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The Rescue

It was in the middle of the night and most of the city was sleeping. Except, it seemed, for one person who tossed and turned in his bed unable to even close his eyes.

This person was Seto Kaiba, the head of Kaiba Corp, he lay frustrated in his bed, annoyed that he wasn't able to just close his eyes, fall asleep and wake up to another day's work.

Finally, he decided to get up and use his time for something a little more productive so he kicked his blanket off, got up and got dressed. He groaned when he saw that it only was 3 o'clock in the morning.

He walked mechanically along the dark corridor, his feet remembering this walk automatically because he often couldn't sleep and just as often he got up and began the day's work.

At about 4.30 he got a call from the security guard who was monitoring his warehouses. He didn't answer the phone right away – it must be something important or else his guard wouldn't dare to call his terrifying boss, especially not in the morning (or as it really was in the middle of the night). At last he answered the phone: "Kaiba, what seems to be so urgent that you call in the middle of the night?" He knew it wasn't fair since he was up, but the lack of sleep made him irritable. "Well sir, there seems to be someone in warehouse 5. What do you want me to do?" Kaiba could hear that the guard was nervous and pretty insecure of what he should do. "Well that is what happens if you hire dumbass gorillas who can't count to 10" Kaiba thought by himself. He thought about his options for at few seconds, he actually really wanted to go out for a bit and what was better than chasing some punk away from HIS property? "I'll take care of it" he told the guard and then hang up, but not before he heard the guard's relieved sigh. "well" Kaiba thought while walking to his car "just go back to your whisky and comfy chair, 'cause this is your last night at KC". He made a mental note to write a dismissal note later that day, got into his car and drove into the night.

At the same time in warehouse 5

Another flash of pain woke her from her half unconscious state. "Don't you dare escape by passing out like that bitch! You need to start talking right know!" she opened her eyes only to realize that the left was to swollen to open. She turned away from the rough, harsh voice of her assailant. She had only caught a small glimpse of him when he had knocked her out but it was enough to see that he was big, very big with biceps as big as her waist. She didn't know what time it was or how long this man had been beating her, all she knew was that when she woke up she was chained with iron cuffs to some water pipes in a large dark building.

She could feel that she was drifting into blissful unconsciousness, she almost felt like smiling until a fist rammed into her stomach with tremendous force. "Lucky I haven't eaten anything for quite a while" she thought "otherwise I would have thrown it all up on his shoes" and she didn't dare thinking what he would have done then.

"What do you think you are doing here?!" a voice cut through the air. "I'm saved" she thought just before she passed out.

Kaiba had just parked his car and turned off the engine when he heard something that sounded like a fight from warehouse 5, he had checked his laptop before entering and discovered that this warehouse merely contained old, outdated machines.

But he hadn't anticipated the sight that met him when he got inside.

The first thing he saw was a big brute with blood on his fist, covering something with his enormous body, but then he stepped one step backward and Kaiba saw something that even made him, the cold, unshakeable, merciless leader of Kaiba Corp, loose composure, though only for a moment.

What he saw behind this giant was a small figure, maybe a third the size of the brute, chained to a water pipe. It was a girl. She looked terrible, her knees was a bloody mess, her clothes torn, there was dripping blood from her face onto the cold concrete floor and some of her fingers on her left hand pointed in the wrong direction. Kaiba couldn't see her face; her head was hanging lifeless on her shoulders, covered with chocolate brown hair.

"What do you think you are doing here?!" Kaiba's angry voice echoed through the warehouse. He was angry, really angry! This man dared to enter his property and beat up some girl? This he could absolutely not accept. The man turned around with a grunt and showed a slight resemblance with a gorilla (don't know why everybody has to be gorillas).

The brute at first looked utterly surprised to see another person in the warehouse, but when the first shock had settled he cried out loud at launched himself at Kaiba, who gracefully stepped aside. This resulted in the brute hammering into the steel wall. The big man got up shaking his head like a dog and pulled out a big shinny knife.

Kaiba remained calm; he knew his own speed and strength and just stood watching the brute with his arrogant smirk. This was too much for the brute to handle and he threw himself at Kaiba with enormous force. Again Kaiba stepped aside at the knife hammered into a barrel labelled "gasoline". Quickly the gas ran out of the barrel forming a big puddle under the brute. He didn't notice.

Kaiba decided that it was time to stop playing with this man and in three long paces he reached the man, kicked him in the head in one long fluid motion. The man remained were he landed while the gas slowly got sucked into his clothes and started to evaporate, filling the air with gas steam.

Kaiba walked swiftly over to the beat up girl, grabbing a crowbar on the way. He started to hit the water pipe until it broke and caught the girl before she hit the ground. He slowly laid her down on the floor to look at the damages. She looked a little younger than him, about 18. The features of her face were almost unrecognizable under all the blood and the swollen eye. Kaiba realized that she had also broken her nose.

He sat starring at her until the smell of the gas in the air reached him; he lifted the girl up in his arms heading for the door. When he was halfway through the door, he heard a noise; the brute had gotten to his knees and had reached for a gun in his jacket. Kaiba stopped dead as the man fired, but fortunately he was as bad aiming as he was stupid. The spark from the gun lit the gas in the air and a massive inferno spread in the warehouse in a matter of seconds; the man didn't even manage to scream before he was consumed by the fire.

Kaiba jumped away from the opening and barely got out the range of the fire. He turned around and carried the girl to his car, flying through the night in his black streamlined car.

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