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Gwen woke and felt the side of her bed, it was empty....she had fallen asleep in the arms of Prince Arthur....she thought back to him kissing her, touched her lips and smiled. She had let her guard down last night, she had to, she needed him to know what was in her heart.

Danger seemed to have become a friend to them and the events of yesterday had proved that time was precious. When she had heard that Arthur had ridden out to battle the dragon, her heart broke....she feared that the words that consumed her heart would never be spoken.

Although her hope for their future did not stretch to her becoming Queen, she could not allow herself that dream. It made her happy to know that their feelings had now been laid out and even if it was for just one night, the walls that she had built around her heart had come tumbling down and allowed Arthur to glimpse at his place there.

She sighed and wondered how Arthur would act with her today; she knew that they would have to continue being two different people, Prince Arthur and Guinevere the servant for the world to see....but for those few precious moments when Arthur entered her humble home, he was just Arthur and she was Gwen and life was perfect.

Gwen got up and peeked out of her window and she felt her throat tighten. She used to love looking out of her window and watching people walk past, but the dragons fury had scarred her once perfect view and left only loss and destruction in its place. Gwen got up, there was no point in her sitting her, she needed to help.

She got dressed quickly and made her way to the town, she looked around and felt like her legs would give way. She tore her eyes away from the scene and focused on her feet so that her eyes did not see the lifeless faces around her.

When she finally made her way into the castle she leaned against the stone wall and a single tear escaped down her face.

Arthurs Chambers

Arthur watched as Guinevere made her way through the courtyard. He wanted so much to have woken up with her, to have walked with her this morning, but he knew that could not be... not yet. When she had spoken those three words to him, she had made him the happiest man alive.

He thought back to yesterday when he had gone to face the dragon and of all the things they hadn't had chance to do yet. He wanted to show her the western lakes, to watch the sun light-up her delicate features as she picked flowers, he wanted to know everything about her, her favourite colour, what she liked...

His thoughts were broken when he heard Merlin clear his throat.

"Good Morning Sire" Merlin noticed the perfectly made bed and smiled.

"Merlin" Arthur replied but did not turn around to face him.

Merlin placed his breakfast down on the table.

"Sooo someone else got to put up with your snoring last night?" Merlin smiled.

"Shut up MERLIN!"

"Did you get much sleep or..." at this Arthur whipped round and faced him

"I don't like your TONE MERLIN" Arthur poked him as he spoke. He mentally slapped himself, he should have messed up his bed, so Merlin would not notice.

Merlin raised his hands up in defence, but could not wipe the smile off his face.

Merlin softened his voice "No sleep then?" he moved back just in time to miss Arthurs hand.

"I don't like what you are insinuating...SO I SUGGEST, IDIOT, THAT YOU SHUT UP...Unless you want to DIE!" he thought about what Merlin was suggesting and had to shake his head to clear his thoughts.

"Of course're blushing" Merlin whispered the last two words

"What did you say?" he stood dangerously close.

"Nothing my Lord" Arthur looked very angry. He knew nothing untoward would have happened but it was still worthwhile winding Arthur up... it seemed to be the only subject he could wind him up about.

Arthur stepped away from him "Now I don't want to hear of this again."

Merlin nodded and made his way out of the room before he left he couldn't help himself "So can I expect you in your own bed ...." Merlin missed the first apple that was thrown at him and shut the door just as the second crashed against it.

He loved winding Arthur up, it made him forget for those few short moments the loss he felt in his heart.


The rest of the day had been a blur for Arthur and Merlin, by sunset they had swept the down, finding any injured that were hidden in the rubble and taking them the Gaius and removing the dead from the town.

Merlin and Arthur sat on the castle steps.

"So much death" Merlins eyes were on fire with tears, this was all his fault and although he had defeated the dragon in the end, he would never forgive himself for this.

"I know" was all Arthur could say.

"Does it ever go away, the faces" When Merlin closed his eyes he could see all the faces burned in his mind and in his heart.

"Only on a few precious moments" Arthur replied, thinking to holding Guinevere.

Merlin knew Arthur was talking about Gwen, she was his light in these dark times.

Arthur stood up and offered his hand to Merlin, pulling him up too.

"Thank you for your help today Merlin"

Merlin just nodded and Arthur walked into the castle.

By the time he had reported back to the council on his findings, he felt like his legs would collapse. He didn't even think he had the energy to eat. He hadn't seen Guinevere today and wanted to see her before he retired for the evening, so he made his way towards the great hall where he was sure she would be tending the wounded.

As he walked down the corridor he saw Gaius walking towards him.

"Sire" Gaius said looking at the exhausted Prince.

"Gaius" Arthur said going to walk past him, he was too tired for conversations.

"She's not there" Gaius said and watched Arthur stop in his tracks and turn to face him.

"Who's is not there?" he tried his best confused face.

"I may be old, but I am not blind....and if an old man's opinion means anything, I think you have made the perfect choice" Gaius really thought the Guinevere and Arthur were the perfect match, although not ideal in Uthers eyes.

Arthur shook his head "Merlin"

"No...observation and seeing how worried Gwen was when you left... don't worry your secret is safe with me"

Arthur sighed and rubbed the back of his head "I know it's impossible"

"Not impossible just a bit of a challenge" Gaius smiled.

At this Arthur laughed "A challenge I can handle".

Gaius placed his hand on Arthur's arm.... "Love always finds a way in the end... if you want her, she should be at home"

"Thank you" Gaius smiled and walked away, as Arthur watched him leave he smiled Gaius's opinion had always mattered to him, he had practically brought him up and he was very pleased to have another person supporting them on their journey ahead.

He made his way out of towards Guinevere's house, keeping in the shadows, when he was outside her door he gently knocked, no answer....he knocked a little harder, still no answer. He gently tried the door, it was unlocked, when he entered her house he found her asleep on the chair with a book in her hand, he had to smile she looked beautiful.

He gently closed the door and carefully removed the book from her hand placing it on the table. He picked her up and placed her on the bed... he admired her briefly, brushed a curl away from her face and kissed her on the head. When he went to leave her heard her speak softly.

"Stay" she said, she kept her eyes closed and moved over to make room.

He didn't need asking twice, he had slept the best he had in years in her arms last night. He locked her door, slid his boots off, blew out the candles and gently laid beside her, as the warmth of his body lay next to hers she rolled over and place her head on his chest.

"You know if we keep doing this, I won't want to sleep on my own" he spoke softly, his hand gently stroking her back, causing a shiver, at this he pulled a blanket over them.

"Don't then" was all she said, still not opening her eyes as if she was in a dream.

He laced his hand in hers and kissed her head. "OK" he smiled, he didn't know how he would pull this off, but the thought of having her in his arms everynight made him smile.

Arthurs Chambers

Merlin entered Arthurs room to put out the candles, he smiled when he noticed Arthur not in his chambers, he walked over and pulled the bed so it looked slept in and did all the usual things, including saying good night loud enough for the nearby guards to hear. He would do everything he could to help Arthur and Guinevere be together, even if it was just for a few stolen hours a night.