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Warning: Shounen ai (Xanxus x Squalo, Bel x Fran), bad humor and hopefully not too much OOC-ness. Oh, and Lussuria. And a shirtless Levi. He gets a warning of his own.

Boys' Night Out


Tales of Royal Flush and Strip Poker


Xanxus was pissed for quite a while now. When he ran out of scotch, he began downing vodka, and when there was no fucking vodka, he moved to wine, and when he found no more wine in hand's reach he was drunk enough to drink fucking grape juice.

"Bossu~" Lussuria's shit-eating face appeared from behind the oak door. Xanxus threw the juice carton at his head, the remaining liquid splashing and staining the wall violet.

"Get your faggot ass out of my office." Xanxus growled. The fucking idiot kept on grinning.

"It's boys' night out, Bossu." He leered horribly. Xanxus groaned and kicked the table into his gut.


"But, love-"

"Out. Now." The television went flying into the wall. "And don't fucking call me that." The DVD joined the hip of ruined and smashed technology at Lussuria's feet. "Fucking ever."

Xanxus acted like he was a five year old Squalo. He was so pissed.

Lussuria pouted, pinky on his lip.

"VOOOOI, asshole-"now Xanxus was pissed in another way entirely. "Stop ruining our fun." Squalo's stupid head appeared behind the door.

A whole set of crystal champagne glasses (which were filled with anything from pencils to the remains of alcohol) smashed into the door with a loud crack.

"What was that for?" the idiot exclaimed, brushing shards from his hair. Xanxus glared.

"Shut the fuck up, dumbass."


"I said, shut up trash."

Squalo scowled and since he had nothing else to throw at Xanxus, he threw Lussuria, who yelped like a fucking girl and clapped in glee as he flew. Xanxus stepped to the left, successfully avoiding being toppled by the fag. "You're ruining my office, trash." He informed him calmly.

"Boss," Squalo was pushed, or rather stabbed, aside when Bel arrived, Fran drawling behind him. "I think you've ruined your office first." He said.

"Damn right!" Squalo peeped in. Squalo was like an invitation for a major migraine.

"Go and fuck yourself." Xanxus muttered. Bel grinned widely, half the smile hidden by his hair, and looped a hand around the stupid frog.

"Already did."

"Ew, did you have to share that?" the shark grimaced, inching away. It seemed he preferred a drunk Xanxus to a perverted Bel. Bad choice. Very bad choice.

Xanxus sneered and Squalo got another glass to the head.

"Boys, boys! Calm down, please."

Lussuria looped a hand around Xanxus's shoulders, mirroring Bel. Unfortunately, he was still alive. Xanxus turned, fully intended to change that.

"Docha touch ze boss." Levi glared daggers at Lussuria, halfway through the door, with a tooth brush and paste all over his face.

Lussuria ignored him. "Lets play strip poker~" he chirped. He was slapped up side the head and slammed into the nearest wall. Levi's eyes widened and a blush crept up his neck. He mumbled something suspiciously similar to 'strip poker with the boss!'. Shoujo background and butterflies appeared behind him.

Oh, Christ.

Xanxus feared that by the end of the night, he won't have any furniture left.

"I'm in." Bel grinned some more. Xanxus desperately hoped it would crack his head in two.

"Out." Xanxus repeated. He fucking hated repeating himself.

"Sempai," Fran drawled. "Are you so desperate to get in someone's pants?"

Stab, stab, stab.


"I'm in too." Fran said.

Xanxus let himself sigh so quietly and discreetly he hoped no one would ever know he did. Xanxus didn't do sighs.

"Squalo, darling, what about you?" Lussuria's hand waved from under a pile of broken bookshelves and one destroyed sofa.

"No fucking way!" Squalo screeched and Xanxus wondered why such a pussy was his right hand man.

"Scared?" Bel asked. "Ushishishishi…" Xanxus wanted to strangle him.

"You wish!" the other hollered, hand on the sheath of his sword.

"Prove it."

"VOOOI! You're on!"

"Get-"Xanxus threw his chair. "Out-" then his glass liquor stand. "Of-" then the nightstand. "My-" the closet. "office." He fired his guns.

Squalo's hair got scorched, and he made a sound similar to "!!!".

"But honey-"

He fired again.

Squalo upgraded the "!!!" with hand movements and occasional screeches.

They ended up carrying Xanxus and his 'throne' (as Fran described, air quotes in place) across the castle and playing strip poker in Squalo's room.


"Royal Flush, shishi~" Bel grinned, showing his cards.

"Motherfucker," Xanxus grumbled, throwing his cards in Bel's face. "You're cheating, you little shit."

"Oh," a small, sad (though certainly enthusiastic) voice said. "I've got nothing yet again." Lussuria was about to shed his pants (though he still had shirt and socks). Squalo shut his eyes tightly and grumbled 'Spare us'.

Lussuria undressed anyway, and Xanxus wished he was killed in that one fight with Tsuna, so he won't have to see such a horrible sight. He threw Squalo's pillow in the faggot's face.

"Hey! I have to sleep with it!" the shark exclaimed. "I don't want any weird germs from him!"

"Shut it, trash."

"Sempai," Fran stared at Bel, cocking an eyebrow. "It's the third time in a row." He remarked. "Since we've never seen your eyes, sempai, maybe you have X-ray sight instead?"

Stab, stab, stab.

"Sempai, I would appreciate it if you stopped using me as a stabbing target. I know you have to improve your skills, since you have so little, but can you use someone else?"




"Bel's just a cheater." Levi grumbled, throwing his left boot with a sniffle and a pat. "No one get's royal flush three times."

"Well," Bel grinned like the stupid pink cat Xanxus once saw Lussuria watching on TV. Wonder-fucking-something. "I'm a prince after all."

He grinned some more.

"Fucker." Xanxus growled. Squalo was silently grieving over his faggot infected pillow. Xanxus smacked him.


"Royal Flush!" Bel exclaimed cheerfully some minutes later.

"Full house." Fran laid his cards carefully on the floor.

"Straight!" Squalo smirked.

"Yeah, right." Bel cough.

"What did ya-"

"Four of a kind…." Lussuria smiled.

"Two." Levi grumbled. Lussuria face fell, and he mumbled something close to 'oh dear, I cannot win in this one…'

"Anyone wants to trade cards with me?" Lussuria asked, hopeful for another chance to strip.

All eyes turned to Xanxus. Holly shit.

"One." He grumbled, and upon seeing Levi's hopeful face added, "I'm not undressing myself in front of you."

Levi's face fell.

"Ha!" Squalo pointed at him, smirking evilly. "The boss lost!"

All gasped in horror.

Well, Lussuria made enough gasps for everyone.

In Xanxas's mind, Squalo was going down in flames, Xanxus himself standing above the scorched corpse, cackling and screaming 'Die fucker die!'

"Trash…" he growled in warning.

"Bossu~ cheating is a no-no!" Lussuria wagged his finger. Xanxus wanted to break it so badly. He settled for kicking his face. The boot flew along with Lussuria into Squalo's bed.

Squalo shrieked, and Xanxus sported his best asshole-smirk, and said "There".

"My bed!" Squalo wailed.

"Only a boot?" Levi murmured in disappointment.

Bel just laughed like a psychopath, which wasn't much different from his usual laugh. Fran sneaked a look at his cards in the meantime.

An hour and forty-five minutes later, Bel was the only one fully clothed. Lussuria was wrapped in Squalo's sheets (in Xanxus's order with loud protests from Squalo) so his naked glory won't be seen. Levi was shirtless (a loud "EW!" from Squalo), missing one boot and all of his socks (he insisted on keeping the right boot and throwing his sock instead). Squalo was down to his pants and a boot, and Xanxus fought hard not to stare. He was probably drunker than he thought. Bel stared at Fran too, so Xanxus wasn't entirely alone there.

The next round, Fran lost. Bel stabbed him when he tried to get his hat off.

"You'll die with that hat, little froggy." He declared. Fran eyed him levelly.

"But sempai, It's either that or my pants."

Bel wasn't impressed. And here Xanxus thought Lussuria was the only pedo in their group.


"I said the hat stays." Bel grumbled. Xanxus didn't get it, what use was Fran shedding his pants when Bel had X-ray eyes anyway?

Xanxus threw Levi's boot on Fran. "Hurry up, little shit." He ordered.

Fran ended up as a rather ridiculous sight to behold, almost naked (but wearing a rather impressive blank stare and a gloomy aura) and a huge stupid hat. Squalo laughed like mad. Lussuria checked him out. Xanxus wanted to retch.

Bel kept on staring.

After a few rounds, when Bel opened his mouth to declare how awesome his cards were, Xanxus (who had lost another boot in the previous round) threw the boot at him and hissed, "Shut the fuck up."

"Cocky brat… 'Royal Flush!'." Squalo mimicked Bel, ducking from several knives aimed at his head. "If I loose this time, brat, I'll throw my boot at you too."

Squalo did loose, and Bel almost lost his head because of the force the shoe was thrown with. Xanxus wished he wouldn't be so fast to dodge it.

"Boys~" Lussuria clapped his hand in glee. "Should we make this more interesting?" No one turned their head, afraid to see something that would scar them for life.

"How?" Bel inquired, an already wide smile turning wider.

"Well…" Lussuria mused, and the blanket around his chest probably fell, or something, since Squalo yelped and backed into Xanxus's back.

"Trash, get off me."

"Get that on! Voi, I'm gonna turn blind!"

Xanxus threw him off, right into Lussuria.

Squalo's horrified yell was quite loud.

"Truth or dare!" Lussuria exclaimed happily, after Squalo entangled himself from him and ran screaming murder into Xanxus, who beat him respectively without moving from his chair.

"With poker?" froggy asked. Lussuria was probably grinning. Xanxus was still facing him with his back.

"Each who had lost will pick truth or dare," Lussuria explained. "Of course, I'll be the one picking the truths and dares."

"You fucking won't!" Squalo was seething from across the room.

"Alright." Levi said, and then whispered (not so discreetly), "Hook me up with the boss!"


"I'm the boss here and I say no."

"You'll make us make out or somethin'" Squalo accused.

Bel's shishishi-s were heard.

"Okay, in worst case scenario I'll throw sempai's hat." Fran concluded. Bel's laughing ceased. He stabbed Fran again, drawing blood.

"Respect the hat, brat!"

"No sex, right?" Squalo asked, suspicious. Then he winced, Lussuria probably bat his eyelashes at him or something, and a loud "Don't be silly, of course not!" was heard. Levi sobbed at that.

"Fine." Xanxus grumbled, doubtful of his own sanity but bored out of his mind, and added, "But I have the right to kill you anytime."

"Yes, Bossu!"

In the next round, Levi had lost. He shed off his remaining boot with teary eyes, and looked hopefully at Lusssuria.

"Truth or dare?"

"Dare." And he mouthed, 'Kiss! Let me kiss the boss!'

Lussuria giggled and clapped some more. "Alright honey." He said, and there was silence for a few moments while he thought. Xanxus sincerely hoped he'd tell him 'go and commit suicide'.

"Hey, let him swallow my knives." Bel suggested, leaning back on Squalo's bed's headboard and cackling shishishi-s. "I wanna see his blood."

"No way!" Levi protested. No one cared, really.

Squalo, who momentary forgot to yell at Bel for molesting his bed, grinned.

Fran nodded in approval. "I'd be rather glad to see someone else suffering from sempai's knives."

"Hey!" Levi raised his voice again. The fucking noisy trash. Xanxus thought the knives a good way to shut him up.

He thought about it some more, and seeing as he had nothing to throw at the man now, and as he was tired of Levi undressing (and probably raping) him with his gaze, agreed. "Do it, trash."

Levi's eyes watered even more than when he let go of his boot, and he sniffled loudly. Then he glared at Lussuria, who only giggled more and hummed, "Boys just wanna have fun~"

Then, with a dramatic gesture, Levi took all of the knives Bel so generously offered him, and put them in his mouth. His mouth looked like a rabid hedgehog. Xanxus found that look rather appealing.

"VOOOOOOI, suits you!" Squalo laughed.

Bel slapped Levi on his back, and said, "Careful so you won't swallow them. I'll get them out of your gut and make you clean them if you do." He warned with a smile.

Xanxus was glad Levi couldn't talk for the rest of the round, though he hoped Lussuria won't talk either.

In the next round, they had a high card. To his horror (and everyone else's joy) Xanxus had lost. He growled.

"Truth or d-"



"I said skip. I'm not partaking in this."

"Hey, that's not fair!" Squalo yelled, glaring at Xanxus.

"Shut up, trash. I'm the boss, fair is for you idiots."

"Honey, don't bully the others." Lusssuria scolded.

"Shut up, faggot."

"That's not nice." He could hear the pout.

"The boss is scared." Bel said idly, staring at Xanxus (or at the vase behind his head, he wasn't sure with all that hair).

"It's natural." Fran added nonchalantly.

It was Levi's turn to do "!!!".

"Hey boss-" Xanxus turned to Squalo, and saw the most beautiful thing ever. A bottle of wine, and if Xanxus was right (as he always was), from 1879.

"Give me that!" he ordered, reaching out for the booze.

"Nah, I don't think so." Squalo grinned and waved the bottle around. Xanxus really didn't feel like standing up and actually putting effort into walking towards the trash and beating the shit out of him. He settled for his infamous Glare-of-Doom. "If you want it, play fair." The shark said, Xanxus thought that if said in another context- that could be quite kinky.

There was a murmur of agreement, and one loud "Yes, sunshine, play fair". Xanxus reached his hand out and said, "Give me the booze." Then grumbled. "And I'll play."

He sent Squalo a glare that clearly said 'beware of dark corners' and a smirk that suggested 'I just might blow your head off and let stray rabbits eat your corpse'.

Squalo voi-ed and gave over the bottle, oblivious. After a long swig, Xanxus said, "Truth."

He thought he heard Squalo murmur 'sore fucking loser.'

Lussuria was humming again, and after a while declared, "Do you like someone? Like-"he paused. "Like-like someone?"

Xanxus raised an eyebrow. The room was so silent he could hear Levi drooling into the floor. "Like like?" he questioned.

"Oh, silly me, if course you won't know what it is-" Xanxus refused to waste another fucking bullet on another fucking minion. He clenched his teeth. "I meant, do you like someone romantically?"

Xanxus growled a loud and clear "NO." Pairs of green, blond and black eyebrows rose. Squalo just stared at him. If Xanxus was anyone else, he might have, god forbid, fidget. "Are you sure, darling?" Lussuria insisted.


"Ushishishishi…" Bel chuckled and waved his hand dismissively. "I don't believe you." Then he turned his head to Squalo and back. Several times. In a row. Xanxus wondered if he was that obvious, and wished the blond would break his neck and die.

"Me neither, boss." Said Fran and stared through him. It was as if he was pointing his finger at him, laughing and chanting 'liar'.

Levi raised his eyebrows to his hairline, eyes tearing up again. He pointed at himself several times and made hearts with his fingers. 'Not even me?'…

Xanxus wanted to eviscerate them all. Slowly and as painfully as possible. He didn't do crushed, and he didn't like the fucker like that. Not that there was any particular fucker he didn't like, he didn't like anyone.

"No." he growled again. "I said I can kill you anytime, right?" he asked Lussuria, his hand reaching for his gun, already grieving for the bullet. "I can add you all for the deal, too."

"Dear, we said no violence." Lussuria scolded him again.

"When did we say that?" Xanxus questioned. Then he smirked.

"So, do you like anyone?" Squalo asked; head tilted to the right and silver hair spilling onto the floor, like a pool of soft silk. Pft, as if he'd say that. Squalo's hair was more like poisoned mercury waiting to kill someone. Like, if anyone slept near him they would probably die out of asphyxia from all that hair. It was like deadly, metal cables.


"Oh," Squalo paused. "Okay."

And it ended with Xanxus taking his shirt off and Levi nose bleeding all over the place. Squalo wanted to chop him to pieces after that.

Then Bel lost and hell broke loose.

Well, not really, but Bel did scream loud enough so Satan might consider sending his ducklings to maim him. If Satan didn't have the time, Xanxus would gladly do it for him (as long as it didn't require for him to move).

"The brat lost!" Squalo gloated, waving his sword in the air. "How did ya do it, froggy?" he asked, eyeing the Royal Flush in Fran's left hand. "Sneaked his cards from his sleeve or somethin'?"

"Yes, exactly." Fran nodded, emotionless as a fucking brick. "He had a whole of fifty two sets of Royal Flush in his left sleeve."

"Fucker, I knew you cheated."

"Princes don't cheat." Bel sniffled. "The brat's just trying to incriminate me." He glared at Fran.

Xanxus growled, not believing a fucking word, and reaching for his gun, murder in his eyes. Then, he mulled it over, deciding he didn't actually have to move in order to kill Bel. "Trash," he looked at Squalo. "Kill him."

"Truth or dare?" Lussuria interrupted the murder-in-process. Xanxus made a note to himself to add Lussuria on his 'People Who I'll Send the Stupid Shark Trash to Kill' list. It was a very large list. He also had another list, shorter, with only one name on it. The 'People Who I'll Kill' list-, which only read 'stupid shark trash'. He couldn't bother to kill people the idiot could kill for him, now could he?.

With an audible snap, Bel tore his necklace and threw it into Fran's face (there was a red mark Xanxus would admire later). "Dare."

"Kiss Fran~" Lussuria cooed.

Fran twitched.

Levi signed something that Xanxus's wishful imagination interrupted, as 'now I can die happy'.

Squalo made a very impressive imitation of vomiting his guts. Then he saw Bel's face and burst with laughter.

Bel was silent. Then he asked, "What?"

"Kiss Fran!" Lussuria repeated, "I think you're-"

"I think you'd like to rethink that sentence." Bel said, his smile fading into an even scarier expression of pure madness. Xanxus was taken by awe as to how much a single grin can express. Bel pulled out his best, largest, and probably sharpest, knife.

"Sunshine, no violen-"

Fran kept on staring. Bel stared back. There was anime-styled electricity between the two. Fuckers, if they lit his castle aflame they are fucking dead fuckers.

Bel inched closer, still staring. "Stop staring at me like that, brat."

"Why?" Fran asked, raising an eyebrow. "Is it turning you on?"

Squalo was cackling in the background.

"You wish, froggy."

"Voi," Squalo waved a hand in between them, snatching it away when he got stunned and glared. Then, as fit for sharks seen on National Geographic (something Lussuria watched in between talk shows), he bared his sharp fangs and incisors. "I bet it does." He smirked some more. "Kiss him!"

"Didn't you say it's gross?" Xanxus put.

"Yeah, but the brat's face is worth it." Squalo smiled. "So worth it."

Bel growled and prepared a knife.

Fran turned to Squalo and said, "I really don't think it's any of your business." His voice was as bland as it gets. "I don't find sempai the least bit attractive-"

"Oh yeah?" Bel smacked him, the hit muffled by the huge hat. "You're not a terrible catch yourself, comic freak."

"Psychopath." Fran retorted calmly.




Then Squalo pushed them together, smashing Bel's face into Fran's. Damn, if only he would manage to break at least one nose…

Lussuria gasped. Loudly. Again.

Levi tried to spit the knives out. It was a vain, pathetic attempt that amused Xanxus greatly.

Xanxus stared for three whole seconds before turning his head away and staring at the wall, trying to ignore the little voice in his head the chanted 'that's so hot'. Bel was practically on top of Fran, one hand holding the top of the bed, the other on the floor- trapping the brat underneath. That wasn't hot, Xanxus reasoned.

"Trash, go and turn the air conditioner." Levi nodded and hopped up, knives and all, to the control panel on the wall.

How long were they going to kiss? They probably swallowed each other's head by now, he thought as he turned back. Nah-uh, they were still kissing, even harder than before (which Xanxus found nearly impossible to comprehend. Or watch).

Then, Bel and Fran parted (A small relief sigh from Xanxus. Damn, second sigh and rising!), both panting, and still suspiciously close to each other. "So," Bel drawled. "Is it turning you on?"

Xanxus wished he had something to throw at his inner self for saying yes.

"Not in the least." Fran's breathe wheezed, and his cheeks were flushed. As if anyone would believe that.

"You're still not attractive?" Squalo wondered aloud (mistake number one), rolling on the floor. "You poor brat, being rejected like that." He patted Bel's shoulder sympathetically (mistake number two). "You can always go at it with Lussuria!" he suggested, pointing at the fag (Mistake number three, four and five).

Squalo found himself with a knife to the throat and Bel sitting on his chest and shishi-ing. It was rather creepy, that is, if Xanxus was any lesser of the manly man he was.

"Ne, sempai, it won't be fun killing him now," Fran prodded him, leaning against his back. "Won't a slower, more painful death be better?"

Squalo unsheathed his sword. "Like hell I'll let you brats tramp me over." he grumbled.

Fran whispered something into Bel's ear. Then the sucker smiled his freaky smile again and nodded. "Pray to god, sharky."

In the next round, Xanxus got Royal Flush.

Levi got Royal Flush.

Bel and Fran both had a Flush too (dirty, little cheaters).

Even Lussuria had a Royal Flush. And he didn't even have cards for the better part of the game.

Squalo had a disarray of unmatched cards. He glared at Bel.

Fran waved his hand, where a ring shone. Squalo greeted his teeth. "Cheater."

"Prove it."

"Truth or dare honey?" Lussuria asked, glancing down at his own cards in disappointment. The fucker probably hoped to shed the sheet as well.

"Truth." He grumbled, fiddling with the belt of his pants. Xanxus stared.

"Scared?" Bel taunted. "Can't take on a dare?"

"I don't trust you." Squalo replied. "You'll make me jump from a cliff."

Lussuria gasped. Again. What the fuck was wrong with that ma- Xanxus's head snapped towards the buckle of Squalo's belt. It hit the floor with a soft thud.

"Oh, you wish you'd get off that easily-"

"He won't kill you on a dare." Fran interrupted. "Sempai can do it himself anyway."

"The great Superbi Squalo is a scared little girl…" Bel kept on mocking.

Xanxus had a terrible de-ja-vu thingie. Squalo fell for it every time, the 'are you scared?' thing Bel was so fond of. Xanxus snorted.

"Are you scared, Trash?" he questioned, closing his eyes and ignoring all and everyone completely.

Squalo glared. "As if."

"Prove it." Bel cackled.

"Fine." Squalo snapped. "Dare."

Bel rubbed his hands in unsuppressed glee. "Oh, you're gonna regret this…"

He leaned against the bed, mulled the subject for a total of a second and a half, and then, grinned (surprise surprise. Somehow, Xanxus wasn't surprised) maniacally. "You want to kiss Levi?" he asked.

Squalo paled. Then shuddered, and then turned a sick shade of green. "Maybe Lussuria?" now he was as green as an alien in American trash movies.

Xanxus should have expected it. As a wise leader-, by all means, he should have predicted the next words Bel was going to say. Only he didn't.

"Or…" The blond brat drawled, pausing for effect. "You can kiss the boss."

The green was gone (Xanxus supposed he should take it as a compliment- not that he did), but the shark was still pale. He croaked a weak "Wha?"

"I'm feeling extra generous today," Bel elaborated. "I'll let you chose." He smiled.

Xanxus just stared at them both. He didn't say what he thought he said. He was getting deaf with the years. Squalo gave him a puppy face, as much as a shark could get with pretending to be a puppy. Xanxus sneered at him.

"You're not kissing me." He declared.

"But I don't wanna kiss Lussuria! And Levi's got knives in his mouth, and I really don't wanna touch him." Squalo whined. What a pussy.

"I don't want you to kiss me." Inner Xanxus called him a filthy liar; he was giving him the evil eye too. His inner self wasn't much more mannered than he himself.

"But Lussuria's a pedo!"

"You're not underage." Xanxus grumbled.

Squalo sulked.

Then he turned to Bel and asked. "Can I still take you on that cliff offer?"

"In your dreams." Bel twirled a knife around his middle finger for emphasize. Squalo sighed sorrowfully.

He finally stood, expression stubborn as if he was ready to beat the crap out of someone, and unbuckled his second belt. It fell to the carpet, a hip of black leather soon joining it. He stalked forward, and Xanxus leaned back in his chair, left eye twitching.

"Trash…" he growled low in his throat.

"Shut up." Squalo growled back. He reached him in a few confident strides, sat himself on Xanxus's lap, hips straddled, Xanxus easily trapped and unable to move (damnit) and body leaning forward. He kissed him full force, a clash of lips and teeth. Xanxus froze for the first time in his life. He didn't breath.

Suddenly, Squalo's warmth pulled away, and before he could walk away and scowl at the world for the stupid dare, Xanxus caught him by the hair and pulled him closer. "I didn't say you can move, trash." He grumbled, tangling his hand in the hair (his earlier assumptions were true- it was soft) and kissed him again.

"I thought you said you don't like anyone," Squalo said when they broke apart, still sitting on his lap and panting heavily. His breath was warm on his cheek. Xanxus smirked in his all asshole-mightiness and said, "I changed my mind."

There was a loud thump as Levi fell to the floor, body in spasms and nose bleeding into the expensive Persian carpet.


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