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Ok, I know, "Yuki" hasn't updated in like 4 years, but this one started brewing in my mind thanks to Trent O'Donoghue (the author of Meeting Later). He and I speak online regularly, and he convinced me to write a fic on an idea that we came up with together.

I was originally going to wait until this story was complete before I posted it, but I'm getting impatient with how slowly I've been writing it. Maybe if there was a deadline I'd work on it faster. As it is, it's probably about 50% done, and I'm currently working on the 14th chapter. If I post one chapter a week, that should be long enough to keep ahead of myself shouldn't it?

Oh, and this is rated M for a reason. There is sex in here, and while I tried to keep it toned down in how explicit it was, I thought it would be safer to leave a note up here for you.


Chapter 1

It was the middle of the night, and dark things were a brewin' at the Neko Hanten. A shadowy figure rummaged through the mail stolen earlier in the day, looking for a package.

"Shampoo know it in here," the figure said. "Been waiting on it for months now. Should have come by… Ayah! Here it is!" She pulled out her package from the pile and let the rest fall to the floor. Hurriedly she tore open the paper, and pulled out a stack of small paper pouches, labeled "Jusenkyo Industries". "Hehehe, Pervert Girl is going to live up to her name too too soon!"

Akane sighed as she sat down in her desk. Ranma was going to be late that morning, and it was all Mousse's fault. He'd attacked shortly after breakfast that morning. The reasons given were the usual: "Give up Shampoo" and all that jazz, so Akane had just left them to it and gone ahead on her own. She had wanted to stay and fight, but Ranma had told her to go on without him, so she just shrugged and left. She didn't want to get attacked by that training potty too, that was just embarrassing.

She was just settling down and opening her bag when she heard a commotion coming from the grounds below. Thinking that it was probably just another round of Ranma vs. Kuno she ignored it, and started to review yesterday's notes. She was about halfway through her notes when the commotion started to increase in volume, but her curiosity wasn't piqued until she heard Ranma shout "WHAT THE HELL AKANE?! I THOUGHT THAT WE..."

Frustrated at being interrupted, she went to the window to shout down at Ranma that he had told her to go on without him, but saw that he wasn't looking up at the building, but instead at something that was going on against the wall along the school boundaries. She couldn't quite make it out for all the people crowded around.

Suddenly the crowd parted revealing a couple at the centre the girl bent over and pushed up against the wall. The boy, standing a little too close for comfort, turned out to be Kuno. Akane flushed bright red when she realized that they were having sex, Kuno pushed deep into his lover from behind. She couldn't quite make out who she was though. Ranma seemed to be pissed though as he approached them through the hole the crowd had made for him.

"HAHAHAHA! It is to laugh Saotome! Finally the fierce tigress that is Akane Tendo has chosen me to be her man!" Kuno shouted as Ranma approached. "Step away now that I might drive out the last vestiges of your influences and plant my heir into her womb!"

Akane's eyes boggled when she heard this. She looked harder down at the girl who was offering herself to Kuno, and could see that her hair style was similar, along with her figure, but she couldn't quite make out the face. Quickly she turned away from the window and raced down the stairs to the front door. Not even bothering to change her shoes, she ran outside. Ranma was still standing by himself in the hole in the crowd, hands clenched at his side and breathing hard as he watched Kuno fuck what he thought to be his fiancée, but at the same time refusing to believe that Akane would rather have Kuno. She ran up beside him, and touched him on the arm to get his attention. He turned to her, and jumped in surprise when he saw what surely had to be some kind of demon doppelganger. "Akane? Are you the real one?"

Akane looked confused for a second, before looking over at the girl getting her row plowed. It was a dead ringer for her, right down to the birthmark on her left butt cheek that nobody knew about. And boy could she see that birthmark, along with everyone else in the school. Her twin had her hands planted on the wall, and was bent over at the waist. The dress of her school uniform was hitched up over her hips, and her panties were down around an ankle, giving everyone a show, and giving full access to Kuno who was currently buried inside her. It was surreal and kind of arousing to see her body being used like that, but then she remembered it was Kuno who was doing it to her. The twin's face was twisted in carnal pleasure, but that quickly changed to surprise when she turned her head and saw the real Akane standing there.

"Oh thank the gods!" Ranma said, completely relieved. He grabbed her in a tight hug. "I knew it couldn't really be you Akane. You'd never let Kuno do that to you." He suddenly seemed to realize what he was doing, and let go, embarrassed.

Akane was also flushed at the rare show of affection from her fiancé, but regained her composure. "Well yeah Ranma, but who is it then? I don't have a twin running around you know." The doppelganger started to look worried, but was unable to break away from her lover's hold to escape.

Ranma looked thoughtful for a while. "Well there was Kiima after all. She took your form to fool me once through that 'Spring of a Drowned Akane'. Only one way to find out."

"Kiima?" Akane was surprised to hear that name again. She'd thought that the phoenix people were going to leave them alone now that they had their hot springs again. Although, it was the only explanation that made sense. She turned towards the fake. "Well I hope you got your jollies Kiima, because now you're gonna pay for them!" She pulled out her emergency hot water Thermos usually kept for Ranma, and threw it on her.

The water hit, and Akane breathed a sigh of relief as the transformation took place. Others in the crowd groaned when they saw that it wasn't Akane after all, but then a gasp went up when they saw who it really was.

"Shampoo? SHAMPOO?" Akane stared in disbelief as her rival was still being fucked by an oblivious Kuno. "Why would you do this?!"

Shampoo tried to answer, but she was, after all, in the middle of something. And despite being caught, the fact that she'd had this huge audience in the first place was arousing beyond anything she'd experienced before, and having her rival and husband watching her just compounded on that Instead of giving an explanation of her master plan gone all wrong, she orgasmed hard. The spasms seemed to do the trick, as Kuno slammed home and started to cum himself. Finally finishing, he fell backwards, and passed out.

Girls were heard in the crowd "tut tutting" at both his speed and his passing out afterwards. Guys were heard arguing over who would be next, and commenting on the fact that Shampoo's hair really was purple. Akane just glared, while Ranma was trying to decide between being angry and exasperated with this latest challenge for his hand in marriage.

Breathing hard, Shampoo stood up and adjusted her clothes, stepping out of her panties and leaving them on the ground. "Was trying to ruin Pervert Girl's reputation, make Airen think she choose another man. Got instant spring to transform into you. Wasn't counting on you being here. Stupid Mousse was supposed to get you out of the way."

She marched through the group, trying to pretend that she still had her dignity in tact. Looking over her shoulder, she sniffed at the pair. "At least Shampoo got a good fuck out of it. Next time it will be Ranma though. Ranma should leave stupid girl who won't ever put out and come to Shampoo's bed. He won't regret it." Everyone just stared at her as she left the school yard and walked towards the cafe.

Ranma just shook his head in disbelief as he watched one of his fiancées walk off after debasing herself like that as if she didn't care. He turned toward Akane, and saw what looked like a bomb about to explode. Her face was scrunched up, an absolute picture of fury mixed with the tears of embarrassment as everyone saw her naked from the waist down. Not wanting to be the target of all that fury, Ranma backed away slowly, and tried to get the crowd under control. "All right people, nothing more to see here!" He shouted while shooing the stragglers away. He looked back at Akane. "You gonna be ok 'Kane?"

"Just leave me alone for now Ranma," she said through clenched teeth. Ranma just shrugged his shoulders and continued to lead people away from Akane to let her calm down on her own. If this was the next stage in the fiancée wars, he didn't want to be around for the battles.

Shampoo muttered to herself as she walked home, complaining about how her plan failed and trying to figure out the best recipe for duck. She was having a hard time getting a good sulk on though, as she was still suffering the effects of afterglow. A pleasant soreness in her groin spread a warmth throughout her body. She didn't even mind the slight stickiness running down her legs...

"Ta ma de! Stupid Stick Boy came inside me!" She did some quick mental math, counting the days back to her last period, then sighed in relief when she figured that she should be ok. Besides, it wasn't the first time she'd had sex, and she wasn't pregnant yet. Even Mousse got the occasional roll in the hay, but he'd never remember it thanks to good old Formula 411. She'd have to remember to wipe that idiot's mind later, but for now she just wanted to go home and relax in the bath.

The rest of the morning was tense. Nobody wanted to be anywhere near Akane, the people who sat next to her in class even moved their desks away from hers. Ranma was the only one who glanced her way all morning, trying to make sure she wasn't going to explode. She was still furious, but at least her color had returned to normal rather than the bright red it had been. Ranma sighed as he watched her tear through her notepaper and break another pencil with the force she was using to write. He turned back to his own paper and the doodles upon it. Now, where was that birthmark again?

The bell for lunch rang, and everyone raced out of the room to find good places outside to sit and eat. Ranma took a more direct route and jumped out of the window, and climbed up to the roof where he could get some privacy. He'd just sat down to eat his lunch when the door to the roof opened. Damn, he should have thought to jam it shut somehow. He really wanted to be alone with his thoughts right now. He looked up to see who it was, and was only half surprised to see Ukyo standing there.

"Oh hey Ucchan, what's up?" He asked before turning back to his food. At least she's not going to do something crazy like Shampoo did this morning.

Ukyo fidgeted before turning and jamming a spatula through the clasp on the door, locking it shut. She walked over to him cautiously and sat down beside him, not looking at his face. "So... Um... Quite the show earlier today, huh?" she asked nervously.

"Yeah, I can't believe Shampoo would stoop to such a low," Ranma replied. He was actually kind of relieved to be able to talk about this with someone who wouldn't be going on about Akane's body and if they'd done it yet. He just knew that Hiroshi and Daisuke were itching to ask him those very questions. "As if I'd believe that Akane would let Kuno of all people have sex with her, let alone in front of the entire school."

"Yeah, no kidding," Ukyo replied, still refusing to look at him. She started to fiddle with the buttons on the front of her boy's uniform. "It's just a good thing that she hadn't tried to go after you instead."

"Nah, I'd 'a thought something was screwy if she had come on to me like that." Ranma dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand. "Akane really isn't like that at all. Heck I overheard her friends Sayuri and Yuka talking the other day, and she's the last one in her group of friends who's still a vir... vir... whooo boy."

All of a sudden, Ranma was face to face with a lovely pair of naked breasts. Ukyo had undone her uniform's shirt, and seemed to have misplaced her chest bindings somewhere. Her face was bright red, and Ranma could see that the blush ran all the way down her neck and was starting to cover her breasts too. And despite how hot Ranma was feeling right now, it must have been cold outside because Ukyo's small round nipples were standing up tall.

Ukyo finally looked at him. "Watching Shampoo got me all worked up this morning. I have needs you know Ranma, but I've saved myself for you all this time. Even though it has been soooo tempting to stray." She took the shirt off, leaving herself naked from the waist up. "After that little show this morning, I couldn't take it anymore. I knew the next step for Shampoo would be to claim you by sleeping with you, and... and I want to make sure she doesn't get the chance."

She leaned in to kiss Ranma, but only got air. When she opened her eyes, he was on the other side of the roof. "Ucchan, what are you doing?" he asked nervously.

"What's it look like you asshole? I'm throwing myself at you so that Shampoo doesn't get to you first!" Her eyes teared up. "Don't you find me sexy? Aren't I the cute one? Aren't I the one you wanted?"

Dammit, not crying. Ranma couldn't take it when a girl cried. "Look Ucchan, I..." but he didn't know how to finish that sentence. He didn't know what she wanted to hear, nor what he wanted to say to her.

Ukyo seemed to know what she wanted though. She approached slowly, swaying her hips with every step, her confidence seemed to be growing now that she had gotten past the hard part of exposing herself. "I know first times can be scary," she sniffed. "But when it's with someone you love, then it's worth anything. I want my first time to be with you, because I love you." Ranma was now backed up against the fence that surrounded the roof, and she was pressed up against him, her arms wrapped around his neck. She reached up to get the kiss she missed out on previously.

Ranma put his hands up on her shoulders and gently pushed her away, trying not to touch anything. "No, Ucchan, this isn't right. I don't want you to do this."

Ukyo's face faltered, but she quickly regained her composer. "What do you mean Ranchan? I want to do this for you." Her hand snaked down his front to feel at his crotch. She smiled nervously when she felt what was there. "Seems to me that you want to do it to."

Ranma shuddered at the touch, and almost broke down and let her take what she wanted. But then he thought of Akane, and how her day had been going, and about how Shampoo in her form was an exact duplicate of his fiancée, and about that birthmark. No, he knew what he wanted too.

"Ukyo, stop," he said, dropping the nickname. "I'm sorry but I don't want this." He pushed her away more firmly. "I don't want you to be throwing yourself at me like that. I don't deserve it."

The half naked woman looked aghast. She wasn't expecting to be refused. "Don't deserve it? Why the hell not, Sugar?"

"You want to give yourself to me? Why? Name one thing I have done for you that makes me worthy of that Ukyo. If your just giving it away, why should I value it?"

Ukyo looked shocked. "Giving it away? Ranma I love you, you lug! I'm not just giving it away."

Ranma turned away. "Well maybe I don't feel I deserve that love." He sighed. This next part was going to be hard. "Because I don't feel the same way about you. You're my best friend Ukyo, but that's it."

Ukyo looked away, then turned to get her shirt. She buttoned it back up, without looking or speaking to Ranma. Then she grabbed her lunch, and before Ranma could say anything she leapt over the fence, landing neatly in a tree, before jumping to the ground and running off. Ranma watched her go, sighed, then collected his bento and left the roof himself, taking the more conventional stairs.

According to a Chinese ex-girlfriend, "Ta Ma De" roughly translates to "motherfucker"