatting with some of the guest. Mathias was there hanging out in a corner talking to Tom, Chris, and some other friends from school. The whole even was warm and welcoming and Harry couldn't help but smile from his seat on the foot of the stairs.

There had been a subtle change in his relationship with Mathias since their talk three days ago. At first he wasn't sure what type of response his declaration would receive and honestly Mathias hadn't been sure how he was suppose to respond to the statement. After a bit of awkwardness the reached an agreement. They were exactly boyfriends just yet, but they weren't exactly friends either. It was complicated. But complicated worked just fine for them.

The song on the radio changed and someone exclaimed how much they liked the new song and the volume was turned up. Harry tried not to respond to hearing the familiar acoustic guitar accompanied by a smooth sultry voice singing. Instead he kept happier thoughts in his head about his present life and pushed the nostalgic thoughts of the life and loved he'd left back in the UK behind.

At that moment the doorbell rang and Harry pushed up from his seat on the stairs to answer it, no one else had heard it. Keeping a happy smile on his face, Harry opened the door and promptly froze in place, his smile slipping away.

The boy/man on his doorstep looked like and angel with his pale skin a platinum blond hair illuminated as they was by the Christmas light adorning the neighborhood. He looked uncharacteristically shy and unsure of himself and he tried to smile at the boy who's just opened the door. "Hello Harry."



To Be Continued in Chasing Rain