'She's MY bestfriend, you're not supposed to take her away!'

Tears just wouldn't fall down, yet the pain doesn't seem to want to go away. I'm stuck in a corner staring in empty space, waiting for something... anything to happen... anything just make it all go away! I can't bear the pain growing in my heart everytime I remember the times we've spent together. All seems vivid and familiar, just like watching a ...scene from a favorite movie.

You have him now, you no longer need my company. The excitement you felt everytime you see me, has long gone replaced with the music when the two of you are together. Your bright smiles and lively laughter, you shared with me, once reserved only for me. That made me proud. You are my treasure. I would feel very happy whenever you would agree to model my designs and pose for the camera, even though I know you hated it so much, that made me feel special. But, I no longer fill that special place in your heart now, do I?

You may say you still care for me, but it isn't the same. The world may continue to rotate for you, as if nothing unusual happens, you have everything you can wish for. But, I lost my best friend, the one I thought who would be with me until I grow old and gray.

I know I'm being silly pouting like this, when I was the one who encouraged the two of you to be together. You're so dense! You don't even know when a guy fall head-over-heels for you, and don't even realize... you're falling too. That's why there's a bestfriend, to help you sort out those things. But afterwards, you're on your own, no longer with me, but with him.

Don't get me wrong, I like seeing the two of you together, who wouldn't agree you make such a cute couple! Jealousy probably... not really, though I don't have a special someone in my heart right now, that will come in due time, like what I've said earlier I'm really happy for the two of you.

The feeling is rather more like loneliness.

You were the first one who taught me how to really smile. A true smile of happiness. And without you, I fear I'll forget how. You...we used to be happy, the two of us, together, you give importance to my presence, now, I'm not so sure. Are you happy being with me? or are you happier when you are with him?

I don't like to be left alone. My mother's always away. I rarely see her, she's usually occupied with her business. Who am I to complain? Even when I was still a child, it had always been like this. I'm used to it ... because, you always keep me company, but not for long...

And in times like these I wonder, was it I whom you needed... or you whom I wanted.

You're no longer MY Bestfriend

You're no longer MY Sakura... but his.


Author's notes:

+ I tried narrating it as would a ten year old girl, but considering it's Tomoyo were talking about here, well you get the picture [and take note I said, I tried, doesn't necessarily mean I succeeded]=þ.

+ It's my version on how I think Tomoyo feels of Sakura. I think her affections towards Sakura is more on sisterly love [or buddy love, which ever you prefer] rather than the usually implied romantic love between them.

+ I know I'm not the best writer, and I usually have trouble expressing the idea I want to get across. I hope every point was made clear=þ.

+ Love to hear from you! [It's my way of saying, please review=þ] Good day!