001: Lively-
He always felt so very alive when he was angry, when he was in such an enormous rage that he would cut down anything in his way. Yes, that is when he truly felt alive.
002: Remorseful-
Regret and guilt were for the 'weak of mind'. Grievous was not weak, so he never felt anything but pride when he cut down the rows of Jedi.
003: Dismiss-
Obi-Wan had never seemed like a strong one. So when he dismissed said Jedi as no problem, it was the most costly mistake in his life.
004: Heavy-
And after that day, Grievous knew he would never get anywhere near the water again. Ever. Again.
005: Forward-
Even after every set back, he still move forward.
006: Prowl-
The hunt, it is the best part.
007: Cut-
Slicing through everyone in his way, he leaves behind more than a few cuts and scrapes.
008: Compromise-
Compromise. There is none.
009: Impulse-
The urge to destroy and maim anyone near has not yet overpowered the impulse to stop and monologue.
0010: Hush-

"Shut it! Droid."
011: Morals-

General Grievous has no morals besides the ones he thinks he should have.
012: Engage-
He can't help but participate in the battle.
013: Voice-
It's that voice that is so mechanical before he coughs that reveals his position.
014: Awkward-
It's the creepy awkward silence that follows Grievous entrance into the room.
015: Lower-
Hitting in the legs is an underhanded Jedi tactic. And Grievous would never stoop as low as to use a jedi trick such as that.
016: Plead-
The Jedi never pleaded with him. Not that it would have mattered.
017: Caring-
He cared for nothing. Not anyone. Not ever.
018: Believed-
If Grievous ever believed in anything, it was his ability to kill jedi.
019: Found-
The raggwort in his lair was a surprise, but not one that he would later not care for.
020: Shield-
Grievous may not carry a shield, but Magna Guards worked just as well.
021: Open-
It was not an occasion he would like to remember when he opened the screen to Gor's chamber and saw him dead.
022: Tactile-
Dooku liked giving him lessons in tactics, but Grievous was and still is a general with no need for others opinions on how to set up a battle.
023: Journey-
Flying to his lair used to be a calming time for him, but then Dooku had to go and ruin it.
024: Scowl-
Maybe his scowl is scary enough with the droid parts.
025: Hero-
Hero? There were no heroes.
026: Writers Choice: Candy-
If only he had a mouth, then the lollipop would have meaning in his life once more.
027: Writers Choice: Fly-
He jumped so high, it was like flying. Even if he was falling.
028: Writers Choice: Word-
There was no time for words when you were busy killing.
029: Writers Choice: Slaughter-
Laughingly hysterically is always a great thing to do when slaughtering (you can't spell slaughter w/o laughter)
030:Writers Choice: Stealth-
Stealth is a good thing to have, but sometimes Grievous just isn't very good at it.