Summery: Mum says that she hates him. Aunt Hermione says that hate is a strong word. It's more likely that she still misses him and is projecting her hurt as anger. Grand-mum says it's all about me. I'm Grace.

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Chapter 1

All about Grace

"You're going to have to tell him eventually." Molly Weasley said as she confronted her very pregnant daughter. "He's going to come back."

Ginny Weasley had a frown on her face and eyes that were red and wet with tears. Molly often found her daughter in such a state. She would gaze in that old full length mirror for hours with her hands lying gently on her growing stomach. Ginny hadn't spoken since she told Molly about the baby. Technically, she didn't even speak then. She had simply written it in a letter, and Molly had sent Arthur.

Molly had it all planned out. She would yell and scream and ground Ginny till she was 30. She would shout "how could you?" and "what were you thinking?" She had been reprimanding her children since Bill got his first time out for saying "NO!" when she took away a levitated cookie. Molly Weasley could handle this. But then, Arthur carried her into the kitchen. Ginny was nothing but skin and bones and paler than she had ever been, even when she had been ill as a child. Molly's heart skipped a beat when she saw the fear in her daughter's eyes.

"He loves you. I know he does." Molly paused to look for a reaction. Ginny continued to blankly stare into the mirror. "I bet he thinks about you every chance he gets. My bet is that he's doing this for you. Sure, he's doing it for everyone else, too. But Ginny, he would die before he let anyone get to you. Not that anything's going to happen to him! Ron and Hermione are with him. Hermione is such a smart girl. She'll keep both of them from doing anything stupid. They'll all be back before we know it."

Molly waited…nothing. Not so much as a gasp from her daughter. Molly really couldn't blame her daughter for the fear. The fear was what stopped her from scolding Ginny in the first place. It was the fear that explained everything. It was the fear that caused this bloody situation. How many babies were born before when all this first started? Young people were afraid to wait because tomorrow was only a question. Wasn't her Bill an example? Could she punish her daughter for something she did herself? Yet, Molly knew that Ginny had something much greater to fear than she ever did with tiny Bill.

"He knows how to keep you safe, Ginny. That's why he called it off before. He's going to come back for you when everything is settled. You'll see. We'll have a small wedding in the garden. We can invite only the family and you're friends. We don't even have to have a wedding. We can just have the Minister over for tea. Everything could be done then with no extra hassle. Well, we don't have to plan anything. We can wait. We can talk about it when he gets back."

Molly couldn't give up. This was her daughter, and no boy, even if he was Harry Potter, was going to break her heart. However, if it was any other boy, Ginny wouldn't be so afraid. If it was any other boy, Ginny wouldn't be worried about hiding a baby away from the entire world while a war was fought. She wouldn't have to fear her baby being the largest target in this war if it was simply known that Harry Potter had a child. If it was any other boy, Molly wouldn't be pleading with her daughter.

"He's going to be so excited when he finds out about the baby. I've always thought he would make a wonderful father. He'll probably take after James and want to teach the little one to fly before the tiny thing can crawl let alone walk. Ginny, you will make sure he doesn't spoil the child? It's going to be hard enough for the two of you to raise a child with all the publicity. None of you were ever spoiled, and I think you all turned out better than I ever dreamed. I hope you won't move to far away. I guess I could manage to travel back and forth. Maybe the three of you could stay here for a time? Just until you get back on your feet…Ginny, he will get back on his feet. He always does."

Molly sighed. Ginny shifted her hands slightly on her stomach. At least she moved. Molly had been having what seemed to be the same discussions with her daughter since Arthur had simply stated that she "try" to talk to her. Molly had tried everything. She tried force, distraction, simply being in the room. She tried making Ginny's favorite foods. She tried talking about mindless things, Potter Watch, asking about the changes in Hogwarts. She tried talking about quidditch. She tried making her angry, making her frustrated, making her laugh, making her cry, making her express something! Molly had tried absolutely everything…well, maybe not everything. But, would it work?

"Ginny," Molly paused, "maybe you could show him a little grace."

Molly held her breath as Ginny slowly turned away from the mirror to face her mother. Ginny stood still as stone. Molly thought the house had never been that quiet in all the years the family had lived there. She had tried everything. She slowly let her breath out and turned towards the door. When her hand touched the door knob, she paused at a sound she was beginning to think she would never hear again.

"Maybe…maybe….when he comes back….maybe I could show him a little Grace."

"That's all I'm asking dear." Molly smiled. She wouldn't realize what exactly her daughter meant until one month, three weeks, and five days later.