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Sam was sitting on the bed, laughing loudly as Dean came back to the hotel.

"Sammy, something really weird just happened in the bar." Dean looked concerned. Sam tried to look seriously at Dean, but failed miserably. He tittered as he tried not to bust out laughing.

"What's wrong with you, man?" Dean hissed, "I could have some serious trouble here. Sam looked at Dean, trying to stay focused."

"Well, what's wrong, Dean?"

"I struck out, man! With a chick. She just looked at me, made an ew face, went over to her friends, pointed at me and they all laughed. Man, this could really ruin my image." Dean looked troubled.

Sam threw himself back on the bed, laughing loud as he hid his face in his hands, wiping the tears in his eyes away.

He turned his laptop around and Dean could see himself on the screen.

"What the fuck?" Dean went over to the bed and realized it was a commercial on the internet. He clicked on the play button and slowly turned pale as he watched the ad.

Dean was sitting on a sofa with a woman, and talking to a video camera.

She put her hand on his thigh as she starts, "I have genital herpes."

Dean smiles at her and replies, "And I don't."

Dean looked at Sam, who was choking from laughing so hard. "Dude, seriously I don't have it!"

Sam nodded.

"Yes you do," she says, smiling at him as she continues, "It doesn't affect our love making."

"No, no I don't, I don't have herpes."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."

"He's in denial."

"I don't have 'em."

"That's the first step of the sickness." she smiled warmly at him.

"I don't."

"Isn't he cute?"

"Look, I don't have 'em."

"That's when we decided to use Herp-Be-Gone."

Dean scratched his crotch at the same moment the Dean in the ad did, too.

"Six applications a day, on the on the infected site."

"I HAVE IT, DON'T I?" the ad Dean looked as horrified as the real Dean.

"Well how did I get them?" the girl started to shout.

"I don't know, ask anybody in this room!" Dean said with a trembling voice.


Dean tried to cover himself with a pillow.

"Whore!" Dean threw the pillow at the girls face, and grabbed the bottle on the table in front of him and poured himself a shot of vodka. The ad faded to black.

The expression on Deans face was priceless. "Dude, you know that wasn't me, right?" Sam chuckled at him. "I mean it Sammy!"

Sam rolled over the bed and landed on the floor, still laughing. "Seriously, come on, Sammy, what if all the girls in the world saw that ad? I'll be screwed."

Sam looked up from the floor with a huge smile on his face. "Well, if it wasn't you, and… you are sure?" Sam ducked as a pillow came flying. "Then it might be that shapeshifter that has a crush on you."

"What do you mean? I'm freaking out here, alright?"

"I just mean it would be a hell of a good way to keep other girls from you." Sam's face was almost back to normal.

Dean grabbed his phone and called up the shapeshifter. The giggle on the other end made it clear; the bitch had messed with him.

This meant war!