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Adam was with her again…what's-her-face, Danielle. Ancients, I hate her thought Teela. Ever since Danielle had come to the palace she was all anyone could talk about, how great she was, how pretty she was, how good she was for Adam, and the worst what a great queen she would make. Teela still couldn't help but feel there was something wrong. Maybe it's just me, but I don't trust her, father does and so does Adam so maybe I should let it be. Adam however is not thinking with his head, or at least not the one on his shoulders. Father has always had a good since for people, and maybe I should just trust that. Teela was so deep in thought she didn't see the person about to pass her until…CRASH!!!!!

"You did that on purpose" Danielle screamed as she looked at were her tray had fallen. "That was the last of the meatloaf, now what I am going to eat. I don't know why they keep you here, you are so useless, the least you can do is clean up this mess YOU made" Teela knew Danielle saw her and walked into her, dropped her tray on purpose. "Whatever" Teela said has she made to get up and walk away from Danielle and her mess. "Were do you think you are going, I told you to clean up and you will clean it up" Danielle said. Teela continued to walk away from Daniellle. Danielle ran to catch up and cut Teela off as she was about the leave the dining area. "I don't think you heard me, you are hired help and I am ordering you to clean a mess, a mess you made" Teela stopped looked at Danielle and tried to pass, but Danielle would not let her. "I'm sorry but are you slow, or just stupid…CLEAN…UP…THIS…MESS…" Danielle said though clench teeth. By this point Teela was done, done with everyone always saying such good things about this girl and never seeing this side of her, but most of all she was done with Danielle as a whole. "Look you might be able to talk to others like that, but not me I…" Teela started to say but was cut off. "Captain how dare you speak to a guest of ours like that!" Of course it had to be Adam and his father walking in, on only her part of the fight. King Randor spoke "You will say you're sorry at once, I do not know what happened here, but that is no reason for poor manners." Adam, behide his father only shook his head. "Your highness.." Teela started to say but was again cut off. "NOW CAPTIAN!!!!" the King yelled.

"I am sorry that I spoke to you in such a way, it was not my intentioned to offend you." Teela said "Very good, now off you go, Danielle, Adam and myself, have thing we must discuss" With that the King dismissed her without even looking in her direction.

As Teela walked out of the dining area, without her dinner, she couldn't help but think ,what is it everyone else sees in her that I don't . Choosing that it was best if she went to her room for the rest of the evening Teela headed down the hall. The night didn't get any better as Teela could not sleep. She was up most of the night tossing and turning thinking of what she could have done different with Danielle and that whole mess of things.

The next morning Teela decided to get dress early and do some training, she hadn't slept at all the night last night so she might as well do something useful. Heading down to the training room, she passed Adam's room, passing his room made her think of all that had happen since Danielle's arrival. Was Teela the only one that felt something was wrong with this girl, everyone else seemed to think she was perfect. They were already saying Danielle and Adam would marry, Teela knew she loved Adam, but was it a brotherly, sisterly love or something deeper? She just didn't know, and the best way she found to deal with moments like this was to train. She took her stance and started her training workout. She was a warrior, her father had taught her all she knew, she wouldn't let him down, if it meant she had to put up with Danielle putting her down, then she would have to do it. It just hurt that no one else seemed to see what she did. She did a back flip and took down one of the dummies, coming back around and taking out one of the droids firing at her. I just don't see why Danielle always tries to start something with me, what have I ever done to her? I should just try harder to make her think I like her. I don't have to trust her, but for the sake of father and Adam I can do this. Finishing with her training she starts to walk back to her room, for a shower. She gets to her room and walks towards her bathroom, removing her sweat soaked uniform has she goes.

Teela is showered and ready to face the day within an hour, she took longer than normal, as she let the hot water rain down on her sore muscles, she hadn't worked herself this hard in a long time. Showered, dressed and ready to go, she starts to head for her father's workshop to see if he needs any help, she's not due to start her shift for another two hours, and not feeling hungry she skips the dining hall. "Hello father, do you need…" Teela starts to say. "Teela the King told me what happen yesterday; I raised you to behave better than that. You should not have fought with Danielle, both the Queen and King were very upset with your behavior, as am I. I have the King and Queen both requesting you be sent on a solo mission today, as they think it may give you some time to think about what you want to do, and how you should behave in the future. With that said you are not to report to your regular duties until you are told by, the King, the Queen or myself, is that understood?

"Yes sir" Teela replied back

"Now your mission for today, is to go to the Village of Enders, meet with the blacksmith and bring back the sword the blacksmith has made for the Prince. You are to do this and come immediately back, understood?"

"Yes sir"

"You have your orders, now follow through"

"Which windraider will I be taking?" Teela asked

"None, you are to complete this mission on foot, we felt this was the best way for you to see the errors in your ways."

"Yes sir" Teela wanted to scream it would take her at least 6 hours to get to the village, and longer to get back, as it is harder to find your way through the forest leading to the village at dark. Why couldn't she take a windraider, it made no since to punish her this way for a simple outburst. She headed to the storage room to load the pack she would need to take with her. Ten minutes later Teela was ready to go. Without so much as a goodbye to anyone, she was on her way.

******Later that night******

Teela was right, it took her a total of 15 hours to finish that "mission" she was sent on, now all she wanted to do was have a late dinner and go to bed. She had never felt so tried in her life, not even after the worst fight with Skeletor. Heading into the dining hall, she looked for something to eat, something was usually left out for the Masters who would arrive after dinner was severed, be it due it a mission or other troubles. She didn't see that anything was left out for her, so she headed for the kitchen. Teela walked from the dining area into the kitchen, when she heard someone in the kitchen, she opened the door and bumped into none other than Danielle, the very last person she wanted to see right now.

"Good evening Help" Danielle said. She can't even use my title, thought Teela, if she calls me "help" one more time, I swear I'll…I'll do nothing, because no-one would believe me any way.

"Good evening Danielle" Teela passed her on her way to the food storage.

"You wouldn't find anything in there, we all had quite a large meal, with all the Masters, the Prince, the King and Queen, myself and even your father. We had a very lovely time, even more so without you there" Danielle said with a smile.

Rather than say anything Teela walk out of the kitchen, pass the dining area and into the hall. She felt so lost right now, did they really all have that good a time with Danielle, did no one miss seeing her at the table for dinner, did no one care that she just walked for 15 hours to get Adam a stupid new sword. She was no longer hungry, just very tried, so she headed for her room. Reaching her room she walked in to find all her things were nowhere in sight.

"Did I forget to tell you Help, this is now my room and will be until I leave, and when I say leave I mean this room, not the palace…I am here for the long haul Help so you better get use to it." Danielle said as she push Teela out of what use to be her room. "Your room is down the hall a bit, on the left, look for a blue door" and with that she slammed the door in Teela's face. Wow, was all Teela could think, now I lose my room, and worst of all, no one told me, they let Danielle do it. She walked down the hall to what she was told was her new room. Finally reaches the door she was told, she opened the blue door, and found it was indeed her room, well at least Danielle didn't lead me on crazy search for my room Teela thought. It was smaller than her other room had been, but Teela had never be one for all the fanciness. She found her clothes and other things had already been put away, more than likely the maids, she would have to thank them later, as everything seemed to be accounted for. Teela decide it was time for a shower, then bed, Elders she was tired. By the time she was ready for bed all she could think about were all the changes taking place in such a short amount of time. After tiring to fell asleep for about 2 hours, Teela gave up, as tired as she felt she just couldn't get to sleep, probably because she couldn't get her mind to stop going over all that was happening. I'll go to the training field again, and let out my anger there.

Once there Teela could seem to get a solid hit on any of droids coming after her. When they hit it didn't hurt, her father made sure no one would get hurt training with his droids, only a mistake made by the trainee themselves is what turned out to be the problem at times. Teela decide to stop the training simulation and just go for a walk around the palace, she had about 3 hours before she had to report to her father for today's assignment. As she walked around, she found herself relaxing a little in the beauty of the palace. That was until the palace alarms went off, Teela shot into action following the direction the alarms said the trouble was at. It turnout to be nothing more than a new cadet panic, because he saw Mossman coming and thought it was one of Skeletor's men.

Teela's days didn't seem to get any better, as the days went on she was sent on more "missions", that were, to her pointless. She could never seem to sleep through the night and ate very little. By the 7th day of this Teela was at the end of her rope, she just couldn't do any more, but what could she do about it. No one would listen to anything she said.

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