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Chapter 6

Bella POV

As soon as I pushed open the doors I scanned the small cafe for Angela. I quickly spotted her with a cute dark haired guy that was actually a few inches shorter then her.

When Angela saw us she jumped up and over to us and dragged us to her table.

"Bella, Edward, this is Ben." Angela said with one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen on her face. Ben stood up, shook Edward's hand and then kissed mine.

"Ello there." Ben smiled in his English accent. And I'll admit I've been in love with accents since I dated the french foreign exchange student my freshmen year. Maybe I should move to Europe...

"Nice to meet you Ben " Edward said in his soothing voice while nudging me a bit. Ben seemed to relax a little and Edward must have noticed I was daydreaming. He seriously knows me to well.

"We've heard so much about you." I said with as much enthusiasm as I could. Ben smiled again and grabbed Angela's hand and led us all to the booth. I decided it was time to interrogate.

Edward and I had planned to play bad cop bad cop to make Ben squirm a little and see who he really was because sometimes Angela didn't have the best taste in men. I looked over and my eyes met Edward and gave him the look that ment 'NOW'. Let the games begin.

"So Ben...buddy..." Edward let out a little laugh and suddenly got serious."Ever been in jail?"

Ben looked stunned but quickly got his composure.

"What? Good God no!" He replied.

"Edward don't be so hard on the boy!" I scolded while trying to stifle a laugh. Ben gave me a thank you smile. Poor guy didn't know what was coming."Have you ever gotten anyone pregnant?"

"What? No!" He looked like he was about to have a panic attack.

"Done any drugs?" Edward shot.

"Not since I was like fifteen!"

"Cheated on a girl?" I fired.

"No! Never!"

"Taken advantage of a girl?" Edward raised an eyebrow. All color was gone from Ben's face.

" Okay guys enough!" Angela looked at us with her 'you better stop' look. Edward and I crossed our arms, smiled, and leaned back in our seats. We were glad our interrogation went well and that Ben seemed like a good guy...but we'd have to make sure after we got him drunk.

We ordered coffees and desserts while Ben regained the color in his face. I gave Edward a high five under the table.

I decided to start some small talk for Angela's sake.

"So Ben where in England are you from?

"Liverpool. It's central England." He sounded glad that the conversation was taking a much better turn.

"What do you do for a living?" Edward asked.

"I work for my family's company. It's a small but stable shipping company." Ben said getting a little red on his cheeks. So he didn't like the spot light...

"Small? Ben you don't have to be modest! It's the second largest shipping company in western England!" Angela gushed. I couldn't stop the smirk that came on my face. Angela loved to tell everyone how amazing her friends and family can be. Though luckily I taught her to keep quiet about me back in 6th grade.

"Angela tells me you run a business with your father, Bella, is that true?" I could see in Ang's eyes that she'd kept my secret.

"Why yes! I manage a small inn at my father's house. It's not very popular yet, just a few people here and there." I shrugged. I smiled when I took in Edward and Angela trying their hardest not to laugh.

"Well you've got to start somewhere." Ben smiled reassuringly. He was very sweet I'll give him that.

We finished at the cafe and left for the bar. It was 8:12 pm on a Friday night. The place would be packed in a few hours since we decided to go to our favorite place called Seth's.

We all got on the bar stools and ordered our first round when Ben decided to take the lead with the conversation.

"So Edward, how long have you and Bella been together?" As soon as this left his mouth I saw Angela hit herself in the forehead. I look over at Edward and saw the look in his eyes that said 'just go with it'.

"Oh, quite a while actually. My BellaBear has my heart, you'll probably hear how much she loves me tonight." Edward waggled his eyebrows at Ben. He looked slightly taken aback. I knew this had to be one of those nights where I pretended to be with Edward. What could I say fucking with Ben was just too much fun.

"Oh yeah it's a good thing he warned you now. I'll make sure to keep it tame." I winked at Ben. To complete the act Edward crushed his lips to mine and quickly darted his tongue into my mouth. I opened and fought his tongue with mine. My hands instinctively went into his hair and his hand cupped my breast.

I could almost hear Angela rolling her eyes and I could tell that Ben was squirming around, uncomfortable with the situation.

I know this probably looks weird and gross but Edward and I actually did use each other for casual sex when we didn't have other people. Though this was very rare because I didn't want to take advantage of Edward so usually I'd only sleep with him if I hadn't benn laid in over a month. Anyway.

I was really enjoying, and being turned on by, the kiss when someone loudly cleared their throat causing us to break apart. It was Jacob,who worked as a bartender here, glaring at us.

Edward grabbed me into his lap and leaned into the bar;

"Hey mister, she's my sister." Edward did a pelvic thrust into me as he said this which made me giggled and Jacob to scrunch up his nose and walk away. We couldn't hold in our laughter.

"Blimey, what's so funny?" Ben looked around at us like we were crazy.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all." I said as innocently as I could.

A few hours passed and after Ben was considerably wasted Angela decided to take him home. Edward and I left shortly after.

"Well dare I say it but he actually seems like a nice guy." Edward said as we walked through his front door.

"Unfortunately I think you're right." I pouted right behind him.

"Oh yes it's so terrible that our best friend actually found someone that loves her." Edward was throwing sarcasm at me knowing I was being a bit bitchy.

"I know I know" I sighed. I walked over to the couch and plopped down. Edward sat right next to me.

"Feel like some wine?" He half smiled at me.

"Laced with a little something stronger?" I smiled sweetly.

"Fine." Edward got up "but if you get super drunk you're staying here got it?"

"Yeah yeah." I said nonchallantly. I gazed mindlessly at the pictures on the wall of memories of Edward's life. I had to smile of the group photo of Ang, Edward, and I outside of Angela's parents house before prom. I got ready at her house with her and Edward picked us up before we got Angela's date. Her mom insisted on a picture of us since we'd been friends ever since kindergarden. Things were a lot more simple back then...

"My lady." Edward said in his best Ben accent and handed me my wine glass. I could smell the wine and vodka mixed together and smiled.

"Thanks." He also sat the bottles of each so we could keep mixing.

"What about your rule of not drinking before going on a trip?" I raised on eyebrow.

"There are exceptions to every rule." He threw back. I sighed and took a nice long sip of my drink.

After a bit of drinking and talking Edward and I were definitely not at our best. In the same minute I somehow couldn't find the bathroom and fell in a closet. So yeah it was one of those nights.

"I swear if I don't meet anyone by the time I'm like 35 I'm sooo switching teams." I slurred.

"Or sooner, you have no idea what you're missing. Soft lips, great asses, and who doesn't love boobs?" Edward agreed with me.

"Though if I start to miss dick can we stil bang?" What can I say after a bottle of vodka my filter and sense of self is out the window.

"Hell yes!" Edward raised his glass to me and I clinked it.

"Eddie you're such a great fuck buddy I love it." I also can't keep my mouth shut.

"I'll show you a great fuck buddy Bells." Before I knew it Edward jumped on top of me and we fell off the couch and onto the floor. I knew Edward was just messing around.

We started laughing hysterically and then I remembered...I was stil on top of him.

Realization hit him to and we both stared at each other. My breath came heavier and I could feel him twitch under me.

I knew I should have gotten up.

I knew I should have left.

I knew I should have told him I wanted to go to bed.

But I didn't.

Before I knew it with mouth was on his in a lust and passion filled kiss.


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