Title: This Fire Burns All The Way
: Emono
: Wrestling
: The Miz/Jack Swagger, Undertaker/Punk
Under The Rose series
A new master is admitted into the Court and Undertaker finds himself the pet he's been looking for. Will both pets give in the way their soon-to-be masters would have them?
: The WWE is not mine nor are any of it's child branches, it is the 96% property of the McMahon's and God bless the bastards that work for them. I respect the sexual preferences and identities of all the wrestlers on WWE roster, and who they share a bed with is really none of my business.
: AU, D/s, slash, cat!Cody and cat!Ted, continuation of other fics

AN: I put The Miz and Punk's stories together. This is a continuation of "I'm A Match Burning Out" and "And Don't Forget To Let Your Heart Beat." It's the same world as the cat!Cody fic and the cat!Ted fic, only set later on when both those stories are over. No real spoilers, but I suggest saving this for last. I'm kind of writing them all at the same time. The title was taken from Punk's entrance song, that's why it doesn't make any sense.

One thing to note that doesn't really get told in either of those fics: In the few year span between 2005-2009, where there's a big time jump, Batista gets admitted into the Court. Just so you know. This particular chapter is very early 2007, the rest of the story is later in the year. Yeah, that sounds right.

Forgive any mix-ups in the timeline, I'm not good with years and stuff.

"This is insane."

Mark raised a brow at his loud, dramatic right hand man, "It's not."

"It's crazy!" Shawn declared, throwing his hands about "You just…you just can't do it."

"As I still hold my position, I can do whatever I please" Mark replied icily "I do not have to consult the Court on every little matter."

"This is not a little matter, 'Taker, this is the admittance of a new master" Shawn got in the Phenom's space, trying to reason with him "Listen…I didn't say anything when you admitted Batista, even though he's a bastard."

"He's strong and he holds sway in the industry, I had no reason to turn him away" Mark cut in.

"Right, right" Shawn brushed imaginary dirt from the Deadman's leather coat, smiling in a faux-pleasant way "But I don't like him, and he scares the subs. You know the things John's said about him, about what he's done. He's put his hands on Ted and Cody, you know this."

Mark narrowed his eyes, so HBK continued.

"Anyway…that's not the point. This kid is still green, and we know almost nothing about him! You can't just admit him like that."

Shawn snapped his fingers for emphases, bobbing his head.

"What's going on?" Jericho came around the corner, having heard the Showstopper raving from down the hall.

" 'Taker's admitting a new master" Shawn grumbled, giving Mark some room when he growled "Sorry."

" 'Taker!" Chris whined petulantly.

"That's enough" Mark scoffed at their pouts "I think it's time for some new blood, some young blood. This kid has potential, and there's no reason to turn him down. He hasn't formally asked me yet."

Chris crossed his arms over his chest, making a nasty face, "Ok then, who is it? Who could have possibly caught your attention?"The curtain parted, Morrison appearing sweaty and exhausted from the stairs. But he had a belt in his hands, the World Tag-Team belt. His tag-team partner followed after, just as tired but grinning broadly as he held his belt. Sparkly pants, a yin-yang glittered fedora, and a shirt with a small chick and a magnet on the other side. Flamboyantly dressed for a wrestler.

"Master!" John exclaimed excitedly, running over and displaying the belt "We won!"

"Ah, my sweet" Shawn brought his pet into a hug, kissing his cheek chastely "I'm so proud of you."

Morrison nuzzled into him, glad he had pleased his master.

"Why don't you go shower off?" Shawn ran his hand down the younger man's back, getting a little shiver "I'll come find you in a bit."

John didn't question this, he left to wash the grime of the match off.

"We were awesome out there" Miz declared, latching the belt securely around his waist "Did you see it? John rocked it."

Jericho looked at up at Mark, horrified, "This brat?"

Mark grinned when Miz's expression briefly changed to one of offense, then back to a smile, "Master 'Taker, I've been hoping to get some time with you. I wanted to ask if you had an opening in your Court."

Mark cocked his head to the side, studying the man, "I believe I do, young Michael."

"I would be honored if I could fill that spot" Miz raised his chin, an easy going nature about him.

"Enough of this!" Chris spat "He's a boy, 'Taker. Barely older than my Evan! You can't really consider him to be one of us, do you?"

Mark actually chuckled, patting Jericho on the head as if he were a squawking toddler, "You didn't give a word of protest when I wanted to admit Randall, and he was younger than Michael here. When even Shawn thought Randall was a sub, you spoke for him. What's so different now? Can't you see what I see in him?"

Shawn shot Jericho a warning look, but it was ignored.

"There's no way he's a master!" Chris continued to argue "Look at him! He fucking sparkles!"

Shawn slapped his palm to his forehead, "You sparkled too, dumbass."

"Because I'm a sexy beast" the blonde protested venomously, then glared at the older man "Hell, I'm the Sexy Beast!"

The Miz's posture changed, tightening up, and his shoulders squared. The innocent joviality of him faded as his position was questioned, the dominant gleam that all the Court held came to his eyes.

"You don't think I'm strong enough?" Mike inquired, keeping his tone light for now "You think I'm a joke?"

"The way you dress, your looks, the way you act out in the ring…" Jericho looked him over, seeing a bit of him if in the boy "It all screams submission."

Mark's jaw ticked, "You've said your peace, Christopher."

"No, Master 'Taker" Mike spoke up "I can defend myself."

"If I take this boy down, will that be enough to show you he doesn't belong with us?" Chris questioned angrily, gesturing to the tag-team champion.

"Bring it" Miz demanded, voice hardening.

Chris scoffed, pouncing just a moment before charging. His feet were quick, grabbing the boy's arm and twisting it. He backed up into Mike, trying to flip him right over his body. Miz had expected this, and let himself be rolled over Jericho's body. But instead of landing on his ass, he kept his foot and backed up to elbow the older man in the gut. While Jericho's breath left him, Mike used the advantage and flipped the blonde onto his back.

Shawn couldn't stop the loud burst of laughter that ripped through him, greatly entertained by the sight of his in-ring rival and friend being put flat on his back.

But Mike kept a firm hold on Chris's wrist, twisting it pointedly to show just who had won, "I've taken out guys twice my size who thought they could dominant me. I'm a master."

After a heated stare-off, Jericho grinned up at the younger man and the wrist-lock turned into a friendly hand helping him to his feet. They laughed a little, then exchanged a rough man-hug.

"Good, man, real good" Chris patted his back firmly, then pulled away to look at the Head Master "He's got my approval."

"Awesome" Miz's expression turned brighter again "I can see why Evan loves you so much."

A blonde brow quirked, "You know my Evan?"

"Me and the little flyer go way back, he kicks ass for a small guy" Miz replied, ice blue eyes going to the Phenom "Whatta say, 'Taker? Got room for one more?"

"There's always room for those who have the instinct, the maturity, the skill" Mark replied darkly "I'll expect you to keep your lips sealed about all our meetings, be good to the subs, and to never lay a hand on what's not yours."

Miz nodded, "Of course, sir."

"And I expect a higher level of dignity from my men" Mark laid a hand on Shawn's shoulder, who tried to smile it off "I'm not going to make you change, but I expect you to be serious when the time comes."

"Yes sir" he replied once more, already knowing he'd have to cut back on the fooling around when gathered together.

"Good, good" Mark turned to walk away "Now boys, if you'll excuse me…"

Once the Phenom was gone, Shawn gave a laugh and shook his head fondly.

"What?" Mike inquired.

"Ooooh" Shawn drew out comically, cracking his knuckles "Ol' Master 'Taker is going a-courtin'. Seems after all this time, he's found himself a sub. Not a young, jailbait thing like Chris here did, but a real solid man. About twenty-nine, real cute smile."

Chris sputtered, "Why does everyone think I'm such a cradle-robber? Evan's twenty-five!"

"He just turned twenty-five."

"Bite me, Shawn" the blonde scoffed "Just jump up and bite it."

Miz chuckled lightly, "You know, man, I'm actually only six months younger than Randy."

"Whatever" Jericho looped an arm around him, dragging him off "Come on, let's get you showered. I'm gonna buy you a drink!"

"For knocking you on your ass?"

"…I've bought men drinks for less."