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Adam walked around the gardens of the palace. Something felt off, something wasn't right but he just couldn't place it.

"What I am missing here"

When ever he had trouble sorting things out he always went to Duncan, but lately things between them were … he could think of the word, thing were just different.

"Maybe I can talk to Duncan, try and get things back to normal, or at least get it started back to normal"

Adam turned from the gardens and headed towards Man-at-Arms shop.

When he got there he found the shop, with everything in it's place but Man-at-Arms was no where to be found. The only other place Man-at-Arms would be is in with Teela. As Adam made his way to the Medical Bay he thought of all that had been happening around the palace, Danielle, the way Teela and Danielle acted around each other, Teela getting hurt in battle. It was all becoming to much and he needed to set things right.

As Adam entered the Medical Bay he notices that the bed Teela was in, is empty. His heart drops as he thinks of what this means.

"Teela can't be gone, she can't be" Adam thinks. As tears begin to full his eyes, he sees one of the healers.

"Where is Teela, what has happened?"

"Have you not been told my Prince?"

"Told what?"

"Teela, Man-at-Arms and James all left the palace. It was said that the King asked both Teela and Man-at-Arms to go and that James went with them. I am sorry my Prince I thought you knew."

"I did not, but I thank you for telling me. Do you know what happened why they were asked to leave…where the went…how long ago did they leave…was Teela any better…"

"I am sorry my Prince, I was only told of this moments ago when I came in, I only know what I have told you…If I may get back to my duties my Prince"

"Of course"

With a bow the healer left.

"How could this happen, why would they be asked to leave. I have to find them"

With that Adam headed to the throne room. He would ask his father what happened and go from there.

When Adam reached the throne room he found both his mother and father, they seemed to be talking about something. Their voices were hushed. Adam cleared his throat to make himself known.

"Yes my son" said the King

"What has happened father, I went to visit Teela and…"

"I asked both Teela and her father to leave and so they did, what of it son"

"Father, both Teela and Duncan have…"

"Over stayed their welcome son, now please both your mother and I have something we wish to discuss with you"

*******************Back at Gray Skull***************************

"Duncan what had happened" the Sorceress asked.

"I am sorry …I am so sorry…I should have protected her…I…"

At this point James answered for Duncan

"Teela was involved in a fight with Skeletor and some how was hit. I have tried everything I know to treat her, but nothing is working."

"This is magic, what have you tried already healer?"

"Please call me James"

With that James and the Sorceress work on a possible treatment for Teela.

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