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Sam's POV

We finally found out he was staying in some cheap motel and we started walking over there. We found out because people said he walked and the closest motel was a really crappy one.

Alex called the cops and we were ready for him to be turned in we entered the 'lobby' and saw the scared manger.

"Freddie Benson!" I yelled in his face.


"Good, hand me the key," Alex said.

He opened the drawer and quickly handed it to her, then two cops came in, they looked like mounties then I remembered, Canada.

We all stood in front of the door, I was scared I felt bad for doing this to him but, it was his fault.

I nodded my head towards Alex who smiled and proceeded to go in. "Give me 5 minutes,"

We looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

Being the curious person I am as soon as the door shut behind her I placed my ear on the door, the mounties and Carly looked at me but soon shrugged their shoulders and did the same.

"You look awful," Alex said laughing.

"Thanks, you too!" Freddie said, his voice cracked but he was able to say it with sarcasm.

"I'm disappointed in you,"

"What did you want me to do run, that would make me guiltier,"

"You still ran idiot,"

"Yeah, well I wanted to be in the last place my dad was,"

"I thought you would go crawling back to Sam, or Carly,"

"Well, I didn't,"

"Okay...but you're going to jail and you didn't kill Kyle, he committed suicide. Aren't you going to do something?"

"I don't give a shit anymore, I give myself like a month to live before I do the same," he laughed.

"Are you insane?"

"Yeah probably,"

I removed my ear from the door and looked at everyone wide-eyed. I burst in through the door causing Alex to shriek in shock. Freddie did look awful he had a blue and white polo that looked like it went through a shredder before he put it on, his jeans were ripped in various places and he didn't have any shoes on. He was deathly pale white and his eyes were so dark they looked black; his shiny hair was flopped down on the side of his face. He had jagged scars running down his face arms and anywhere with bare skin; it looked like he went through a shredder.

"Freddie..." I whispered.

He burst out laughing and got up from the crouch position on the floor, "Your funny, for a second I thought you cared," he looked at the cops, "Well let's go to jail."

"Your not, we heard what Alexandra said," his voice stern.

Shock passed through her face, "Wha-what?"

"Game over," Carly said, "does she go to jail?"

"Yup, she does," he pulled cuffs from his belt, "You are under arrest for the pressure of suicide," (A/N: don't know what it's really called.)

Soon she was dragged out throwing menacing glares at us.

"You okay Freddie?" Carly asked.

"Yes, I am. I have been living from nothing and almost killed myself 5 times...Life's great." He shoved us out the door. "Bye."

"Wait," I pushed the door open, "We're sorry, it's just that..."

"Go on...leave me alone. Go back to Seattle, Spencer is probably worried."

"We are not going to leave you!"

"Yes you are!"

"Freddie stop being difficult,"

"I don't give, I want to die,"

"Shut up!"

Than we kissed. Carly was so shocked she fell backwards.

"What now...?" Freddie whispered when we pulled apart.

"Back to square one..."

The End!!!!!!!!

I know it REALLY BAD! It's just with exams and culminatings and everything, I wanted this off my mind, if someone has a better ending write it and post it yourself or send it to me on a PM...can you do that...and I'll give the full credie SORRY!