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Title: Doing a Favor
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Words: 839

"Please, just this one more time?"

The boy sweat-dropped. "B-but, Takayama-san, you said the same last-"

"Really, Conan-kun, I already told you you can call me Minami-chan. Taku." A sigh was heard. "Please, I promise I'll make it up to you. I really can't make it today."



And so Conan found himself in front of this specific building again, sighing as he remembered the phone call he got just yesterday. He'd managed to shake off Ran with the 'playing at Agasa-hakase's house' excuse again, as gullible as she was. At least the professor didn't ask any questions, but he didn't know how long it'll last before even he got curious.

As he was escorted into the building, many of the staff met him with sympathetic smiles and greetings of "Ah, she did it again, didn't she, Conan-kun?" The boy almost face-palmed at the familiarity with the staff that worked here. Takayama-san really did do this too often to be just an occasional favor.

As they got closer to their destination, a stern-looking man blocked their path suddenly. He looked in befuddled confusion between Conan and his escorts, before settling his eyes on the man beside him with a strict frown.

"What is this? What is this child doing here? I thought Takayama-san was-"

"Ah, you must be new here. Excuse us, but it seems Minami-chan couldn't make it, so the child will be replacing her for today's session."

The man shot him an incredulous look. "Wha- Y-you must be kidding me! H-how can-"

"Don't worry, its starting to become a frequent occurrence already, so you'll get used to it pretty soon," the man continued completely ignoring the flabbergasted look on the other's face. "We have her special permission to do this and you can ask any of the staff here to confirm this has happened before. Now, shall we go, Conan-kun?"

"H-hai." Conan replied, still somewhat caught off-guard by the encounter. When they were a safe distance from the still gapping man, the boy turned to regard his escort with a raised eyebrow. "Frequent occurrence?"

"Ah," the man rubbed the back of his neck. He was already getting used to the child's astounding maturity, but it was still a little un-nerving to have those eyes so focused on you. "Well, it is getting rather frequent, ne? With Minami-chan having her schedule so booked out because of the up-coming concert, I can't really blame her for it though. If it weren't for you, I'm sure she'd more likely be somewhere out there hiding out in a caffe bar than facing her duties."

The boy actually did sweat-drop at that, having had first-hand experience in the matter mentioned. "I guess so."

"Here we are," the man announced, opening a door to Conan. "I'll be in the adjacent room, alright?"

"Right." The boy replied.

Stepping into the room, he was met with a couple of familiar faces, all of them displaying only a momentary surprise at seeing him standing there. The first to speak was a young man with short light-brown hair and kind eyes.

"Ah, I see she did it again." He smiled apologetically. "You ready, Conan-kun?"

"Hai!" The boy chirped. Without preamble and with confidence gained from many previous experiences, he moved to a high stool in front of all the equipment and, with the help from one of the men, seated himself, put the head-phones on correctly and brought the microphone at an acceptable level for his small frame.

"Alright," A skeptical voice resounded through the room. Conan briefly recognized it as the newly employed man's that he met a few moments ago. "We'll be doing the same as last time. Begin."

As the music began, Conan closed his eyes and ignored the outside world, focusing only on the tunes that played around him, just like Takayama-san instructed him so many times before.


Kakedasu senaka wo oikakete mou ichido


Hontou wa matteru… Dakishimete…


As he waited for the first verse to start, Conan briefly allowed himself a bit of glee at the expression the skeptical man must be wearing now. And if he'd sworn he heard a strangled gasp somewhere behind the thick glass separating them to the adjacent room, he gave no indication to it beside a small up-turning of his lips.

Tatta hitokoto ga sunao ni iezu ni kizutsuketa yo

Nakitai kurai ni nukumori kono te ni motome nagara

Keiken fuereba yume mo

Mujaki ni mirenaku naru kara

Sore demo dokoka de kitto shinjitakute mitsumeteta...

Briefly, he wondered how it would be if these favours he did for Takayama-san somehow got out. He winced slightly, his melodious soprano voice not once missing a note.


Hitomi ni yureteru shinjitsu ni kizuite


Furueru kuchibiru kuchizukete


Oh, they'd never let him live it down, that was for sure. Ah well, it wasn't as if they would believe a tone-deaf boy like him could accomplish this either way, no?

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