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Chapter 11 Godric's Hollow

They couldn't believe. There Harry and Ginny were… their parents… standing right in front of them with the biggest smiles they could have.

"So, you've been here all this time?" Lily asked, looking at her parents in shock.

Albus then eyes his father. Everyone was right. He really was the spiting image of them. They had the same black hair, the same bright green eyes, and they even both wore glasses.

"And you've been our professor?" Albus asked.

Harry looked down, feeling both guilty and embarrassed.

"I'm sorry we had to keep our whereabouts from you three for this long," he apologized.

A noise then came from inside Ginny's mouth. They turned to look at their mother.

"Just look at you three," Ginny said covering her mouth, causing Lily, Albus, and James to become a little uncomfortable.

"Please don't cry, Mum," Lily begged her mother.

"Yeah, Uncle Ron said you had never been the crying type," James said.

Ginny couldn't help but give a little laugh.

"Yes, well, that was before I had children. Come here," she said, extending her arms out.

Ginny took all three of her kids in her arms.

"Albus, we're terribly sorry about…" Harry began as Ginny released her three children and Albus put up one hand.

"I've all ready forgiven you," Albus smiled.

Harry smiled and embraced his son.

"So, how much longer do you have to hide up here for?" James asked after Harry was through hugging all of his kids.

"We'll come out tomorrow," Ginny said.

Then something came to Albus.

"Will you reveal yourself in class?" Albus asked his newly found father.

Harry looked down and thought for a moment.

"How would you three feel?" he finally asked.

Lily of course would have loved for everyone to know who her was, but knew what that would mean, just like Albus and James.

"I'm sure you don't want questions from our classmates," Albus said.

"I'll think about it," Harry said with a laugh.

They all wanted to speak, but couldn't say a one. It was Ginny who spoke a few moments later.

"I wish you three could stay here with us," Ginny said.

"Yeah, us too," James sighed.

But he, as well as the rest, knew that that wasn't possible.

"We better get back," Albus said, his eyes falling to the ground as he turned.

He turned back, remembering something.

"And by the way…" Albus began, his father looking back at him, "thanks for the Felix Fleicis, Dad."

Harry couldn't help but smile.

"Thought it might help," he said.

Then a thought crossed Lily's head.

"How did you get it?" Lily asked.

Harry looked down, crossed his arms, and laughed.

"Let's just say I can be very persuasive when it comes to Professor Slughorn," he said.

Harry had convinced old Slughorn that giving him some Felix Felicis would help the Potters.


The next, Albus, Lucy, and Rose walked into their Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom to find that Harry hadn't revealed himself to the class, which in Albus's opinion was all right. Albus walked up to his father after class.

"I see you decided to keep covered up," he said.

"I thought it was for the best," Harry nodded.

Lucy and Rose were entrance of the classroom, smiling.

"I understand. Will you and Mum be waiting for us at the station?" Albus asked.

"Of course," Harry smiled.

Albus smiled too and embraced his father.

"Great," he said, smile still on his face.

"See you, Albus," Harry waved to his son.

Albus then turned back.

"I have one more question," he said.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

He felt weird for asking, but it was going to be asked some time.

"Where actually are we going to live?" Albus asked.

He had figured that they'd live in Number 12 Grimmauld Place, but there was also the possibility of them living in Godric's Hollow, the place his father was born.

"Oh, in Godric's Hollow," Harry told him.

He known it had been a possibility,but it still shocked him a little. Albus nodded and turned to join his cousins. Lucy and Rose waved to their uncle, and he waved back.


The morning going home, everyone's eyes seemed to be on, Albus, James, and Lily.

"What's going on?" Albus asked.

Rose ran up to them in the Great Hall, a copy of the Daily Prophet tucked under her arm.

"Have you seen the Daily Prophet today?" she asked.

"No," James admitted.

They had known that their parents would reveal themselves sometime before they left Hogwarts, so James, Albus, and Lily had decided that they would be the last to leave the Common Room on the last day, today, because they didn't want a lot of attention from fellow students.

"Here, look," Rose said, tossed the paper to James.

The front page read 'Out of Hiding'.

"I guess they did it then," Albus said.

"I think it was a good idea Dad didn't reveal himself to the class after all," Lily realized.

They turned to the staff table and stopped Harry, still cloaked, and nodded to each other.


James, Lily, and Albus started looking for their parents as soon as they got off of the train.

"There they are," Lily pointed.

Harry and Ginny were standing next to Hermione and Ron, waiting for them.

"I'm surprised there isn't anyone from the Ministry here," James whispered.

Hugo and Rose were behind them. The rest of the Weasleys went off to join their parents.

"I'd hope they're letting them have their privacy," Rose said.

It was nice that no reporters were there to interview them. They were sure Minister Shacklebolt had something to do with it.

"Hi, kids," Ginny smiled.

They all then said their hellos. Harry took a deep breath as everyone finished greeting each other.

"I guess we should be off then," Harry said.

Lily looked over at her father and lowered her eyebrows.

"Off?" she asked.

"Yes," Harry nodded.

Lily, Albus, and James didn't fully understand. Weren't their belongings still at Rona nd Hermione's?

"But what about our things at Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione's house?" James asked.

"All packed and waiting for you at Godric's Hollow," Ginny smiled.

They all said goodbye to each other then. Harry walked up to Rom and Hermione leaving.

"Thank you both for looking out for them all this time," he said.

They smiled and nodded.

"Thanks. It's been great," Albus said.

He really wanted his aunt and uncle to know how thankful he was having him for two years.

"It's been wonderful having you," Hermione smiled.

"Come on, now," Ginny called.

Albus turned and waved.

"Bye," he yelled as he ran.

"Bye," Ron and Hermione waved.


The three gaped at the house as Harry drove up to it. It was nothing they had been expecting. It was surprisingly ordinary. And something crossed James's mind.

"How did it manage to stay up all this time? Surely Death Eaters would've destroyed it looking for you," James said.

Harry looked over at his wife and smiled, and then back at his kids.

"It's amazing what the Reparo Charm can do," he said.

"Oh, right," James nodded, feeling slightly stupid.

Albus started up the stairs, following James.

"What do you think you're doing?" Harry asked.

Albus looked down at his father at the foot of the steps.

"Going into mine and James's room," he said as Lily passed him going to her room.

Albus leveled his eyebrows as father began to laugh.

"That's James's room. Your room is next to his," Harry said.

He laughed at the gleam in his son's eyes.

"I have my own room?" Albus asked.

"Of course,' Harry smiled

Albus entered his room in amazement. He had never had his own room before, and it was great. For the first time that he could remember, Albus didn't have to share his room with anyone. He looked down at his owl in its cage and smiled.

"Gwen, welcome home," Albus said.



Well, that's a wrap.