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Author's Note: A little note before the story starts-- I wrote this story over 5 years ago and never bothered to publish it, mostly because I thought it wouldn't stand up to other fanfics... but when I came across this recently, I decided it was actually good enough to publish and someone would actually enjoy reading it.

I however, have rewritten a handful of the chapters, mainly the second one, changed what Edd typed in this chapter... and I think I will have rewrite most of the ones near the end just to have the story make more sense... plus I had to add in more dialogue of Ed, originally, he never talked at all in the beginning of the story after this chapter!

On a side note, this is Rated M for Profanity, blood, gore, and a scene in the story that will more than likely be removed. No slash though. There's enough of those stories on this site, go read one of those if you want to see guys making out with each other.

Eds In Space! Chapter 1:

In a suburban neighborhood in the outskirts of a small town, there was an eerie quietness. Not a single light was on in any of the houses but one. Of course it was in the middle of the night, but however a light was on in the house of young individual, wearing black ski cap, to cover what, only his close friends knew.... and they wouldn't tell, now would they?

Inside, a boy known by his friends as Edd, or Double-D sat in front of his laptop in his bed, typing something out on the screen, and talking to his self.


"Our popularity after meeting Eddy's brother did not last too long. It was fun while it lasted, but yet again, the kids hate us. We aren't scamming anymore, we just aren't liked because we are...different. We don't like the same stuff as everyone else does, we don't act the same, sure we are different from each other as friends, but why, just why, are we bonded together as friends?"

Double-D sat there and sighed... and then began to speak again.

"Nazz, why... why do I love you? Why is it that you hate me? Is it because of Kevin, or is it because... I'm a geek?"

Double-D sat there, then got up and walked into the bathroom. He removed the cap on his head and stood in front of the mirror.

"I wish I didn't have to wear this, I wish my hair was normal... Like everyone elses."

He walked back into his room, sans hat, and sat in the bed. He closed the blinds so nobody could see his head.

"That hat is making my hair itch, I think it's fine if I didn't wear it for tonight in bed. I'll finish my journal and go to sleep."

He placed it on the bedpost on his bed, next to the label that said 'Sack'.

"Something tells me now... That maybe, just maybe, the three of us are meant to do something. Change the world maybe? Absolutely not. Us changing the world is doubtful. Nobody takes any of us seriously... I assume being different from the rest is what we are meant to do.. We are not meant to fit in for a reason...."

Double-D closed his laptop, slid it under his bed so nobody could see that he had one, and went to sleep. He began to dream...

It was a nightmare.


Double-D heard his cell phone go off. His parents got him one recently because they were on sale and they needed ones for work. He was in the kitchen in his pajamas eating a grapefruit, no hat included.

He answered it.

"Double-D's Phone. Double-D speaking."

"Hey, Double-D, can you come over to my... OH PLEASE DON'T HURT ME PLEASE!!!"

Those screams were from Eddy.

Double D sat there on the phone, Eddy's voice disappeared into the background.

"Oh dear. This is not good."

Another voice could be heard in the background.

"Are you ready to pay for your crimes?"

Edd sat there.

"It sounds like Kevin. Why is he at Eddy's house, and what crime is he talking about?"

To be on the safe side, Edd hung up the phone and got dressed. He almost walked out of the room forgetting his hat sitting there on the bed post, but ran back to get it and put it on.

"I guess I should investigate and figure out what's going on..."

Edd ran out the door of his house towards Eddy's.


Edd walked up to Eddy's house, he noticed the door was bashed open. As he walked in, he noticed what looked like bullet holes on the walls, but when he looked at them with his magnifying glass, they were burn marks. As he walked through the house, he noticed someone painted the word "DORKS" on the wall of the hallway with spray paint. As he walked towards Eddy's room. He saw blood. It was his friend.



Double-D woke up literally flying out of his bed yelling "HOLY SHIT". Then paused.

"....Oh my. It was a dream."

As he stood there, he immediately saw his two friends standing right there.

"Hi Sockhead. I didn't know you swore."

Edd sighed.

"I don't swear."

"Yeah, whatever. So... I guess you had a nightmare."

"Yeah, I've had the same one and a different one for weeks."

"Oh and do you know you slept in?"

Double D was shocked.

"Slept in? Eddy, I never sleep in."

"Yeah, but you did.. Where's your hat anyways?"

Edd felt his head and just felt hair. He turned around to see that his hat was sitting on the bedpost of his bed. He put it on.

"Double-D, what happened to your head though, why do you always wear that hat?"

Double D stood there. "I prefer if I didn't talk about it, and I really do not remember at all what happened to my head."


"Yeah, now can we go?"

"Sure, Coming lumpy?"

Ed was adsorbed into a new Evil Tim comic book.

"Sure am Eddy!"


As the Eds walked down the street, they passed a burning house, but did not even pay any attention to it because they were busy talking to each other. They really didn't care what was going on anyways anymore because they were pretty much rejected by everyone and they gave up bothering talking to people.

The Eds kept to themselves more than usual lately. Very rarely did they interact with the kids in the cul-de-sac anymore, with the exception of Nazz saying hi to them. Jonny sometimes said hi, but Plank forbid him from speaking to them. Ed lately began to claim that the block of wood was a demon.

As they were approaching the junkyard, they then noticed a plume of smoke coming from the neighborhood. They ran back into the cul-de-sac to realize, it was Kevin's house that was on fire. Something could be seen flying away at a very high rate of speed into the sky, and a voice coming from it yelled:

"Who's the dork now, motherfucker?"

Eddy turned to Double-D.

"That voice sounded like mine!"

A firetruck arrived at the house and began to fight the fire. Kevin was there in front of his house, Nazz standing some few feet behind. As he noticed he was back there, he ran to her and tried to hug him.

She apparently didn't like that.

A karate chop later, and he was face first into the ground. Nazz looked at the Eds and began to walk to them.

"Hi guys, whats up?"

All three blushed, and she giggled. She started walking away, when someone called her.

"Hey Nazz, do you want to go to the candy store with us?"

Nazz replied. "Um I guess. "

She walked off, but the Eds didn't turn around to see who it was she was asked by. They knew it was Sarah.


As they finally got back to the junkyard, they heard a strange humming sound. They ignored it thinking it was one of those car smasher things they constantly see. A loud boom was also heard, but they didn't pay attention. They were busy discussing what they saw today.

"Double-D, That voice... It sounded like me! But how the hell would I be able to burn a house down and fly away?"

"I have no clue Eddy, It had to of been an airplane or a freak moment of nature.."

Then Ed chirped in finally after finishing his comic.

"Or, It was a space ship from the planet Suluban, trying to stop Kevin's plans of destruction in the Temporal Cold War!"

Eddy began to laugh his signature laugh.

"Ed, have you been watching Star Trek Enterprise lately?"

Then Double D snickered.

"What?!" Said Eddy.

"Why, Eddy... I did not know you were...a trekkie!" Edd laughed.

"What, it's good tv, and plus you and Ed rubbed off on me with your strange tv habits. I watched a documentary on hackers last night on the Discovery Channel too."

"Oh! Do you remember the guy who did the wardriving with the security company? I have seemed to have forgot what his name was except for the fact that he also hosts a radio show online..."

Ed interrupted again.

"Guys, do you think, how awesome it would be if we were space outlaws? We could run cargo and do undercover missions for aliens."

Eddy yelled at Ed.

"Yeah, we would have better luck being abducted by aliens than doing that!"

"Ed," Edd muttered. "The human race will not be that way in space... if it is even possible that way, for at least another 100 years. And I doubt there are...are...are.."

Double D began to sputter. Eddy turned and looked at him.

"What's wrong with you, Sockhead? Is Ed's dream a reality or something?"


The three Eds had unknowingly walked up to a space craft.

It looked somewhat like the space shuttles, silver in color, And was the length of two school buses and was wide as three school buses.

..... And a hatch on the thing opened.