Just a real quick sequel. Saix, and what happened when they noticed the missing body from the morgue.

Disclaimer: I don't own House. M.D, or Kingdom Hearts.

House sighed as he limped purposefully down the path, hiding from Cuddy in the park. It was a week after the strange redhead had vanished from the morgue, and he had yet to tell Cuddy the truth about it.

Not like he really could. I mean, what could he say that wouldn't get him thrown in Rehab? Again? 'I'm sorry, but the dead man without a heart stood up and summoned a mystical portal that took him away to Neverland?' Yeah, no thanks, he enjoyed life on the outside.

So now, he had run out excuses to avoid her in the hospital, so he was avoiding her in the park. Smirking, he sat down on his favorite bench. People watching, always entertaining.

"You have seen him."

Blue eyes flicked up, only to widen at the sight of the man before him. He was a short little sucker, with electric blue hair and amber eyes. But what caught his attention, were the scars that X'ed over the bridge of his nose. This had to be the guy the stiff had warned him about.

So he immediately fell back on one of his better skills. Bull shitting. "Seen who? I'm a doctor, I see a lot of people."

Amber eyes were cool as the man sneered. "Axel."

"A car part? I'm not a mechanic."

"The redhead. I can scent him on you."

"I've seen a lot of redheads. Some of them were cheap enough to keep for a whole night." House smirked. "And you can smell me? Nice trick, bloodhound."

A hand fisted his shirt, lifting the man up off the bench. "I grow tired of you. Answer me now; where is Axel?"

House held back a yelp as he grabbed at the blunette's hand, trying to release some of the pressure around his neck. "Hey, put me down! I don't know anything!" he protested, kicking as he dangled from the man's grip. Sneering, the man released him, letting House fall and crumble as his leg gave out from under him. Even though he normally had the pain under control, this was more stress than he normally put on the muscle, and he hissed as he grasped at his leg. He gritted his teeth as he glared up at the Nobody. "I don't know where that stiff went. Here's the truth; he got hit by a truck, and sent to the morgue," he said, ignoring the fact that he'd survived.

"If he got sent to your morgue, then he was still alive. If he had died, there would have been no body."

"Only if he disintegrated," House snapped. His eyes flicked around the man, picking out the only other person who could ever find him in the park.

Wilson sighed as he came up behind the man in leather. What did House do this time? He reached for his wallet as he came up, hoping it wasn't a shark for gambling again. "Sir, can I help you?"

Amber eyes pierced Wilson, and the oncologist froze. Every instinct was telling him that this man was dangerous, and he froze as the creature stalked towards the doctor. "Perhaps you can help me," he murmured, eyes glinting as he circled the poor man.

"Leave him alone!" House barked, forcing himself up to his feet. Blue eyes were hard as he tried to stare down the man. "He doesn't go into the morgue, he doesn't know anything."

"Into th- House!" Wilson yelped, leaning around the other man to give a wide-eyed stare to the other doctor. "Does this have to do with that missing body?" he bellowed.

"No, I refused to pay my betting debts from the horse track," he snarked, leaning back against the bench as he reached for his cane. "Either way, not your concern."

"Yo Saix!"

The doctors blinked in unison as a second man in the same coat came racing up, a sneering grin on his scarred face. He was also missing an eye, and gray streaked hair was pulled back in a long ponytail. House couldn't help but remember some of the smaller scars that the stiff'd had on his torso, and couldn't help but wonder what kind of life these men must have lived to get so chewed up.

The older Nobody sneered at the pair before turning to the shorter man. "We found him, he's in Hollow Bastion. We gotta go, Demyx is fighting right now." That single yellow eye, bright as a light, turned on House. "Unless you have reasons to want to stay here," he said, voice silky.

Saix turned from House as he joined the surfer dude. "No, we are finished here," he intoned. As one, they summoned another one of those black swirly portals, flipping hoods up as they stepped through, the shorter man sparing only one last glare at House before they vanished.

Wilson swallowed as he inched over to House, who had his cane raised and ready to strike. If the pair hadn't vanished when they did, blood would have flown. He breathed out as he sat down, pulling the still frozen House down next to him. A pause. "Who the hell was that?" he finally muttered.

"Would you believe a group of heartless people that our stiff was a) a part of and b) running from?" he muttered, leaning back and falling flat against the bench.

"Normally no, but I just saw," he waved a weak hand in the direction of the disappeared Nobodies, "THAT, so I guess it's plausible."

"Can you see why I didn't tell Cuddy? The Breasts of Doom wouldn't have believed that the kid had sat up and walked out after no heartbeat for over six hours."

"So what do we tell her now?"

"We? I'm not saying a damn thing."