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"Maru-chan! Can you teach me how to blow bubbles?" Jirou exclaimed joyfully...after having suddenly appeared from behind him.

Marui all but leaped into the air at the sound of a voice at his ear, but smiled when he recognised it as Jirou's and that he was here. Jirou went and sat in Marui's booth opposite him. The wide and curious eyes made him succumb.

"Sure," Marui agreed, and opened his bag to take out some pieces of strawberry gum to give Jirou.

"First, chew the gum and stretch it over your tongue, like this," And Marui demonstrated. Jirou nodded.

"And blow air into it to make a bubble." He blew a perfect green bubble that promptly popped before getting too big.

"Like this?" Jirou asked, before failing at making a bubble and ended up randomly blowing air.

"I can't do it! I need help!" The blond pouted because he couldn't even blow a bubble like his favourite senpai.

"Well, if you need help..."Marui slid round to where Jirou was, and pulled him into a passionate French kiss.

Jirou was stunned, but quickly returned the kiss.

When Marui pulled away smiling, Jirou successfully blew a round, pink bubble.

"Sugee! Thank you for helping me Maru-chan! Let's go get cake," and Jirou leapt up, grabbing Marui so they could bounce off to the cake shop together.

"Hey Jirou, can I have some gum?" Mukahi asked when they had finished practise.

"I don't have any, this is Maru-chan's and my last piece," Jirou replied, blowing a bubble which basically just rubbed in the fact that Mukahi had no gum.

"No fair!" Mukahi complained, then went and asked Oshitari for some, who of course gave him some from a random stash in his bag.

Jirou blew another bubble.

"How come I can't blow a bubble," Mukahi complained once more.

Shishido was fed up with Mukahi now. "Maybe because you're physically challenged."

"Jirou isn't much taller than I am and can blow bubbles!"

"I can help you! Maru-chan helped me learn yesterday!" Jirou went to where Mukahi was and leaned in...

"Yuushi help! Jirou is trying to kiss me," and he leapt over Jirou and ran to the other side of the room.

"But Maru-chan kissed me then I could blow a bubble fine! I use my tongue to stretch the gum over your tongue-"

Shishido thought that Choutarou was probably going to faint after hearing that so quickly grabbed him and left.

Hiyoshi was muttering to himself, reminding him that he didn't have to put up with them next year.

Mukahi continued escaping Jirou's attempts at 'helping' him.

And Atobe and Kabaji weren't present.

Oshitari sighed. He's always the one to be around when madness occurs. One day, Atobe will pay for this.

A/N: I had to write a sweet pair. I just love Marui and Jirou together![am I betraying AtoJi? *shifty eyes hoping ice flow doesn't accuse me of betrayal to AtoJi love or something*] Slightly less of a drabble, yay!