After embracing in their hug, Todd said, "Well, I must be going now."

Tea replied with a tiny frown, "So soon?"

Todd said, "Yes, I do I have some things I must take care of."

Tea asked, "Well, are we going to see each other again? You know, like a date?"

Todd grinned at Tea and said, "Are you asking me on a date, Tea Delgado?"

Tea giggled and blushed. She then smiled and said, "I guess I am, Todd."

Todd smiled and replied, "I accept. What day are you thinking of?"

Tea thought for a moment. She knew exactly what day she wanted for this date, which would be her first with Todd in some time.

"How about Friday night, around 7:30?" asked Tea.

"Perfect," said Todd, with a huge smile. "A Valentine's Day date with the woman I love."

"Oh, yes," said Tea, "Valentine's Day at 7:30."

"See you then," said Todd, as he gave Tea a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay. I love you," said Tea.

"I love you," said Todd as he walked out the door.

After Todd had left, Tea was grinning from ear to ear. The man she loved, even though she had her doubts, loved her as well. The two were going to be spending Valentine's Day together, and nothing could have made Tea happier.

"I knew deep down that Todd loved me. Even with my doubts, love brought us back together," said Tea, with a happy sigh. "Nothing could be better than this. Nothing at all."

With those words, she went to her bedroom, floating on cloud nine. Todd was back in her life, and it was all love for each other. Her life was the best it was in a long time, and nothing could change that at all.

Credit to Leona Lewis for the song lyrics! I love this song and wanted to work it into a fic!